Testing & Optimization

Improve Email Campaign Effectiveness and ROI

Determine which messages are effective with which customers, and what campaigns lead to the most profitable conversions. With Sitecore Email Campaign Manager, you can:

  • Increase conversions by easily testing subjects, images, messaging, and landing pages with our marketer-friendly multivariate testing
  • Easily identify your ROI by tracking all related website conversions even beyond the landing page
  • Improve results with convenient scheduling to determine the day of the week and time of day that result in the best performance

Track, Measure, and Refine for Success

A survey conducted by the Direct Marketing Association reported that marketing emails to a house list experience an average open rate of nearly 20 percent. What is your company’s average email open rate? What about conversion rate? 

If you don’t know these rates for your campaigns, you’re not alone. Many companies don’t measure or aren’t able to measure the effectiveness of their email campaigns beyond click-through’s and open rates. With Sitecore Email Campaign Manager, you can test, optimize, and improve your campaign results with powerful, built-in analytics that let you go beyond opens and clicks to track visitor action throughout your website.      

Maximize the Impact of Campaigns

With Sitecore Email Campaign Manager, you gain the insight you need to:

  • Improve response rates: Get more bang for the buck by using the most effective combination of message, images, and experience to improve relevance and response rate    
  • Generate more qualified leads: Test and tune your campaign to make sure it resonates with the prospects you’re trying to attract
  • Achieve greater ROI: In-depth analytics let you determine which elements and content drive more conversions 
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Sitecore Email Campaign Manager

Get insight into visitors to facilitate targeted content. At last, your email and website work together for less stress and more success.

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A/B testing and behavioral targeting for deeper understanding of site visitor needs

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White Papers

sitecore email campaign manager brochure



Case Study

Built-In Testing Capabilities

  • Email campaigns are treated in the Sitecore CMS as simply another content type, meaning anything you can do on a web page can be done in the email, including activating Sitecore’s native testing tools
  • Easily create and track tests on any number of variables, and choose a random or specific testing strategy
  • Real-time reports offer quick insight into how your tests are performing, whether running on your website or email content
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