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Microsoft Windows Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing platform, used to host and scale web applications through Microsoft data centers that guarantee 99.95% compute uptime. Today, Windows Azure services are delivered to customers in 40 countries through a global network of eight Microsoft data centers, with six more announced for 2013.

From these data centers, Windows Azure customers can easily scale their applications, like Sitecore, to any size. Windows Azure is a fully automated self-service platform that allows resources to be provisioned within minutes; customers pay only for the resources their application uses.

Sitecore’s Azure Edition

sitecore cloud

Sitecore Azure Edition, which includes Sitecore CMS and the Sitecore Digital Marketing System (DMS), leverages the considerable advantages of Azure for scalable, cloud-based, enterprise-class deployment. Microsoft Azure allows customers and partners to scale websites to new geographies and respond to surges in demand, easily and quickly.

How it works

Microsoft Azure provides a global deployment platform for Sitecore public-facing web servers. Your Core and Master Sitecore servers are deployed locally, behind your firewall, but your public-facing Sitecore web servers are hosted at Microsoft facilities. Microsoft Azure’s compute, storage, networking and management capabilities seamlessly and reliably link to your on-premise Sitecore application and servers.

This hybrid approach lets you manage their main Sitecore editing and database servers securely on-premise, and push website content to the cloud, to Windows Azure-based Sitecore servers dispersed across geographic locations.

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Opportunities and Benefits

Streamline your time to market

Microsoft Azure can dramatically shorten your deployment times. With no hardware infrastructure to plan, purchase, set up and manage, your implementation timeline is much shorter. Infrastructure maintenance, operations, upgrades and patches are no longer your concern.

Scale globally, and get close to your customers

Getting closer to your customers is now more cost-effective than ever, with high-performance response time giving that local feel. Sitecore Azure Edition lets you open up new markets with confidence in performance and reliability. With a simple point and click, you can select any of the Microsoft Cloud data centers, increasing or decreasing website capacity on the fly.

Deploy on-demand, without hardware concerns

Your IT team will appreciate the simplicity of cloud deployment. Without hardware capital investment or infrastructure planning timetables, you can quickly deploy public-facing Sitecore websites around the globe. You’ll quickly gain geographic coverage, and redundancy for reliability and disaster-preparedness.

With Sitecore Azure edition, traffic spikes are no longer a challenge -- they’re a thing of the past. You can easily optimize response time by distributing your load and minimizing the round trip delays. See Microsoft Azure for details.

Deployed with a single click, in as little as one hour

Deploying your website on Sitecore Azure Edition can take as little as one hour -- a fraction of the time typically required to provision and deploy on owned infrastructure. Sitecore provides a seamless experience with the executable deployment interface, launched from the familiar Sitecore desktop user Interface. Starting with a single click, Sitecore:

  • Converts the current web site into Azure format
  • Converts the SQL database into Azure SQL format
  • Transfers databases and packages to Azure
  • Starts instances (servers)
  • Is completed typically in less than one hour.

Freedom to focus on your competitive advantages

Your organization has its sights set on the strategy, goals and competitive advantages that can be achieved with a cloud-based website deployment. Rather than being challenged with 24/7 time zone demands and remote, multi-country infrastructure operations, Sitecore Azure Edition can empower your organization, delivering a strong business advantage without the operational drain.

See a Sitecore Azure deployment video


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Ogden City | Read Case Study >

We have all the complexity we need behind the scenes, yet Sitecore makes this transparent to our users. The site will continue to grow – in a managed and controlled manner.

- Denise Taylor, Ogden City

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