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Tablet Outdoors

2011 Site of the Year - International Category Winners

Best Air Travel Site: Jetstar Airways

Implementation Partner: Responsys Pty Ltd (Sitecore integration); VisualJazz Pty Ltd (Creative)

At Jetstar, the mission is to enable more people to fly more often and to extend air travel to those who may never have been able to afford to fly, by offering low fares. The Jetstar Group is a network of value based carriers providing all day every day low fares across Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region. The Jetstar Group comprises Jetstar Australia & New Zealand operations (including Australian and New Zealand domestic and short/long haul international services), Jetstar Asia and Valuair operations (partner airlines based in Singapore supporting Jetstar’s reach into 22 Asian destinations), and Jetstar Pacific (domestic operations in Vietnam).

Jetstar recently redesigned its website, continuing to use Sitecore’s CMS since implementing it a number of years ago. During the original search for a CMS, Sitecore was chosen for its:

  • Ability to support multi-language, multi-site instances with workflows
  • Full scalability which fits Jetstar’s immediate requirements and future aspirations for the website.
  • The vision of implementing the OMS to get segmented user feedback/reports and market to these segments based on the feedback to ultimately create a customised and focused user experience for end users
  • Easy to use visual, hierarchical interface to manage content

More recently, a full data restructure was performed on everything so the vast content used to drive the multisite (16) instance now is logical and predictable. Jetstar expects the redesign will result in an increased conversion rate, less calls to the call centre about info enquiries (ie what is my baggage allowance) as the content is a lot better structured and easier to find.



Best Association Site: WoningNet NV

Implementation Partner: Colours

WoningNet helps home seekers find the right home as quickly and as effectively as possible. WoningNet works with more than 100 corporations, landlords and municipalities.

The mission of WoningNet’s website is to facilitate housing allocation, giving site visitors enough information to help them to make the right choice in selecting a new home. Previously, it was not possible for WoningNet to give house-hunters detailed information to help them choose the most suitable housing.  In addition, the content management interface was not user-friendly and became difficult for WoningNet to manage.

With a new site, WoningNet aimed to stimulate house-hunters to make deliberate and realistic choices, and increase the quality of conversions:

  • WoningNet wanted make house hunters more satisfied by providing more personalized, detailed information, allowing the right person to respond to the right house;
  • They also wanted to decrease the time a house or apartment is vacant, by shortening the process of social housing distribution;
  • Finally, WoningNet aimed to increase the satisfaction of their customers while decreasing the costs of their back-office processes.

Working with Sitecore partner, Colours, WoningNet integrated Sitecore for their development platform. They integrated Sitecore along with Oracle Enterprise Service Business and web services.  Sitecore made it possible to personalize the houses presented, and Colours added additional personalization based on profile data originating from WoningNet’s own data bases. By doing so, the website became optimized for social housing purposes.

Today, the website is unique in its kind in the Netherlands: there is no other housing website that uses this technology and personalization to provide house hunters with the insights they need to make informed choices. WoningNet is getting more qualified leads, which is allowing them to show a house an average of only five times before renting it out – previously the average was showing a house ten times!  This has increased customer satisfaction while decreasing back-office costs.

According to Bas Koerhuis, WoningNet NV, "Sitecore offers us the optimal development platform to realize our online personalization and innovation ambitions."



Best Automotive Site: Kia

Implementation Partner: Redhotminute

Kia Motors Europe (KME) is the European sales and marketing division of the Kia Motors Corporation (KMC) based in South Korea. With its headquarters located in the heart of Frankfurt, Germany, KME’s staff is dynamic and highly motivated. The company structure encourages individuals to make vital contributions to its operations and the multi-cultural atmosphere is home to more than 15 different nationalities. The company is responsible for marketing Kia products in more than 25 countries across Europe. Each market has its own line of car models, accessories and options, and is responsible for its own marketing. With each market having developed its own website, naturally there were challenges with maintaining corporate identity consistency. KME wanted to centralize the website to ensure a more consistent corporate identity and brand across all markets and provide innovative functionality locally.

