Objective criteria to consider when evaluating a web CMS

Choosing a web CMS that is part of a broader customer experience management strategy

White paper: How to Choose the Best Web CMS for CXM

This paper highlights the criteria – both from the marketers’ and the IT/developers’ perspective – that should be considered when selecting a new web CMS. Today’s marketers require a web CMS that features a set of capabilities to ensure an excellent customer experience. While developers and IT decision makers should evaluate solutions that ensure performance, flexibility, scalability and ease of use for developers.

Let this straight-forward guide be your roadmap for the complex decision process of selecting the best web CMS for your business needs.

White paper sections include:

  • New Requirements - for today’s web CMS
  • Checklists of Important Capabilities for Your Web CMS - from the marketer's and developer's perspective
  • Roadmap for Choosing Your CMS - best practices to inform your decision