How we work

Our passion is making you successful.

Our approach

We believe that digital marketing optimization should focus on two key areas:

  • Creating rich and relevant connected customer experiences
  • Driving success in your strategic and marketing objectives

To insure you are successful in these areas, the SBOS methodology begins by assessing the maturity of your digital marketing and maps that to a stage in our proprietary Customer Experience Maturity Model.

If you want anything to last a lifetime, you have to care for it. And if you want your customers to be with you for a lifetime you have to go beyond just meeting their needs. You have to serve your customer’s better by anticipating their needs. That’s exactly what the Sitecore’s Customer Experience Maturity Model helps you do. As your organization moves up the Customer Experience Maturity Model, you have more power to understand your customer, engage them, and be relevant to their needs.

The Customer Experience Maturity Model maps your path to building lifetime customers. It gives you a strategic roadmap of how to build the people, processes, and technology you need for digital marketing success.

Based on your current stage in the Customer Experience Maturity Model we work with you to define structured processes that help you,

  1. Align digital marketing with strategic and marketing objectives
  2. Identify points of leverage where optimizing will produce maximum impact on business objectives
  3. Prove your business case for digital optimization
  4. Optimize continuously to achieve rich cross-channel connected customer experiences

We work with clients from many industries, from B2B to B2C, from eCommerce to non-profit, from information to government. Our processes and best practices have taken years to develop and have been proven across many organizations. We are passionate about making large improvements in our client’s marketing, but we can only succeed if our clients are committed to following proven best practices, therefore we only work with organizations that are willing to make the commitment to succeed.

If you are curious about where your organization fits on the Customer Experience Maturity Model, take our initial self-assessment below.

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The SBOS manifesto

We are passionate about what we do. Our manifesto shows who we are and what we believe in:

We are marketing technologists at heart

We blend marketing and technology to increase the business value from digital channels.

We believe you can’t do marketing if you aren’t data driven

Our first mission is to align digital goals with key business objectives so we can monitor performance and take actions that drive performance improvement.

We start with the question of how to improve business performance

We search for the relationships between digital marketing goals and organizational objectives, then we use the drivers we find to improve business results.

We always look for ways to improve

Marketing optimization is a continuous process that must evolve with new marketing channels and technology.

We work with committed organizations

We strive to help organizations break through to higher levels of performance and achieve their goals. We want to work with people that have the same focus and energy we have.

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