Working with Sitecore partner, Redhotminute, Sitecore was selected as the new site’s platform based on the following reasons:

  • Extensibility: Redhotminute felt that the combination of possibilities with an extendible, flexible solution such as Sitecore would allow Kia to build exactly the type of site KME wanted.
  • Platform: since Redhotminute is a .NET company, they prefer to work with a .NET solution
  • User Interface: Sitecore’s intuitive user interface was favored over other CMS solutions on the market.
  • The price: Sitecore offers a highly powerful solution that was within KME’s budget.
  • Best overall fit: Redhotminute put together a matrix of the possible CMS’s, and Sitecore had the highest score.

The Sitecore solution was extended in several ways:

  • Car configurator: Redhotminute developed a car configurator which is connected to a product-database back office solution.
  • Dealer websites: All dealers in the markets are offered an easy interface to administer their content on their website, which is heavily based on the country website. Furthermore, this interface communicates directly with Sitecore to add, change and remove information.
  • Adobe Flash Media server: Heavy media content is served from the AFM server.
  • Image crop/resize tool: This tool works using templates and offers easy ways for content managers to create all crops and sizes needed of a single image.

The new site has been wildly successful. The number of visitors have quadrupled since 2009. The time on the site, and the number of pages watched have grown significantly for all markets. The number of configured cars in the Car Configurator is huge for most countries. The number of conversions to brochure download/ordering, test drive requests and newsletter registrations have constantly grown since the introduction of the website.

The Kia site is also taking advantage of Sitecore’s Online Marketing Suite, and Sitecore’s DTSearch module.  The site is available in English, Dutch, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandish, Czech, Slovak, Polish, and Hungarian.



Best Banking Site: Heritage Building Society Ltd

Heritage Building Society is Australia’s largest building society with a 136-year history of serving its members and more than $7.5 billion in assets.  Last year, Heritage set out to revamp its existing website to better guide users at different life stages and to recommend products based on their needs at that point in their lives. Heritage had implemented Sitecore several years ago, when the Society identified a need for a CMS which would give content editing and ownership back to individual business units, simplify management of content and media, and reduce the impact on IT resources of simple content changes. Having fulfilled those requirements and more, Heritage decided to continue using Sitecore’s CMS for its new website.
The new site, launched on June 30 2010, is based on all-industry best-practice standards. It now offers products based on life stage, and all the copy was refreshed to make sure it was easy to understand from the consumer perspective. Members and Contact Centre staff have all given extremely positive feedback on the new design, finding it more user-friendly, easier to locate information, and easier to navigate through.
“Our members have been emailing and phoning to say they really like the new website. One person particularly enjoyed the contrast in all fields within the personal banking section, while another has been able to easily access all the information they want, from online banking to the calculators. It’s really been seen as a great enhancement to the Heritage experience,” said Heritage’s Chief Operating Officer, John Williams.



Best Education Site: EF Education First

Established in 1965 with the mission to "break down barriers in language, culture, and geography," EF Education First (EF) is the world's leading international education company. With a network of 400 schools and offices worldwide EF specializes in language training, educational travel, academic degrees, and cultural exchange programs. EF has helped over 15 million students to learn a new language and travel abroad. And Sitecore has helped EF use their web site www.ef.com in the best possible way.

Sitecore helps EF manage over 300 site versions in over 60 markets around the world, including a Corporate Website in 35 languages (even Arabic and Chinese), Natural and Paid Search Landing Pages, six Product Sites and several Campaign Sites for a variety of target groups. These sites are designed to inform people about EF's offerings and to generate leads and bookings, so the Web is absolutely critical to EF’s business. Before using Sitecore as one Enterprise System for all sites, EF juggled a variety of platforms, including .Net, ASP, and Java. The old CMS lacked a sophisticated mode by which EF could manage users. The teams responsible for different areas often took different approaches – meaning consistency was a challenge and teams couldn’t always work effectively with each other.

Moving onto Sitecore as a .NET enterprise-level CMS meant daily work would be easier and more efficient, along with an acceleration of business growth:

  • Sticking to a consistent .NET platform with many “out of the box” functionalities and easy version upgrades
  • Noticeable performance improvements, scalability and swift translation processes
  • The ability to extend the systems functionality where needed
  • Saying good bye to daily “bug fixing battles” and hello to efficiency in developing new projects

EF improved in three areas – technical, business, and staff. Here is what Eric Van Delden, Website Marketing Director of EF International Language Centers, had to say, “The technical gains were made in our ability to build our entire new websites in a very quick amount of time. By using a branching technique, we can copy our master template and have a functioning website in no time – all we need to do is add content.”

