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Damen Shipyards

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Creating an international online presence with Sitecore

Damen is an international ship and yacht group and family company that operates in every niche market where it sees a chance for improvement. Damen manufactures around 150 ships a year, including freighters, offshore support, harbor and terminal ships, security and surveillance ships, public transportation, fishing, dredging barges, yachts, sloops and pontoons.


The website used to be difficult to update in terms of content, it was not multilingual and ERP integration was not possible, and it had no e-mail campaign possibilities or e-commerce.


Sitecore solution partner IQuality implemented the reconstructed Sitecore site, which constitutes a scalable platform for online initiatives, such as e-marketing, e-commerce (including ERP integration), social media and personalization of customer information. In Look & Feel the quality image befitting the high quality of Damen products was taken into account. The site is now in English, but will soon be available in several languages. The Marketing & Communication department uses Engagement Analytics for introducing campaigns and pages on the site. The site has also been made iPad compatible, SEO optimized and includes social media integration. On the personalized customers’ site,, they have their own fleet and delivered ships. Customers can also use this site to trace their orders, search quotations and view various requests. The information on the site is always synchronized with the ERP and accessible to customers.


Site visits have increased considerably, with more page views as well as more conversion. Damen Shipyards now has an international online presence as a ship building company and full service partner.


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