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Site of the Year 2011 - UK Category Winners

Best Consumer Goods Website: Cadbury Spots v. Stripes

Sitecore Solution Partner: Endava


Cadbury wanted to create a new website where they could get people playing games and having fun centred around their brand. The website provides a personalised visitor experience. With a strong marketing strategy, Cadbury knew this endeavour would require a website that could tolerate massive spikes in traffic. 

The Challenge

Cadbury selected IT services company Endava for their track history in delivering fast time to market PaaS (Platform as a Service) solutions. In turn, Endava chose Sitecore as the Content Management System at the centre of the platform.

Selecting a Content Management System that would respond well to peak website loads was critical; such as the peak in traffic following a 30 second advert on the first X Factor of season 2010.

Key reasons for selecting Sitecore:

  • Natural technical architecture integrating Telligent with Sitecore
  • Mobile optimisation
  • Sitecore apps that allow admins and content editors to send iPhone and Android push notifications to track locations of moving kiosks which are then displayed onto Google maps relative to a user’s position
  • Content syndication for main website, mobile website, multiple iPhone and Android applications
  • Cross brand promotion on mobile applications
  • PaaS (Platform as a Service)
  • Social Media integration; Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
  • Multiple SEO iterations to continue improving the search engine page rank

Highlights of the solution

The Spots v Stripes website was designed to be engaging for consumers; to play games and participate via social networks. The website maintains industry standards such REST based Public API in both XML and JSON formats. The platform is integrated with many 3rd party applications such as Sharepoint, an eCommerce platform, CRM, Akamai CDN, Telligent Community, ProCampaign Web CRM, SMS Gateways, and Adobe SiteCatalyst.


Spots v Stripes has won a number of design awards including an FWA. In the first five months the Spots v Stripes platform has provided over 950,000 plays, 1 million YouTube plays. Cadbury and Endava cite that time-to-market with Sitecore was an essential ingredient to success. And of course it’s worth noting the campaign and website have led to a #1 selling chocolate bar.


Cadbury Spots v. Stripes

Best Higher Education Website: Hult International Business School

Sitecore Solution Partner: Nemetos


Hult International Business School currently ranks in the top 1% of all business schools; ranked #1 for International Experience and #5 for International Business by the Financial Times as well as the #17 best business school in the U.S. and #27 in the world by The Economist. Websites are a critical resource for international business schools, both for recruiting the best students and working with recruiters to find positions.

The challenge

Hult has been rapidly ascending business school rankings and wanted to improve the visitor experience and the content management process for employees. Hult sought a solution to replace a bespoke content management process, provide localised languages, accelerate the management and development processes, improve the visual design, improve the website architecture, provide an intuitive interface, and be ‘future-proof’.

Key reasons for selecting Sitecore:

  • Sitecore delivers flexible and scalable multilingual content support
  • Conent Editor and Page Editor, workflow controls and dashboard customisation provide simplified editing for multiple levels of content contributors (editors, approvers)
  • Ability to integrate with Salesforce CRM
  • Capacity for non-technical users to create forms that would be integrated with CRM - Sitecore Web Forms for Marketers
  • Ability for non-technical users to easily create new campaign landing pages

Highlights of the solution

Hult’s website has been redesigned to serve not just as an information resource, but as a marketing tool. Hult marketers and recruiters can now use tools such as Web Forms for Marketers to quickly create forms on the website as required; this information is automatically captured by Salesforce CRM. The new design has placed a heavy focus on using Sitecore CMS to construct a two level navigation to simplify the process of finding information between those who are first time visitors and those returning and looking for specific information.


The speed at which Hult can update the website has given them a profound business advantage allowing business stakeholders to quickly update content as needed and allowing web developers to focus on building new cutting-edge features.



Best Not for Profit Website: MyHIV.org.uk

Sitecore Solution Partner: Reading Room

MyHIV is an innovative website designed by Terrence Higgins Trust (THT), the UK’s leading HIV and sexual health charity, to transform the way people manage HIV as a long-term condition by tailoring content to specific needs, personal circumstances, and stage of diagnosis.

The challenge

THT was inspired to use technology to deliver more engaging content as an alternative to face-to-face support which was increasingly placing strain on services available from the NHS. While designing a personalisation strategy that would truly meet the requirements of a very diverse audience, care had to be taken to comply with the Department of Health’s Information Standard. With the guidance of Reading Room, Terrence Higgins Trust chose to replace its bespoke CMS with Sitecore.

Key reasons for selecting Sitecore:

  • Ability to deliver intelligent content personalisation based on user profile and location
  • 3rd party frameworks/services integration capabilities
  • Sitecore enables high level of security management
  • Availability of extensive developer community and access to community modules
  • Extensibility – able to adapt and change based on needs, centralising content deployment and microsite management.
  • Extending Sitecore’s user management controls throughout the website including video counselling
  • Reading Room created a Services Feed to enable integration with the National AIDS Map to import all their services on a daily basis into Sitecore, including a taxonomy key which is essential to the success of the website, providing localised content.

