Sitecore Experience profile

Know every customer

The Sitecore® Experience Profile™ gives you complete visibility of every interaction your customers have had with your organization. From that first initial visit, you get a complete customer profile across all experience channels.

Experience Profile Overview

experience profile

See the whole person

By combining customer data into a single knowledge repository, you can see your customers for the real people they are. The Sitecore Experience Profile is your view into the data, giving you complete insight into your customers' experiences. See every interaction with every content element across channels to build a rich picture of what your visitors want and need.

Real-time marketing personalization

Give your customers the experience they deserve through personalized, engaging content catered to their needs with the Sitecore® Experience Profile™ in real time.
See how it's done

Discover new customer insights

By having access to all your customer data in one place, you can discover new groupings of customers based on similar attributes that you'd never have imagined upfront, conduct forensic data research to identify points of commonality, and drive highly targeted segmentations

No limits on your knowledge

The Sitecore Experience Database™ scales to accommodate your customer data, from now onward, with no limits, allowing you to deliver unique personalized experiences. At any point that you look at an individual customer's Experience Profile, you see the complete picture: experience data from interactions with various online channels and additional data from other systems such as CRM (that you've connected to the Experience Database), all connected back to each individual customer.

One connected experience

The Sitecore Experience Profile gives you a single view of each customer, enabling you to tailor each and every interaction with every individual customer. Personalized experiences are still consistently delivered using assets optimized for every channel. Find out how the Sitecore Experience Platform can help you deliver more compelling experiences on any device. Contact us today.

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