Site Control

You’re in the Driver’s Seat with Sitecore

Security, workflow, publishing, layout, reporting, and more. Control it all with Sitecore, which lets you:

  • Manage your site efficiently with strong, customizable workflow processes for versioning, approvals, incremental publishing, notifications, and archiving  
  • Secure your site with Sitecore’s powerful security tools that give you granular control down to the component and element levels
  • Control site structure and layout while giving your editors as much or as little control and flexibility as you desire     
  • Gain insight into your site, content, and the visitor experience with Sitecore’s extensive reporting and analytics capabilities   

Empower Marketing with Easy-to-Use Controls

At the heart of every well-managed website is a strong set of site controls. Highly effective sites start with a strong management foundation that allows you to control security, have clear content publishing and workflow controls, enables you to manage different language and output formats for your site, and lets you continuously optimize your site using reports and tools.

Sitecore puts you in total control of your site, including its content, layout, and design. With next-generation usability, it’s easy for marketing users to take an active role in managing the site, including workflow control, metadata management, page design and controlling publishing rights.

Gain Total Control to Deliver Compelling Visitor Experiences

Easily manage all the aspects of your website to deliver websites that let you truly engage with site visitors. Sitecore CMS lets you:

  • Work effectively: With clear, customizable content publishing and workflow controls, you’ll be able to work efficiently and effectively to deliver a fresh, compelling site            
  • Ensure consistency: Protect and build your brand value as Sitecore helps you maintain consistency across your site or sites
  • Optimize the experience for site visitors: With robust reports and analytics, you can see how your site is performing and adapt it to changing visitor needs          
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Get Powerful, Easy-to-Use Controls for Developers and Marketers

  • Sitecore's workflow engine includes versioning, controlled approvals, incremental publishing, notifications and reminders, and archiving capabilities and for Outlook users, notifications conveniently within their inbox
  • Our customizable workflow provides tremendous flexibility out of the box, and is also highly extensible, allowing you to integrate with third-party systems, optimal when supporting both internal and external translation processes
  • You also get a rich set of tools that allow you to control who can manage your site in the staging environment, as well as allowing you to directly manage which site visitors can view content on your production websites
  • Security controls are also built into Sitecore letting you manage security for your content down to the component and element levels
  • Archiving and recycle bin allow for removal of items or versions that can be recovered at a later date 
  • Sitecore also provides a sophisticated permission management system to grant rights to users, groups and roles
  • Sitecore supports external authentication and authorization systems, and was engineered to plug into existing systems such as CRM solutions to power visitor authentication as well as easily integrating into Active Directory for user management
  • Sitecore offers an array of reports on auditing, workflow status, link checking, users and security management, translation management, content lifecycle and many other report types
  • Our site analytics capabilities allow you to view how your site is performing and quickly adapt to ever-evolving customer needs
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Sitecore offers great integration capabilities, and we have taken advantage of that to deliver a top-notch solution to the Thomas Cook Group.

- Peter Oyserman, Delaware Consulting