Lead Nurturing

Turn Warm Prospects into Hot Leads

Create lead nurture programs that proactively engage prospects in a two-way conversation to help them move through the buying cycle. With Sitecore Email Campaign Manager, you can:

  • Build rich, detailed profiles about your prospects based on the integrated intelligence you gain from their interactions with your email campaigns, website landing pages and offline activities
  • Integrate prospect insight with your CRM system
  • Engage prospects individually, and track them holistically across all of your touch points
  • Easily learn visitor country, state, city and registered company name of anonymous site visitors with Sitecore’s built-in GeoIP lookup, then target them with specific in-page offers

Learn Your Customers’ Needs—Then Cater to Them

Carefully planning a succession of emails that builds your relationship with your audience, keeps your prospects increasingly interested and engaged, and moves them through the discovery process is a proven way to increase conversions. In fact, an Aberdeen Research report states that implementing a lead-nurturing practice can yield a 50 percent increase in sales-ready leads.

Sitecore Email Campaign Manager leverages the power of built-in analytics to help you initiate and control your email conversations. Use it to implement an email nurture stream that lets you track email recipients as they move through your website and reach them with the right information at every stage of their journey.

Nurture the Lead, Get the Sale

Let Sitecore Email Campaign Manager help you put email nurture streams into place that can:

  • Keep prospects interested: Use dynamic, information-rich profiles to engage customers individually and view their actions holistically
  • Move prospects through the buying cycle: Extend the dialogue beyond email, tracking customers’ interactions on your website and engaging them along the way       
  • Turn more prospects into customers: Provide the encouragement and information customers need—at precisely the moment they need it—to take the actions you desire
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