Personalization and Relevance

Drive conversions higher with more relevant content

How much more effective would your website, emails and campaigns be if you could engage with continuously relevant and meaningful content? Marketers know that customers expect personal interaction today, across campaigns, and in ways that demonstrate real understanding.

  • Even anonymous visitors can be content targeted with GeoIP and pattern-based responses
  • As the interaction grows, marketers need to surface content specific to a visitor’s profile, interests and actions
  • More advanced scenarios allow marketers to script multi-visit, multi-channel engagements with their customers, which are transparent but helpful to the visitor.

In a recent Aberdeen Group study, Best-in-Class companies were 3.8 times more likely to change content based upon visitor behavior. The result? They were superior to their peer companies by having a 148% return on marketing investments, 63% current growth in revenues, and 13% increase in year-over-year customer profitability. Next Generation Web Content Management: A Comprehensive Assessment of Current Challenges & The Future of WCM, Ian Michiels, Publication October 2009



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sitecore digital marketing system real-time personalization

Real-Time Personalization

Adjust your site real time to the profiles of your visitors to achieve higher conversions and provide a true dynamic and targeted user experience.

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Blackmores, Australia's most trusted name in health, presents on using Sitecore and OMS at the 2010 Gartner ITxpo in Sydney.

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Dollar Rent a Car

Sitecore CMS helps increase online conversion rates, while reducing website development time by over 30%

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Why Website Personalization Matters

Personalization is everywhere in the offline world. How can websites provide experiences unique to each visitor?

sitecore digital marketing system real-time personalization


sitecore oms blackmores gartner itxpo


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Significant Business Results

You’ll see positive impacts across all your initiatives:

  • Address your customers by vertical, role or geography to establish your position in their minds and markets
  • Provide focused sites, content and interaction per brand or product line so your targeted solutions stand out in the crowd
  • Provide recommendations for related products, services or offers for your E-Commerce site and gain cross-sell/ upsell
  • Grow your community and audience by enabling visitors to make recommendations to like-minded peers, empowering your customers as advocates
  • Capture the skyrocketing mobile audience with proximity based marketing and mobile offers tuned to where and how they are interacting

Dramatic Improvement in Customer Experience and Conversions

With Sitecore’s software you can:

  • Present entirely different microsites, website pages or page-parts, based on profiles, location or other segments
  • Send highly relevant and targeted emails, based upon visitor downloads, poll response or any content interest
  • Score content and visitor behavior to assess sales funnel stage and opportunity timing
  • Target individual shoppers with conditional rendering and multivariate testing
  • Measure and respond with Engagement Analytics, quickly identifying successful campaigns and offers
  • Understand and present to the skyrocketing mobile audience as quickly and easily as you do your other web visitors, expanding your market
  • Set up personalization rules easily within the on-page editor, so non-technical users are self-sufficient without IT

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Delaware Consulting | Read Case Study >

Sitecore offers great integration capabilities, and we have taken advantage of that to deliver a top-notch solution to the Thomas Cook Group.

- Peter Oyserman, Delaware Consulting