Sales Intelligence

Give Your Sales Team the Competitive Advantage with Inside Intelligence

Close the loop between marketing and sales by identifying and nurturing new and active prospects on the website and delivering well-qualified leads to the sales team. With Sitecore Engagement Analytics, you can:

  • Provide your sales team with in-depth intelligence on prospects using our out-of-the-box, daily lead report   
  • Prioritize sales response and personalize marketing campaigns based on Sitecore’s lead profiling
  • Integrate seamlessly with existing CRM systems (including Oracle and Salesforce)  
  • Provide sales with proactive emails and sales rep-created alerts sent directly to PCs and mobile devices

Help Your Sales Team Work Smarter

According to Forrester analyst Scott Santucci in an Aug 14. 2010 blog post What Is ‘Sales Enablement’ And How Did Forrester Go About Defining It?, "sales enablement is a strategic, ongoing process that equips all client-facing employees with the ability to consistently and systematically have a valuable conversation with the right set of customer stakeholders at each stage of the customer's problem-solving life cycle to optimize the return of investment of the selling system."

Sitecore Engagement Analytics helps you enable your sales force to have these valuable conversations. By providing insight into the leads and customer behavior emanating from a prospect’s entire experience across your website, campaigns, and email marketing, your sales force can engage more meaningfully and close more deals, faster.

Drive Deeper Customer Engagement

A well-informed sales team knows what prospects to go after when and how to engage them most effectively. With Sitecore Engagement Analytics, you can rest assured your sales team has that knowledge—across every channel and for every customer segment. By adopting Sitecore Engagement Analytics, you can:

  • Improve sales productivity: Shorten sales cycles with swift notification of well-qualified leads
  • Drive revenue: Use improved customer knowledge to increase conversions and drive sales
  • Build your prospect pipeline: Identify new and active prospects among website visitors
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Delivering Sales Insight from Your Online and Offline Touch Points

  • Content profiles let your marketing and sales staff better understand visitor behavior and actions on your site
  • Marketing staff can create content profiles and profile keys with no IT involvement
  • Content authors use the Content Editor to assign values to the contents of each web page
  • Sitecore Engagement Analytics accumulates a profile score for each visitor based on the values assigned to the content they view
  • Sitecore Analytics provides a range of standard reports that can be run right out of the box
  • Identify and track anonymous visitors so as soon as they become known, sales has their entire interaction history at their fingertips
  • Assign values to interactions so scores are indicative of a visitor’s interest  
  • Easily tag and monitor each interaction building a progressive profile of a prospect and providing that entire history to sales  
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We wanted to build a relationship with a company that would work with us moving forward, and we felt that Sitecore – more than any of the other vendors – was honest, open, and helpful.

- Ari Betof, Director of Enrollment Management & Strategic Planning, George School