The business gains have also been substantial.  As traffic to the websites has grown – so has the website conversion efficiency.  These improvements are not solely because of Sitecore, but as a result of moving to a global template in terms of design and navigation – which are all managed inside of Sitecore.

The greatest value in the transition is in terms of the staff gains. EF has nearly 1,000 staff members who are now trained in Sitecore, and they can all help each other learn the nuances to effective content management.  EF developers can now move from team to team without having to cope with different technologies and systems.

EF is also taking advantage of Sitecore’s various application uses:

  1. EF now has an online English test managed from Sitecore – www.ef.com/efcelt.
  2. Media controls and toggles (for example, EF controls whether videos “auto-play” or not through checkboxes). 
  3. Media delivery options – using drop-downs if videos should play from YouTube, Vimeo, or YouKu.
  4. Controlling various CSS options – especially important for “right aligned” markets in the middle east. 
  5. Managing websites – EF manages more than 300 websites in all of their markets and the ‘on/off’ toggle for those sites lives in Sitecore. 
  6. Using the Media Library for managing downloadable documents (PDFs and so on).

Says Van Delden, “Sitecore makes life much easier and I love the emails I get from staff around the world saying ‘I love using Sitecore!’”.”



Best Electronics Site: Panasonic

Implementation Partner: 5 Limes Pty Ltd.

Panasonic, one of the largest electronics manufacturers in the world, with more than 680 international companies making and marketing a wide range of life-enriching products under the Panasonic brand, was committed to moving from a communications architecture characterised by the existence of many disparate digital properties to one that provides the user with a consistent brand experience and high level of usability. Central to this digital strategy was the creation of a website that supported the numerous internal and external promotions, sponsorships and product updates whilst also recording online user interaction, consumer profiling and integration with an internal CRM platform all under the control of the core Panasonic site.

Panasonic needed to move from a very dated structure of many disparate digital properties to one that provides the user with a consistent brand experience with high levels of usability and interaction. Sitecore was chosen as the best solution for Panasonic needs due to a number of key factors in the overall digital approach to consumer engagement. The key driving factors were:

  • Identification and personalisation of the consumer interface
  • Integration with Dynamics CRM and other backend systems (AS/400 based ERP)
  • Integration with third party tools and social media services (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Scalability and customisation of the system interfaces

The site was launched in late January 2011 but already hosts a large number of visitors.

  • 1.36 million hits per day average
  • 95 hits per visitor average
  • 4.6 million page views
  • 143k page views per day average
  • 12 page views per visitor
  • 383.5k visitors

From an SEO perspective the site has over 1,000 URLs mapped from the old site to new site with redirection being managed via the Helicon APE which has assisted with the overall ranking (the site is consistently the top ranked organic listing) and the site provides the Google "Sitelinks" & "Teleportation" search box (which is not found on competitor listings like Sony or Samsung). March 2011 Statstics: • 38.1 million hits (96% of these were classed as “visitors” as opposed to “spiders”).



Best Energy Site: Eneco

Implementation Partner: Colours

Eneco is one of the leading energy companies in The Netherlands. They serve approximately two million business and domestic customers.  The purpose of the Eneco website is to become the interaction, transaction and self-service channel within the Dutch energy industry.

Some challenges that Eneco was facing with their previous site:

  • Lack of personalization: provide persona-based content to gain improved results, but their CMS did not provide that ability.
  • Need for testing: With the old site, A/B testing was not possible
  • Performance and cost: The hosting cost was too high and site performance and speed were inadequate
  • Difficult and expensive development: Internal development was costly and time-consuming

Eneco's main goals for the new site include:

  1. Increased self-service for existing customers by better navigation and personalized content
  2. Reduced time to market with regard to continious improvement of the overall website
  3. Increased sales by optimizing sales funnel, increased demand and lead generation through the website.
  4. Providing better uptime and lower hosting costs.

Working with Sitecore partner, Colours, Eneco switched to Sitecore within a year after their Sharepoint implementation.

