Social and Community

Social media and the customer multiplier

Social is the new normal in engaging with your audience. Your prospects and customers are talking about you in social media. They look to public social media to ask questions about your offerings, learn first-hand what it’s like to do business with you, and compare experiences. Your current customers seek out their peers in branded communities so that they can become smarter consumers, and determine whether your brand is one they trust and want to engage with further.

Companies that integrate social into their overall customer experience are beginning to see measurable business results resulting in positive revenue impact, customer satisfaction, and return on marketing investment (ROMI).

"Nearly half of the top 100 global brands host some kind of customer-centered online community network." Manchanda, Puneet, Packard, Grant M. and Pattabhiramaiah, Adithya, "Social Dollars: The Economic Impact of Customer Participation in a Firm-Sponsored Online Community" (January 12, 2012)

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sitecore social media at a glance

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social starter kit powered by telligent datasheet

Data Sheet

branded social community to drive engagement ebook


Finally, Real Business Results from your Social Efforts

You’ll see positive impacts across all your initiatives:

  • Increase revenue by driving purchasing decisions through peer reviews and recommendations.
  • Reduce marketing costs by increasing website traffic through relevant content, which reduces SEO and SEM spending while attracting new customers.
  • Build brand loyalty by creating a fun, interactive online space that engages your biggest fans.
  • Integrate marketing channels by interacting with customers on and off site and driving conversations to a branded community that you own.
  • Rally brand advocates by empowering fans to spread word-of-mouth messages in their social networks on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.
  • Identify influential customers by listening to online conversations about your brand.

With Sitecore’s software:

  • Interact with your audience in public and branded social communities
  • Better understand the needs and wants of your audience
  • Spread messages about your brand and increase brand awareness
  • Discover who your brand advocates are and leverage word of mouth
  • Drive sales by educating customers about your brand
  • Leverage customer feedback to improve your products

Native Integration with the Customer Engagement Platform

  • Personalize content using social profile – with permission you can use the information in the users’ profiles to provide a more personalized experienced on your website, email, mobile, and print channels.
  • Simplify visitor registration and authentication by allowing them to log in to your website using their Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Google+ credentials.
  • Post/syndicate to social networks directly from Sitecore CMS platform, post an update to Facebook or a Tweet to Twitter as soon as content is published. Security and workflow can be applied to social messages just like any other content.
  • Get automatically added campaign references to a shortened URL so that you can tell which content is most compelling to your audience.
  • Monitor the reaction from external sites e.g. retweets, likes, and comments from the Sitecore content editing interface and review summary reports within the Sitecore Digital Marketing System into the value and visits for a better view on quantity and quality.

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We have been impressed with Sitecore’s extensibility and ease of use. In addition, the time to market for new websites and web pages has decreased dramatically.

- Eric Brown, CMS Project Manager, Boy Scouts of America