This global supplier of metal-based products improved SEO by 118% with Sitecore

Ruukki, a supplier of metal-based products and services to the construction and mechanical engineering industries, has a comprehensive and complex website that serves structural engineers, architects, investors, households and the media. These people visit Ruukki´s site mainly looking for product information and they expect to find as much new content as possible. Not surprisingly, Ruukki is devoted to the design of their website and product data management in order to meet their visitors’ expectations. The company’s latest improvement was a renewed version of their website using Sitecore CMS solutions. With 11,700 employees in 27 countries including the Nordic countries, the Baltics, Russia & the Ukraine and Central Eastern Europe, Ruukki is growing in emerging markets. plays a crucial role in nurturing relations with customers and gaining new customers wherever the company is in the world. This is why Ruukki decided to renew their website with Sitecore and focus on delivering real-time product information, including specifications and design tools as well as easy to find contact information. Four months after the launch of the new site, has won the B2B category in Finland’s most prestigious digital marketing competition, Grand One. The renewed site received the award for its innovative way of displaying product information.


The previous version of was run on a platform that was poorly suited for enterprise web content management. According to a user study, has 140,000 monthly visitors, and 60% of these felt that they could not find the information they were looking for. This is because product information was buried in individual PDF files, contact information was hard to find and there was no quantitative or qualitative analysis of incoming leads or contact requests. And this was not all.

The product data maintenance process was difficult and complex. Everything from the management of existing product data, to the design, production and distribution took several weeks. It was time for a change.

Ruukki selected Sitecore’s Web Content Management solution, and Ruukki’s partner, atBusiness, was entrusted with concept and technical design, implementation and deployment and ongoing support of the new The selection process included evaluation of content production and delivery, ease of use technology and availability of multilingual sites. Praise by Gartner, good fit into Ruukki’s IT architecture as well as application level modularity and granularity weighed heavily in favor of Sitecore’s.

After a series of meetings, atBusiness and Sitecore understood that the key business drivers for the renewal of were to:

  • Improve lead generation: Ruukki want to make the “contact us” easy and reliable, enable efficient e-marketing, and encourage site visitors to sign up for newsletters and frequent returns to the web site.
  • Integration with CRM: They would like to add the ability to automatically submit leads to
  • Improve usage of technical product data: Another goal was to improve the site’s appearance and usability, while providing customers with targeted content and tools, including improved product search with different criteria and product comparisons.
  • Increase efficiency: Ruukki wanted to save internal unproductive time and printing costs; while decreasing technical product support requests by providing improved product information and enhanced search capabilities.
  • Maximize technology: They felt it was important to implement a modern and easy-to-use CMS platform that enables employees to edit content without the involvement of Ruukki’s IT department.


In the new website, Ruukki´s products are categorized and updated in a logical and consistent way, which allows visitors to compare product characteristics in addition to the products themselves, their benefits, application instructions and technical information. All of this is available to users in an HTML version and, if necessary, anyone can get a printout of the information from a PDF on the fly. 

Ruukki´s Product Marketing team provides content on a decentralized basis and the Web team controls the edition, which translates into higher annual productivity improvements.

The website’s top improvements for the company are, among others, the fact that contact requests are qualified with Akismet’s service prior to storing into as leads. One of the key improvements on the user side is that product information is presented using quickly responding tabs (utilizing Jquery). Ruukki also integrated the Sitecore CMS with Dynamic 3D hall configurator built with flash. Sitecore Online Marketing Suit (OMS) has been implemented for Analytics and will soon be used for user profiling once Ruukki has launched it’s 27 localized sites (using Sitecore’s export/import functionality).


Site traffic increased by 46% shortly after the launch of the renewed website and the SEO improvement was even more dramatic at 118% for relevant products. The bounce rate in product data was at a very low 3%, which indicates that product information serves site visitors very well. In addition to this, easy access to contact information has received quite a lot of compliment from users.

“The quality and quantity of leads has also improved significantly and represent potential value of several millions of Euros” says Perttu Monthan, Director, Sales & Marketing, atBusiness. content is more meaningful to customers, partially because they were involved throughout the project, even before the actual concept design went into circulation. 

"The reform has been accomplished by truly listening to the customer. We recommend anyone planning a similar project to consult with customers even before the concept stage. Prototyping and the initial testing of ideas are also valuable to users. Although the project was very challenging and had a short timetable, the project proceeded according to plan, schedule and budget,” summarizes Katja Kantola, Concept Owner and Kimmo Kanerva, the Digital Marketing Director at Ruukki.

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  • Salesforce CRM
  • Dynamic 3D for flash

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