Results include:

  • Cost savings: Saving up to 50% on Sitecore vs. Sharepoint on hosting, developing etc.
  • Green solution: Because Sitecore is lighter to host then Sharepoint, it fits in the ‘green’ thoughts and business strategy of Eneco
  • Increased efficiency: Eneco has shortened their process to run activities online

Other technologies being used on the site include Unica webstatistics, Clang outbound email application, Google Mini Search, and RightNow inbound email and FAQ tool.



Best Entertainment Site: Viage

Implementation Partner: LBi

Viage is part of Casinos Austria International (CAI), a leading player in the global casino industry. With its unique portfolio of casino consulting, development, management and investment services, CAI has successfully realized more casino projects in more jurisdictions than any other casino operator worldwide.

The purpose of the Viage site is to offer an attractive online discovery of the magical world of the Brussels Casino, located in the magnificent renewed building Anspach in the very center of Brussels. The site reflects the fun and party character of the venue in the digital experience.

Viage wanted the new site to:

  • Showcase their facilities in a fun, engaging way
  • Provide site visitors with a calendar of events
  • Promote the Casino
  • Encourage high volume visits
  • Sell tickets

Working with Sitecore partner, LBi, Sitecore was chosen based on the following:

  • Intuitive end-user interface
  • Based on the Microsoft .Net framework
  • Online marketing elements
  • Flexibility
  • Simple and fast to update
  • Ability from a single content source to create both HTML and Flash/3D versions of the website

The new site is live, and the number of visitors has doubled in just a few months.  The site offers a user-friendly and interactive experience. Through several dynamic scenes (3D + videos), the visitor is physically engaged into the VIAGE’s voyage through the Theatre, Restaurant, Casino, Bar and VIP locations. Each of the full-screen immersive eye-catching scenes has been developed by virtualizing in 3D all environments, creating a proper mood skinning and integrating live actors into this virtual space. Available in French, Dutch, and English, the VIAGE entertainment casino has become a real reference in Belgium for leisure & pleasure.



Best Financial Services Site: IAK Verzekeringen

Implementation Partner: Colours

IAK Verzekeringen is part of the Unirobe Meeùs Group, part of AEGON. With more than 80 years of experience, IAK Verzekeringen is a specialist in tailored solutions for group insurances.  IAK provides organisations and their employees or members with an extensive package of health care and non-life insurances and financial services.

The IAK Verzekeringen site delivers specific information to specific clients, and they also sell group insurance policies.  Previously, IAK Verzekeringen had 500 groups of clients, and each had to provide their own personal website. IAK Verzekeringen used dynamic content blocks and dynamic content pages as to not have to build 500 separate websites with separate content.

It was important to IAK Verzekeringen to be able to provide the right content to the right person.  Working with Sitecore partner, Colours, they chose Sitecore for the platform of their new site – based on Sitecore’s experience, reliability, and ability to easily customize their site content.

The new site now provides specific customer information and real-time product overview and online quotes. IAK Verzekeringen is using Sitecore’s Online Marketing Suite to personalize content and unload other expensive contact channels like helpdesk.  They are also taking advantage of Sitecore’s Web Forms for Marketers.

IAK Verzekeringen is confident that they will earn back the Sitecore implementation costs in less than one year – based on what they are saving in out-of-pocket costs.  The new site will also be used to fill their sales funnel.



Best Government Site: Landguiden

Implementation Partner: Metamatrix AB

The Landguiden website is a database that contains updated and quality content on all of the world’s countries, conflicts and organizations. Site visitors include schools, libraries and governments in Sweden. The site is maintained by the Swedish Institute of International Affairs.

The previous website was developed in 2004 and was in need of an update. Landguiden wanted to increase website usage while offering an easy-to-use and maintain site while providing a solid platform for future development.

Working with Sitecore partner, Metamatrix AB, Sitecore was chosen because of its ability to be extended, its ease of use, and the ability to separate parts of content.  In addition, Sitecore’s security model allows for a "multi-level" access model. Finally, Sitecore’s support for custom layouts for mobile devices, although not yet developed, was a key feature.

Metamatrix AB implemented a new design for the website and imported more than 4,000 content pages into Sitecore. The site can now handle online payments, as well as retrieve subscriber information from the subscription service (CRM). Also, Metamatrix expanded the statistics database, and imported about 150,000 posts, all editable from Sitecore backend.  There are plans on translating to English and German as well as some of the other Nordic languages in the future.



