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In 1927 Damen Shipyards was established in The Netherlands by two Damen brothers. Nowadays, Damen has a leading position in shipbuilding with over 8,000 employees and a presence in 35 countries. Damen is a multinational company that always stands for its family values and deep respect for its maritime heritage.


The main objective for Sitecore partner Evident was to transform Damen Shipyards from a classic corporate marketing company into a fully integrated digital marketing organization. Digital and Sales used to be completely separated. The mission was to create such a strong digital platform, that Sales would fully appreciate and adopt it. And of course the ultimate objective was to sell ships globally to completely new customers, by creating a platform that could deliver classified leads to the Sales team.


The challenge for Damen and Evident was quite big. There was practically no suitable content, and the available content was fragmented across different departments and databases.

The strategy of Evident was delivering outstanding quality on all crucial elements. The only way to be successful was making the Damen digital catalogue top notch. The content should be unmatched. The many buyer personas with very different profiles had to be served in a personalized manner, and undergo an outstanding and optimized user experience on all devices. Also Evident had to find a way to attract and select the most interesting leads and to deliver them to the Damen Sales team.


With the Product Catalogue project, Sitecore partner Evident transferred Dutch Shipbuilder Damen Shipyards from a classic corporate marketing organization into a fully integrated digital marketing & sales company. All ships of Damen are presented in a unique manner, unprecedented in the maritime world. Because of the powerful Sitecore CMS, all decision makers within the buying process are served with relevant and rich personalized content. Ships can be viewed in videos, animations and 3D tours enabling the visitors to experience the ship from the inside and outside. All ships can be compared based on the most important specifications.

All behavior of a (potential) customer on the website is registered, ranked and analyzed. Leads are identified and qualified based on their ‘engagement value’ and presented as a Sales Qualified Lead to the Sales team. All content and functionality is continuously optimized based on the data analysis, to further improve the buyer experience for the target groups. All of this has been made possible by the powerful Sitecore CMS.


The main target was to transform Damen into a digital mature company with an integrated marketing & sales approach. In order to achieve that, Evident had to be able to deliver high quality leads, on a real-time basis, to the Sales team of Damen. The initial target was to deliver 1 qualified fresh lead every week.

The most important result is of course that there are new ships sold to completely new customers. Varying from Tugs to Supply Vessels and Coast Patrol Ships. Because these leads were generated online, the costs per lead were significantly lower than before the Product Catalogue. This makes the ROI even higher.


Besides the product catalogue Evident also recreated the Damen Shipyards corporate website. Evident took care of the strategy, concept, design, development and management of the platform. The corporate website really shows the true identity of Damen. Thanks to beautiful video content, Damen gives the visitor the feeling they are a true innovative maritime company who doesn’t just sell ships but delivers a complete maritime solution to its customers. Thanks to storytelling, the focus on personal commitment, transparency and actuality, www.damen.com is a complete platform focusing on the successful product catalogue.

Based on the Sitecore CMS, Evident also created Damen Recruitment. Evident is responsible for the strategy, concept, design, development and management of the platform. Main goal for the Damen Recruitment platform was to utilize the online recruitment possibilities and to stay in line with the growth of Damen Shipyards. The concept of the website is: ‘Dare to discover the best years of your life’. Thanks to rich and personal storytelling a lot of context will be given to the visitor to help during the decision process for Damen Shipyards. A powerful visual timeline gives detailed information about the history and future of Damen Shipyards. The result is a state-of-the-art recruitment platform what runs on all (smartphone, tablet and desktop) devices.

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