Conversion-Friendly Forms

Ask the Right Questions, Achieve the Right Outcomes

No need to wait for IT to create web forms for you. Sitecore CMS lets you:

  • Easily craft new forms to interact with site visitors and capture essential information
  • Assemble forms on the fly without programming
  • Personalize the form with pre-populated data already collected and ask additional questions for progressive profiling
  • Build complex business logic with just a few clicks
  • Automatically deliver data from your forms to your CRM or ERP system

Create Forms on the Fly, Watch How They Perform—Then Adjust Accordingly

According to marketing news site Clickz, studies show that leads lose six times their effectiveness within the first hour of contacting your company. To maximize the value of a lead, you need to optimize your form, setting expectations with your prospects while ensuring you collect the essential information your sales team needs to respond.

With Sitecore's Web Forms for Marketers, you can assemble forms on the fly without programming, all in a familiar user interface. Summary and usability reports show how well a form is performing, and every form element is completely customizable for an optimal user experience. Sitecore CMS even lets you deliver data from forms directly to your existing CRM or ERP system including, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and SAP.

Interact Effectively with Site Visitors

With Sitecore’s Web Forms for Marketers, we’ve made it painless to capture the information you need to nurture leads and convert browsers into buyers. With Sitecore CMS, you can:

  • Improve conversions: Quickly create forms that target specific site visitors and spur them into taking desired actions  
  • Improve sales productivity: Provide your sales team with accurate, up-to-date leads by automatically populating your CRM system with forms data from site visitors     
  • Respond quickly to opportunities: Notice visitors flocking to info about a new product? Then create a form that lets you gain insight into those visitors as they investigate the offering
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Sitecore CMS Marketer and Business User Tour

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Easily Create Advanced Forms

  • Create dynamic and WYSIWYG forms on your website with ease and flexibility
  • Develop even advanced forms without programming
  • Forms are created as Sitecore sub-layouts (Microsoft .NET Ascx files) and include:
    • Absolute positioning controls on forms
    • Dynamic binding of events to functions in DLLs using .NET Reflection
    • Simple framework for building new functions and supplying descriptions
    • Use of standard WebControls from .NET
  • Uses Sitecore’s placeholder technology to position the form accordingly
  • Full postback architecture without writing codebehind functions
  • XHTML 1.0-compliant form data
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