Generating Higher Demand

Increase demand, shorten your sales cycle

Some industry analysts say it can take up to seven personal sales visits to close a hard-core business-to-business sale. And the cost of keeping a sales rep on the road is astronomical. No wonder so many businesses are using interactive media to increase their marketing reach and decrease the need for personal sales.

Your emails, mobile content, and webpages need to work together to create a solid shared frame-of-reference – to get everyone “on the same page” so to speak. This helps your prospective customers ask smarter questions and make faster decisions. And as an added bonus, providing useful, timely online information can reduce help-desk traffic, too.

The tricky part is to channel the right information to the right person. That’s because what’s right for one person, may not be right for the next. And bombarding everyone in sight with every bit of information you have is almost never the best strategy. That’s why the latest generation of content-management systems, companies provide a greater degree of personalization than ever before, plus tools for monitoring the effectiveness of each of your online conversion funnels. A better experience for your visitors, greater profits for your company.




Three keys to successful demand generation

  1. Build awareness of your products or services via search engine optimization (SEO), webinars, social media, etc. See Tyreright case study.
  2. Make sure potential customers really understand your products and services. Give visitors the highest-quality information and make sure they can find it through sensible, easy-to-use site structure and navigation. See Colliers case study.
  3. Show visitors that there is a real company behind your site. Building trust in your organization is as important as communicating your products and services. See City of Ogden case study.

Looking for even more inspiration? Then browse through our many cases and see how others have created effective engagement strategies!

Six Questions to Guide Your Initiatives

Increasing demand via online channels is the most cost-effective technique available to today’s marketers. And given the current economic climate, it is as popular as it is practical. Here are some issues to consider:

  1. “What opportunities can we spot that are being ignored by our competitors?”
  2. “How will we facilitate discovery of our company in the online environment?”
  3. “Once we create demand, do we have the resources needed to convert new leads to sales?”
  4. “Which offline sales resources are best-suited to follow up on our online activities?”
  5. “How can we effectively target specific information to specific users?” 
  6. “Does our website provide all the necessary background to build trust in our organization?”
Not easy questions, but important ones nonetheless. Perhaps some of our current Sitecore customers can inspire you to initiate new demand-generation activities in your own company.

Customer Gallery  

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