Highlights of the solution

THT’s achieved an important aspect of its plan; to create intelligent personalisation that would be specifically tailored to the website visitor – to engage them and convey information in a way that corresponds sensitively to their needs. The myhiv.org.uk website complies with Department of Health’s Information Standards, ensuring that the privacy of people using the website is protected while allowing them to connect with others in a safe and secure community. Terrence Higgins Trust in turn can monitor information online to develop content that further meets the needs of its website visitors including via Quiz module delivered by Sitecore which helps THT understand visitors’ level of education and knowledge.


Myhiv.org.uk has won a Stevie International Business Award and has been shortlisted for Blades Awards, The Charity Times Awards, and The Guardian Public Services Awards. The website was highly commended by the British Medical Association’s Patient Information Awards. The website is able to deliver intelligent content personalisation to 4 distinct personas (the groups most affected by HIV in the UK); Older gay men,  African people in the UK, Young Gay men Everyone. In the first 8 months achieved over 2000 registered members. Over 30% of registrants have already started using the forum and have created over 1800 posts. The website has gained over 25,000 visits since its launch and over 160,000 page views with 43% of visitors returning with an average time-on-site of 6.12 minutes. The success of the MyHIV.org website led to the decision that Sitecore would be the underlying technology to power all THT websites including campaign microsites.



Best Manufacturing Website: NSG Group 

NSG Group: Faster content management and engaging digital marketing

The NSG Group is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of glass and glazing products for the building, automotive and specialty glass markets. The Group’s global website, www.nsg.com serves as a corporate hub of information, particularly for investor relations and media applications.

The challenge

The existing CMS was frustrating for website editors; editing often distorted the layout and took 24 hours to appear live on the website. The development environment was not standardised and did not follow best practices. The website could not deploy multilingual content or store different versions of content.

Key reasons for selecting sitecore:

  • Sitecore enables non-technical editors to control the format of content available.
  • The NSG Group’s web development team needed a content management solution that was standardised, efficient and that would scale with growth allowing for multilingual websites and 3rd party integration
  • Content needed to be changed immediately not only to provide customer and prospects with the most current information but also to relay critical investor relations information
  • Multilingual support was required for a Japanese version of the website
  • Capability to create tight integration with existing digital asset management tool
  • Ability to create extensive content tagging and taxonomy for content re-use
  • Dynamic personalisation features to add to allow targeting from the home page
  • The website required an interface that would support customised user experience for investors and financial analysts

Highlights of the Solution

The NSG Group chose Sitecore for its intuitive interface, simple to use editor, efficient workflow, Online Marketing System, analytics, shared source modules, training, and its future proof standard .NET C# development platform.


The NSG Group is pleased with the new website’s simplicity, speed and the fact that Japanese colleagues can now update the site as required. The Group now has a much more efficient way to keep content on the website current from many locations around the world.



Best Professional, Business or Personal Services Website: Principality Building Society

Sitecore Solution Partner: e3 Media


Principality is a well-established Building Society with a presence in Wales for over 150 years and the 7th largest Building Society in the UK.

The challenge

With a minimal market presence in Wales, Principality aimed to find a way to use www.principality.co.uk  to expand their market presence across the UK. The challenge was that Principality found that its existing website limited their online marketing capabilities.

Key reasons for selecting Sitecore:

  • Flexible API allowing easy integration into new and existing backend applications
  • Cost transparency; licensing, modules, maintenance, support, consultancy and upgrades
  • Uses Microsoft technologies including .net frameworks and Microsoft SQL Server
  • Strong reputation for support
  • An exciting roadmap of future features
  • Intuitive content management interface; easy to use for non technical editors  and stakeholders
  • around the business
  • Ability to test and tailor content to both user and business need via the OMS
  • Ability to manage multiple sites and channels via a single instance
  • Extensible workflow to allow comprehensive audit trailing and stakeholder sign off

Highlights of the solution

In order to deliver a great offering allowing Principality to compete across the UK market with some of the big name financial players, the decision was made to rebuild principality.co.uk entirely. Principality selected Sitecore and selected Sitecore Solution Partner e3 Media for implementation services. With Sitecore technology the Principality.co.uk is well-positioned to deliver stronger brand awareness, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), maximise conversions and retain customers through a personalised and localised web user experience and multivariate testing with Sitecore’s Online Marketing System.


Principality now delivers a localised content with Geo-location lookup with Maxmind and branch-specific content delivered with Sitecore’s Online Marketing Suite (OMS). Personal Switcher, a Shared Source module, allows marketers to test OMS rules in preview mode.  Sitecore has been implemented with a staging module, allowing for strong version control and workflow management capabilities and assuring a strong quality review process. The website content is currently delivered in English and Welsh. The website has been built to adapt to increasing demands from mobile and tablet devices.


Principality Building Society

Best Leisure Website: The Football Association

Sitecore Solution Partner: Aqueduct


The FA’s goal for the Just Play website was to get people off the sofa and back behind the ball. The FA and interactive agency Aqueduct, knew that getting people excited about playing football again would require a ground-breaking digital experience.

