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The CEO's Personal Touch

In the last decade, society and the corporate world have experienced an unprecedented shift in the levels and methods of interaction between business leaders, customers and stakeholders. There are a variety of new ways in which customers can identify suppliers of preferred goods and services, spend their money, liaise with suppliers, express their opinions, interact with each other and be identified. The key driver of these changes has arguably been the development of new technology. 

Business leaders have always played an important role in building brand awareness, communicating with audiences on behalf of their organisations, supporting growth strategies and demonstrating their leadership qualities.

Now, the rise in digital communication presents an opportunity for leadership styles to evolve; with the CEO placed at the heart of a two-way model of communication, to deliver commercial benefits and business growth.

The Sitecore CEO’s Personal Touch whitepaper explains the leadership styles at play in the new digital landscape, and presents evidence that shows a link between the Personal Touch model, wider business strategies, and commercial growth. The paper provides advice for business leaders and organisations in embracing these strategies, offering help and tips for organisations looking to align their digital and business objectives.

But how many leaders of FTSE companies are engaging their stakeholders in meaningful two-way dialogue via digital channels, and does this digitally-connected approach to leadership have any commercial benefits?

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Sitecore commissioned a study to examine how the CEOs and leaders of a sample of FTSE 350 companies are embracing this brave new digitally-connected world, to identify what impact a ‘Personal Touch’ approach can have for their organisations.

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