Danish Ministry of Employment

Migration of content and a new site in only six weeks.

Addition, a Sitecore partner, delivered a comprehensive web platform solution for the Ministry of Employment with integration of websites for the Labor Market Authority and the Labor Inspectorate. Budget issues meant there was very little time in which to design, implement and go live with their new corporate web sites. With Sitecore as the CMS, Addition was able to deliver on-time and within budget.


With more than 2,000 employees, the Ministry of Employment is responsible for all Danish unemployed persons, e.g. those receiving social assistance as well as those receiving unemployment benefits. In addition, the Ministry of Employment is responsible for the framework and rules regarding employment and working conditions, safety and health at work, industrial injuries, and financial support and allowances, as well as job placement for all persons with full or partial working capacity.

With the new site they wanted to promote the digitization process throughout the Department in order to achieve economic, technological and time savings.

The Ministry of Employment has one main site (http://uk.bm.dk), along with two of agency sites, Labor Market Authority and the Labor Inspectorate. They needed to ensure that each of the sites had a consistent design, as well as the ability to share certain pieces of content across one or more of the sites.

The Ministry of Employment needed to have the new site up and running as quickly as possible, as a way to stay within their budgetary guidelines.


Addition Consulting, a Sitecore partner, was selected for this project because of their experience in delivering high quality projects in a rapid amount of time.

A key element of this project was to migrate much of the content from an older CMS platform to Sitecore's .NET CMS platform. One of the most important challenges was the timeline requirement. In addition, the Ministry of Employment maintains a website design manual that is used maintaining consistency across all agency web sites, and this would need to be adhered to.

Based on Addition's experience, they realized that an essential prerequisite for a successful conversion project is a thorough analysis. For this project, Addition categorized each element of the Ministry of Employment’s website as one of the following:

  • content to be converted by using an automated program
  • content that would need manual conversion
  • content should be excluded all together. 

With Sitecore as the platform, Addition built the new site in only six weeks. They credit the following elements to their success:

  • Automated content migration: In order to be able to migrate the content as quickly as possible, Addition built a program robot to automate the conversion from their old CMS to the new one. 
  • Content reuse engine : Addition built a Website Component Container Framework (WCCF). The architecture of the WCCF focuses on the reuse of modules, configurations, and functionalities. The modules range from newsletter subscriptions to Ankiro search and taxonomy engine - all of which support the goals in providing unparalleled access to the web site content. Because of the modular nature of the WCCF, each agency can easily select the functionality and modules to make available to their consistency. 
  • Project management: Addition used the SCRUM methodology, which is an iterative incremental framework for managing complex work. The key concepts in the SCRUM methodology are constant dialogue, flexibility, and ongoing evaluation and adjustment of the plan. It offers maximum control over the organization process, which ensures that the project's economics, deadlines, and resources are used most effectively. It is important to note that a flexible and effective project team quickly evolved enabling rapid communication and decision making.


The new website, built upon Sitecore’s CMS, can now be leveraged by all of the Ministry of Employment agencies to ensure maximum user value with timely, relevant content delivered to all of the Ministry's target constituencies.

The design of the different agencies’ sites follows the Ministry of Employment's design manual. The ability within Sitecore to use templates enables the Ministry of Employment and its agencies to use the new platform with minimal resource impact. As a result, the design and look and feel is consistent throughout the different sites regardless of which modules each agency chooses to use.

The Ministry of Employment is now able to quickly and easily launch campaign sites when the need arises.  The result is a series of user-friendly, informative and functional sites that can grow as future agency activities dictate.

Technical Description

  • Ankiro for search