Engagement Automation

Orchestrate Customer Conversations across Channels in a Single Flow

Conduct your interactions with prospects and customers with a graceful, unified marketing strategy that automates responses while maintaining the authenticity of a one-on-one dialogue. Pick up conversations where you left off with a system that remembers the previous context of customer interactions, instead of having to start over when a visitor engages with you in a new way.

  • Design and monitor engagement plans within an intuitive “drag and drop” interface
  • Campaigns are “always on,” freeing marketing resources to launch new initiatives
  • Optimize lead nurturing efforts for a healthy sales pipeline where your campaigns are always moving the conversation forward to achieve your business goals
  • Easily launch limitless campaigns for cohesive and consistent marketing  actions
  • Personalize the experience for every member of your target audience to give them what they want by connecting user information accumulated in email, web, and CRM channels

From Traditional Marketing Automation to Providing Relevance for True Engagement

In a February 2011 report, Digital Marketing: The Critical Trek for Multichannel Campaign Management, Gartner states campaign management and digital marketing need each other. Digital marketing needs multiple process and channel orchestration, while campaign management needs new approaches, additional channels and precise attribution metrics.”

While automation has traditionally focused on improving the efficiency of business operations and marketing campaigns, its efficacy was limited to results from a single channel and reliance on manual tracking. Your customers and potential customers both demand and deserve to be treated as individuals, with your company participating in an ongoing dialogue with each one and obtaining measurable results of the business value resulting from each stage of the conversation.

Connect the Dots on Points of Customer Interaction

By understanding what your visitors want and designing engagement strategies to provide them relevant content across multiple channels, you can effectively communicate with an entire crowd and seem like you’re speaking to each one individually. With Sitecore Engagement Automation, you will:

  • Maximize efficiency: Automate processes in continuing relationships with your customers, giving your team more time to focus on improving campaign performance
  • Increase nurture campaign success: No lead is left behind with a systematic approach to triggering email campaigns, website personalization, even offline channels, and other touches to deepen engagement and remain top-of-mind
  • Boost conversions: Personalization and individual customer history combine to provide the “can’t miss” offer that will resonate and be the most relevant for each customer
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sitecore customer engagement platform brochure


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Native Integration for a Tailored Engagement Process

  • Simple, user-friendly drag and drop tools to create engagement plans based on actions and behavior
  • Segmentation for Engagement Plans and nurture programs based on user behavior such as site visit count or goals achieved 
  • Integration with leading customer database applications
  • Seamless email messaging
  • Create custom actions to move actively engaged or inactive customers from one state to another
  • Work directly within Sitecore Rocks! Visual Studio 2010/2012 and with your other favorite developer and designer applications
  • Leverage Sitecore’s Rules Engine with common conditions available out of the box that are editable in Microsoft Outlook-like interface
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