The Challenge

Using web technology to get people to play football again, required breaking the boundaries in the development of user experience. The user interface would have to be fast and fluid to captivate would-be players just as the real sport–an even greater challenge to achieve for mobile devices. Next, the web interface needed to be tightly integrated with The FA’s systems including CRM, clubs database and football centres.

Key reasons for selecting Sitecore

  • Extensive web service integration abilities within Sitecore CMS using data providers and complex levels of caching – to ensure the CMS and FA systems are in sync
  • Ability to integrate multiple web services to manage data streams and multiple 3rd party integrations
  • Sitecore delivers dynamic user experience and search design
  • Ability to build SE0-friendly architecture and SEO elements required as part of publishing workflow
  • Capacity to deliver multi-device rendering for devices without JavaScript or creating a mobile website

Highlights of the Solution

The FA designed the website to achieve two goals; to create a highly functional search and a learning aspect. The learning aspect focuses on engaging the website user with rich content, bold layouts and dynamic, fluid transitions. Once visitors access search on the website, it dynamically switches to a more functional version offering enhanced functionality, game information and booking options catering to localised-experiences


The website has surpassed goals for opening of Just Play Centres, Just Play kickabouts, unique visitors and 11 a side clubs contacts. The website design boasts dynamic layouts with boundary-pushing CSS techniques, and an engaging experience that reflects the fast, fluid motion of playing.


The Football Association

Best Government Website: Training and Development Agency for Schools

Sitecore Solution Partner: RedWeb


The Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA) is responsible for the training and development of the school workforce. Every year the TDA website receives over 6.5 million regular visitors.

The Challenge

The TDA’s goal was to transform the website into a key communication tool, the primary information resource, and drive recruitment particularly in Maths, Sciences and Modern Languages. To reduce costs while increasing usability, the TDA sought more robust and resilient platforms for content management, digital marketing and back-office integration.

Key reasons for selecting Sitecore:

  • TDA was in the situation of having previously selected Sitecore for their technology platform; however the website structure needed to be extended to meet current requirements
  • Increasing SEO via Sitecore’s search engine-friendly architecture and integration with  Google Search Appliance
  • Functionality to deliver landing pages quickly and cost-effeciently
  • Ability to deliver a highly scalable and extensible platform to meet the department’s future needs
  • Can deliver efficient way to share data which is owned by various stakeholders and shared with multiple back-end systems
  • Ability to delivery Multilingual content (Welsh, English)
  • Functionality to deliver Mobile and multi-device optimisation

Highlights of the solution:

The new CMS offers greater flexibility for content editors and web developers. To fulfil statutory duty to Welsh Assembly, recruitment role is published in Welsh. The team scaled down the content to make it easier for web visitors to focus on finding content that was useful by eliminating 2,500 pages. The project was developed around 11 personas that at a future date may be used for dynamic personalisation. TDA was able to move to Sitecore while maintaining its impressive SEO rankings.


The TDA website was recently shortlisted for a British Interactive Media Award (BIMA) as well as The Drum Award for Digital Industries (DADI Award). Following the move to Sitecore the volume of people signing-up for a teaching career rose by 10%.  For ‘priority subjects’ sign-up from subject specific pages increased from 2.54% to 6.77 %; for maths and chemistry the volume rose by over 7%. Sign-ups for the London ‘Train to Teach’ events, enrolment was up 24% and the Birmingham event was up 66%. Conversion rates for Higher Level Teaching Assistant roles rose by 258%. An analysis of the website by RedWeb has shown that the operation and cost-per-visit on the TDA website is significantly lower than other UK Trade and Investment websites.



Best Healthcare Website: Virgin Active

Sitecore Solution Partner: McCormack & Morrison


Virgin Active, the UK’s most innovative health club, has a goal to make everyone feel welcome in their health clubs and wanted to insure that feeling was conveyed on their website. The main purpose of its website is to increase acquisition, conversion, and retention of its membership across all territories including Spain, Portugal, Italy, South Africa and Australia.

The Challenge

The existing website had been in place for over 5 years – it was very inflexible, especially being that it was hard coded. While Virgin Active’s marketing is renowned for its effectiveness, the company found that it was very difficult to define and optimise a website-user journey. The company couldn’t optimise website content in response differing needs of for paid or natural search referrals. With the acquisition of Esporta Health Clubs, there laid a greater need for a more flexible content rich user experience – independent of device, location and membership status. 

Key reasons for selecting Sitecore:

  • Simple third-party integration
  • Easy-to-use content management and content personalisation
  • Simple development of multilingual websites
  • Sitecore Shared Source modules
  • Flexibility in user experience and navigation design
  • Mobile optimisation for multi-devices
  • Extensive analytics for member profiling and online marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Social Media Integration

Highlights of the Solution

Sitecore enabled Virgin Active to deliver a consistent user experience throughout corporate and local content while maintaining strict branding guidelines and keep web visitors engaged.


Virgin Active is now on track to achieving its goal to be the worlds’ most loved health club with a digital experience that matches the in-club experience. The new visually image-heavy design is easily managed by Sitecore’s image library. Using Sitecore has allowed Virgin Active to easily rollout a consistent global digital brad in the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, South Africa and Australia.


Virgin Active
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