Leveraging Multichannel Touchpoints

Integrate online, offline and mobile communications

Your customers engage with you across multiple channels:  website, physical stores, phone and email, in addition to mobile apps, social media, AdWords campaigns and more.  Do you understand how your customers move across this channel landscape?  The better you understand why and when customers choose particular channels, the better you are able to deliver the targeted content and relevant experiences that drive conversions. 

Sitecore can help you deliver rich, cohesive interactions – engaging conversations that attract, educate, delight and ultimately convert your visitors to customers -- across all of your communication platforms.




Three keys to successful multichannel marketing

  1. Don’t view multichannel marketing as cannibalization of existing channels. Rather, look at it as giving your customers better, more convenient choices. See ATP case study.

  2. Customers want to be recognized when they come to your place of business, wherever that may be. Personalization is an important part of building stronger customer relationships. See Blackmores case study.

  3. Integration of on- and offline activities is essential. Websites can no longer live in isolation; they need to be part of a total communications strategy. See NHS Direct case study.

Check out other customer case studies to see how companies have created effective engagement strategies.

Six Questions to Guide Your Initiatives

Maintaining overview across such a complex communications infrastructure may seem difficult, but not if you have taken the time to think about a few key issues:

  1. “Can we provide differentiated content to web and mobile users?”
  2. “Do we have a process for coordinating search-engine marketing activities (SEM)?”
  3. “Do we have a single, powerful analytical tool that works across all media?”
  4. “Do we know how our electronic presence affects our offline activities?”
  5. “How can we use online self-service functions to reduce our offline costs?”
  6. “How can we use online data to enhance our existing CRM tools?”

Looking for answers? Perhaps some of our current Sitecore customers can inspire you to expanding cross-channel communications in your own company.

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Thomas Cook Travel Group
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