Best Healthcare Site: Westfriesgasthuis

Implementation Partner: Evident

The Westfriesgasthuis Hoorn is a general hospital with a capacity of 506 authorized beds and approximately 258,000 outpatient visits per year. The medical staff represent 26 different specialties.

The purpose of their website is to publicize the advantages of a local hospital such as Westfriesgasthuis. Westfriesgasthuis’s goal is to be one of Holland’s top three safest hospitals within the next two years, and they want their website to reflect that.

In addition, Westfriesgasthuis wanted to create an extranet, meant only for medical specialists to log in.  They also wanted to create a connection between their Sharepoint intranet and the website for document sharing.

Working with Sitecore partner, Evident, they implemented Sitecore.  As a result, each month the number of page views rises, while the bounce rate declines.



Best Hospitality Site: Miramar Group

Implementation Partner: Isobar Hong Kong

Based in Hong Kong, Miramar Hotel and Investment Company, Limited (Miramar Group) was established in 1957. Listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange since 1970 (HKSE:71), the Miramar Group is a member of Henderson Land Group, with a diversified business portfolio covering hotels and serviced apartments, property investment, food & beverage, travel services and retail in Hong Kong, mainland China and the United States.

The website was created to reflect the Award Winning Design Hotels Lifestyle positioning highlighting the Mira brand values and confirming the companies positioning as a stylish, contemporary hospitality provider recognised for its commitment to design and innovative services.

Integrated by Isobar Hong Kong, the simplicity and clarity of the Sitecore user interface is a compelling feature for the internal teams who find it very easy to update the site on a regular basis, while not sacrificing the visual design. The site was recently awarded Gold, Digital Marketing at the HSMAI Adrian Awards 2010 and Gold, Website/Online Marketing at the 2010 Davey Awards.



Best Local Government Site: Moonee Valley City Council

Implementation Partner: NOW Media

Moonee Valley City Council, a local government within the metropolitan area of Melbourne, Victoria, embarked on an extensively researched project to develop a local government website that was focused on its residents and audience. The previous website was out of date, had usability issues, and was council-centric and full of confusing jargon. It was important to the Council that the new website provide timely and accurate information to the residents of the City of Moonee Valley. Sitecore was selected for its continuous improvement of the CMS and its large network of potential partners and developers which would enable the Council to grow with the product.

As the first Victorian Local Council to implement Sitecore CMS, Moonee Valley City Council has already seen a 40% increase in new visitors to the site, as well as an increase in time spent on the site. Anecdotal feedback from the community and council staff is that the site is much easier to use and more focused on outside users. In addition, across the Council there is a new found focus and energy about using the website to communicate more effectively with residents. The website represents a significant shift in Moonee Valley City Council’s communications strategy, with the development of a long term strategy to ensure they don't stagnate as well as a regular review and assessment process where the Council will continue to ask residents what they want and expect from the site.



Best Retail/e-commerce Site: MakroShop

Implementation Partner: The Reference

MakroShop’s website represents the full end-to-end e-commerce branch of one of Belgium’s largest “Cash and Carry” resellers. The target audience includes both private as professional users, and each have their own specific product catalogues.

MakroShop wanted their site was to stand out – and not be “just another e-commerce website.” Makro (part of the Metro Group), has six physical mega stores in Belgium. They wanted their e-commerce platform to represent an online retail view that encompassed their physical mega stores. There were three main challenges:

  1. Product offering should be a data flow that is continuously injected in the e-commerce platform.
  2. Pricing and stock information should be available as in the actual stores. The total of these 12 data flows should also be continuously injected in the e-commerce platform.
  3. The available cash register systems have to be used to generate the invoices of the online sales. All procedures and databases at Makro are based on Oracle 9.

In addition, the company wanted to launch a brand new and successful medium to generate sales, with an optimal use of all the backend systems in place.

Working with Sitecore partner, The Reference, MakroShop chose Sitecore as the platform for their new site, based on the following reasons:

  • An open system was a must because many connections with the backend systems needed being created: going from over 10,000 product synchronizations to generating the online invoice.
  • Given the challenges of a high traffic site, a load balanced solution was required. The final implementation has four servers: two load balanced frontend delivery servers, one authoring server and one database server.

