Firing Up Fan Passion

Fire up fan passion

Every company, every website has its fans. But what about organizations that really DO have fans? Sports and entertainment franchises? Racetracks and stadiums? Tournaments and events?

Connecting with fans on an emotional level creates incredible “brand” loyalty. The challenge is to strengthen an offline community with the benefits of online community. Loyal fans mean stable income and solid brand value. They also provide a solid statistical basis for determining the value of sponsorship and other promotional activities, including merchandising. Truly a win-win situation.

From 360-degree earth views of a stadium to live reporting during games and events, online is providing a “you are here” experience to fans half a world away. And in the post-season, today’s fans want to maintain seasonal excitement year round through your unique, branded content.




Three keys to maintaining fan enthusiasm

  1. Deliver media and content-rich applications that amaze and engage your fans. See Sport1TV case study.
  2. Develop communication strategies that makes fans feel they are part of the action, not just passive spectators. See International Speedway case study.
  3. Give fans an opportunity to contribute their own content to your website and apps. See Duck brand case study.

Want even more inspiration? Then browse through our many cases and see how others have created effective engagement strategies!

Six Questions to Guide Your Initiatives

So how can an organization maintain year-round enthusiasm? Here are some of the key questions they are asking – and answering.

  1. “What makes our organization unique? How can we highlight this?”
  2. “Are we scared of cannibalizing our paying audience or do we embrace new media?”
  3. “Can we give loyal fans an exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse of our activities?”
  4. “How can we repay our fans for supporting our organization?”
  5. “Are we equipped to handle huge bursts of traffic during high profile games and events?”
  6. “Can we automate offline processes, such as ticket sales, yet maintain high service standards?”

Looking for answers? Perhaps some of our current Sitecore customers can inspire you to change your gameplan.

Customer Gallery  

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Mount Hood Meadows Ski Resort
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International Speedway Corporation
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Manchester City Football Club
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We have all the complexity we need behind the scenes, yet Sitecore makes this transparent to our users. The site will continue to grow – in a managed and controlled manner.

- Denise Taylor, Ogden City