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Giving fans an online Nascar experience.

ISC (International Speedway Corporation) is the leading promoter of motorsports activities and owner/operator of 13 of the nation's major motorsports entertainment facilities. Sitecore partner, Digitaria, developed 12 new exciting Web sites for each of the ISC track properties. Specifically they are extremely proud of the Daytona 500 website. The Web site encompasses dynamic new fan experiences and brings almost all five senses of the racing experience to an online venue. In addition to an unparalleled interactive experience featuring rich media and a robust collection of imagery, video and audio content, racing fans are also able to purchase tickets and plan out their overall race weekend experience. The site is aimed at helping fans both ‘feel the experience’ of NASCAR events, as well as provide a valuable resource.


Prior to launching the twelve ISC track sites, racecar fans had no way of interacting with each other or getting up-to-date info about popular Nascar races. Now, with the help of Sitecore, Digitaria was able to create a completely interactive experience through extensive online video and multimedia content, exclusive news and information, driver features, camping and parking information, seating charts, the ability to buy tickets, and much more.


The goals of the new site was to increase overall traffic to the site, increase time spent on the site and maximize the number of returning visitors. The ISC was also looking to create more fan interaction and loyalty by creating a social media component.

According to John Van Spyk at Digitaria, “Sitecore is the premier and mature enterprise solution, which is why we typically use Sitecore over a competitor for high-end clientele. Sitecore provides the ease of use as well as all of the bells and whistles.”


The new site allows fans to feel the Nascar experience even if they are just watching the race online. With highlights, fanzones, and commentary this site can engage even the most uninterested racecar enthusiast! Another great feature is the fact that it allows visitors the option to purchase tickets directly on the site. As a result, they have increased site traffic, ticket sales, and time savings.

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