A/B Multivariate Testing

Optimize Performance with Robust yet Easy-to-Use Testing

Compelling content, dynamic design, and intuitive, easy-to-use buttons and forms all help drive conversions—and all are easily obtainable with Sitecore. Using Sitecore’s testing tools, you can:

  • Create A/B/N and multivariate tests right out of the box, using check boxes, sliders, and wizards rather than teams of programmers
  • Set up tests directly from the in-line editing interface and test page components or entire site items
  • Increase conversion quantity and quality by optimizing everything from homepage content, submit button appearance, and landing page design to email copy
  • Provide continuous feedback on site performance and customer engagement via web-based reports 

Take the Pain Out of Testing

While everyone agrees that testing delivers invaluable insights into what elements of your copy, design, and graphics result in the greatest performance and influence on visitor engagement, the truth is that for most marketers today’s tools are lacking, making testing laborious and complex.

Not anymore. With Sitecore, creating A/B and multivariate tests is as easy as moving a few sliders and checking a few boxes—no more teams of programmers working for weeks on end to implement a fraction of the testing you really require.

Delight Your Customers. Improve Your Site. Watch Your Conversions Soar

When everything is clicking, conversions are more likely to occur. Use Sitecore to:

  • Achieve ongoing performance improvements: Ongoing testing leads to ongoing improvement. Use easy, integrated testing to provide a constantly optimized visitor experience.
  • Reduce marketing complexity: Combine easy-to-implement testing with even easier-to-understand, actionable results that let you optimize site performance  
  • Increase conversions: Test and tune to deliver the optimized site performance that leads to increased conversions and deeper customer engagement
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Robust Testing Without the Programming Burden

  • Augments third-party analytics tools such as Omniture or WebTrends
  • Lets you assign a value to each interaction a prospect has with your site or campaign and build a continually progressive profile that measures their engagement
  • Deliver real-time experience analytics to sales for deep insight into a prospect before they make contact
  • Easily create campaign and site goals to automatically track online and offline campaign conversion rates
  • Similar to clickstream analytics providers, Sitecore utilizes server-side analytics rather than client side, to natively track all activity
  • Create conditional rules to deliver personalized content to specific visitor segments
  • Use the analytics engine to apply multivariate testing (or A/B testing), and dynamically set the data source of each presentation control
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