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Providing a consistent experience for customers across 14 languages

Welcome to the Yellow World! With over 220,000 Robots installed worldwide, FANUC is the world’s leading supplier of industrial Robots – and their robots are YELLOW. Established in 1995, FANUC Robotics Europe S.A. is a sales and service company of industrial robots and is a fully owned subsidiary of FANUC Ltd. Headquartered in Luxembourg, FANUC Robotics Europe, has subsidiaries in Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Switzerland and Russia.


The mission of the FANUC Robotics site is to provide common and consistent websites for their European customers. Previously they had 14 different websites in 14 different languages.

The goals of the new website were as follows:

  • To present a common Brand image
  • Provide consistent information to all European Customers
  • Make the website a true sales and marketing tool
  • Provide the basis for which to expand and grow to other web based tools for customers


Working with Sitecore partner, The Reference, FANUC Robotics choose Sitecore for the following reasons.

  • The good relationship they had with at Sitecore
  • The fact that Sitecore is reasonably priced
  • It is developed on .NET
  • Sitecore’s good reviews in terms of CMS's


Today, FANUC Robotics websites are available in 14 languages, and have received positive feedback. According to John Beavers, FANUC Robotics, “With Sitecore, we were able to implement our new site in less than a year, and present a common face to all of our European customers. The project has been a huge success.”

Technical Description

  • Multilingual website

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