Commerce Experience

Connect customer experience and e-commerce

Sitecore provides a complete, connected e-commerce WCM platform that puts the shopper at the heart of every interaction and engagement, irrespective of which e-commerce system ultimately handles their transaction. Delight your customers with a fully joined-up shopping experience.

Commerce Experience Overview

commerce experience

Select the right e-commerce offering for your business

Sitecore has a complete range of e-commerce options that integrate with our Sitecore Experience Platform to drive higher cart conversions and online sales, forming a unique connected end-to-end customer experience that spans acquisition, nurture, transaction and retention. 

The Sitecore Experience Platform is tightly integrated with several e-commerce partner products, through Sitecore Commerce Connect, delivering consistent customer shopping experiences.

Richer, connected experience drives higher e-business value

The Sitecore Experience Platform completely integrates e-commerce capabilities with web content management (WCM), marketing automation, email marketing, social media, optimization, and analytics. It is a unified e-commerce WCM and experience management platform that provides your customers with a single, powerful shopping experience.

Unite site, customer, and e-commerce data

Connect and collect individualized customer data, including preferences, trends, behaviors and purchases, to shape every customer’s shopping experience, both online and in-store. Harness insights and contextual intelligence to provide highly relevant content and offers that resonate with each and every customer, enabling true one-to-one marketing.

Thinking beyond, and before, the abandoned cart

How context-driven commerce drives revenues across lifelong customer relationships.
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One experience on any device

As your customers navigate across multiple devices (mobile or desk-bound), you can deliver a shopping experience that recognizes each device and automatically adjusts interactions for a seamless experience.

Automate real-time content

Respond to each customer’s interactions with your brand in real time. Extend relevant content and offers based on an individual’s activity right as it happens, when their engagement is at its highest.

One connected experience

Connected e-commerce combines the power of creating personalized experiences with sophisticated product merchandizing and shopping, delivering a highly tailored end-to-end shopping experience for your customers. As part of the Sitecore Experience Platform, e-commerce becomes a seamless continuation of the conversation across all channels, right through to revenue. Find out how we can help your organization. Contact us today.

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