The Reference customized Sitecore:

  • A vast amount of caching was implemented in this 4-server setup. In order to realize this, the Sitecore caching mechanisms have been extended.
  • In order to have correct real time information, the Sitecore publishing queue was extended to destroy and create a new version of product information, but without destroying and having to rebuild the whole cache.
  • For product management, where all products originate from the Makro back office systems, the Sitecore UI was extended to create a custom tabbed view, with pricing, stock and other information that is stored in an external SQL Server database. This UI extension made it possible to generate a single Sitecore CMS look and feel, where the content is partially stored in Sitecore and partially externally.

Built in only four months, the new Makro webshop offers an easy and fast way to make a purchase in one flow. Considering the Makro culture, which lives and breathes “cash and carry”, the experience for both the end user as Makro as a company is a strong evolution.  In just three weeks after the launch the targets defined by clients for the first phase of the project were achieved. An increase in sales is definitely noticeable. The results have helped Makro in defining the next steps of their sales strategy. The website is supported in both Dutch and French.



Best Telecom Site: Vodafone

Implementation Partner: Estate Internet B.V.

Vodafone understands that businesses need a communications partner with solutions that scale and adapt as their business needs change. They may need a few smart phones for voice and email on the move. Or they may require a fully integrated solution that enables sharing of documents, video conferencing and access to corporate applications from any location. Whatever their size and whatever their need, we are constantly looking for new, innovative ways to help our business customers grasp every opportunity in a simple and straightforward way.

Start Smart Business is a business platform dedicated to getting the most out of mobile business. Vodafone inspires entrepreneurs to increase productivity, decrease costs and get the most out of their mobile communication tools.

The goal for Vodafone’s new site is to inspire entrepreneurs to increase their productivity, using the Vodafone mobile solutions.

One of the biggest challenges with the site was delivering JSON Data (a lightweight data-interchange format), that increases the overall performance of the site.

Vodafone selected Sitecore as the platform for their new site.  The platform is giving entrepreneurs a lot of useful information / tips and tricks to increase their productivity. They also get the opportunity to use all the sorts of social media (social bookmarking to active networking, making use of Twitter and LinkedIn). In addition, the user experience is really smooth and fast.

Organizations that worked on this project include:

  • Estate Internet B.V. - www.estate.nl - technical partner
  • Born05 - www.born05.nl - creative partner
  • BoomerangContent - www.boomerangpublishing.nl - content specialists



Best Travel & Transportation Site: B-Europe

Implementation partner: Delaware Consulting

B-Europe, a travel booking site, wanted to be able to:

  • Offer their customers with an easy booking flow – with a compelling and easy way to book travel.
  • Upsell/cross-sell features for train tickets, while delivering fast response times
  • Integrate with backoffice systems
  • Assist customers with a multichannel approach.  For example, they wanted to extend the portal to the call center seamlessly – so that whenever an offer is not available, they can keep the customer in the booking flow by offering an integrated call center flow.

Working with Sitecore partner, Delaware Consulting, Sitecore was chosen based on the following:

  • Easy to use
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Data abstraction: bring semantics to the content in Sitecore and manage the pages in a dynamic way

The b-europe.com project covers the development of a multi-channel E-commerce platform for the SNCB international travel division. The offering of different carriers is aggregated on the b-europe.com site. And, unlike most web portals, the b-europe.com portal follows the strategy of information driven/guided sales. The user gets a consolidated view on the offer combined with additional information concerning carriers, service levels, destinations, etc. A tight coupling between the search functionality and the sales module breaks down the barrier between consulting the offer and the actual booking. Finally, integration of different sales channels – including online, call center, web form based and e-mail – allows activation of the most applicable sales channel for every type of booking. The after sales module also has been integrated in the in web site. Through this modules customers can manage the complete after sales flow as well (i.e., cancellation or changing a booking).

Today, the new site offers compelling content and guides site visitors seamlessly through the travel booking process. Customers can now book tickets online to more than 1,000 destinations in Europe.

B-Europe has dramatically increased their conversion ratio. The site enables cross/upselling mechanisms that are presented to customers while they are buying a train ticket (i.e., cancellation insurance) which is generating additional revenue. Finally, dynamic data management (by adding semantics to the content) results in lower authoring time.


B Europe