Development Tools

Develop Faster with Less Effort

Create truly world-class websites with Sitecore’s rich development environment, open architecture, and choice of tools.


Scale your site easily as your business grows, optionally taking advantage of Sitecore's cloud-ready architecture to satisfy even extreme customer demands.

  • Deliver highly scalable sites that grow with you
  • Use high availability and intelligent caching for high performance
  • Scale quickly with cloud resources
Open Architecture 

Change any part of your site or even the Sitecore CMS itself, thanks to our open architecture that lets you develop your own extensions and modifications.

  • Use our rich set of APIs with more than 1300 classes
  • Easily integrate any and all business applications
  • Adjust the Sitecore user interface to suit your needs 
Developer Productivity 

Working the way you want to work lets you be more productive. Sitecore gives you the freedom to use powerful tools such as Visual Studio and Intellisense.

  • Develop more quickly and effectively
  • Use existing .NET or off-the-shelf controls
  • Take advantage of the Sitecore Developer Community

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George School | Read Case Study >

We wanted to build a relationship with a company that would work with us moving forward, and we felt that Sitecore – more than any of the other vendors – was honest, open, and helpful.

- Ari Betof, Director of Enrollment Management & Strategic Planning, George School