120 Sitecore MVPs in 2014

By Pieter Brinkman , Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I'm very happy to congratulate 120 Sitecore MVPs in 2014!

A question I get asked lot is "What is a Sitecore MVP?" The best answer contains the key values of an MVP:

A Sitecore MVP is an intelligent professional with a passion of sharing knowledge.

This MVP selection was the toughest in Sitecore history. Not only because of the large number of nominees but also the high quality of the nominations.  The MVP’s contributions to the Sitecore community are amazing.


Here’s some numbers about the MVPs of 2014 and their contributions:

In 2014 there are 120 MVPs recognized from 18 different countries. Combined they received a total score on Sitecore related tags of 4028 on StackOverflow, posted 1706 replies on the SDN forums, written 797 blog posts, contributed to 160 modules, presented 148 sessions and 34 are involved in managing or hosting a Sitecore Usergroup.  These contributions make the MVPs the Sitecore community leaders.


Following all the community contributions is becoming a full time job!


Introducing the Digital Strategist MVP
The previous seven years we ran the MVP program focused on the technical community. This year we're expanding the program with Digital Strategists MVP.


The Sitecore Digital Strategist MVP Award is for individuals with strong experience with data driven marketing, who have experience on how to use Sitecore Customer Engagement Platform to grow business outcomes for customers.


Having Digital Strategists MVPs and Technology MVPs creates a unique opportunity to bring these experts together and facilitate knowledge sharing. All MVPs will be invited to all activities; e.g. a Digital Strategist could join a technical architecture webinar about the latest upcoming Sitecore version, or a Technology MVP could join presentations and discussions about the use of DMS. Lars Petersen will be the driving force for content for the Digital Strategist MVPs.



In 2014 we will have 107 Technology MVPs and 13 Digital Strategist MVPs.


Hedgehog Development Recognized with first ever Sitecore Community Contribution Award

Hedgehog is the first partner (worldwide) that has received this award for their exceptional contributions to the Sitecore community. Hedgehog has been the driving force behind the Virtual User Group and this year they hosted the Sitecore Virtual Summit. The Sitecore Virtual Summit was 24 hours of Sitecore session by 31 presenters from 6 different countries. During the Summit they raised $5,226 for Doctors without Borders. Special thanks to Mike Shaw who did the planning and hosting for the complete 24 hours of the summit!

We’re very proud of these community initiatives and even more proud to give this award to Hedgehog. Congratulations!

Looking back at 2013

2013 was a great year. The Sitecore MVPs got access to Sitecore 7 months before it was released with a kick start webinar from Sitecore’s famous architect Tim Ward. During this early release, the MVPs had direct contact with the product team. This was also a great experience for Sitecore, we received valuable feedback from the brightest in our community and had a lot of interesting blog posts to read!


And who can forget the first global Sitecore Summit hosted in beautiful Miami.



64 MVPs from 10 different countries and 20 Sitecore representatives – more photos

For all the new MVPs, welcome and I hope to meet you soon! To get the feeling of being an MVP, check out the photos and the video impressions of the Sitecore MVP summit 2013 Miami. 

I want to be recognized as a Sitecore MVP 2015!

Do you want to become a Sitecore MVP 2015? Excellent. Join our community and start sharing your knowledge. Keep in mind it should be fun to share! Don’t know where or how to share your knowledge? Here are some ideas:

  • Help other by answering questions on the SDN forum and StackOverflow
  • Create modules and put them on Sitecore Marketplace
  • Start blogging. Don’t know what to blog about? Let me help you:
  • Blog about your work; e.g. what problems did you run into and how did you fix it
  • Blog about questions you answered on SDN or StackOverflow
  • Blog about your created modules
  • Visit User Groups, there are more than 14 User Groups worldwide. No User Group nearby? Start a new one! Join the Sitecore Virtual User Group
  • Present: Share your knowledge by presenting on Sitecore User Groups, at events and Webinars
  • Join conversations on Twitter using #Sitecore

These are just some ideas! If you have other ideas you’d like to share leave a comment below.

Do you want to share your knowledge but you still don’t know where and how? Contact your regional Sitecore office or contact me on Twitter or via e-mail.

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