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Site of the Year 2012 - Denmark Category Winners

Best Sitecore Intranet: Anti Doping Danmark

Sitecore Solution Partner: Oxygen Software ApS


Anti Doping Danmark is an organization consisting primarily of doping controllers, geographically spread out across the entire country and with no shared connection to a physical workplace. The mission of the intranet is to offer the controllers access to all the organizational information, tools and guidelines they need to perform their doping controls, wherever they are. Therefore optimization to mobiles and tablets is important as well.

Furthermore the intranet should be used to streamline internal workflows like administration of doping controls and reporting of salary, mileage and costs.


Before the new intranet went live, organizational information, tools and forms were spread out on several platforms, making it impossible for employees to get an appropriate overview of available information.

Internal workflows were based on Excel, email, telephone and even letters. As a result, administration was time-consuming and the access to updated information was quite challenging and complicated.

Professional and social communication as well as knowledge sharing were poor due to the geographical spread of the employees and the fact that they don’t share a physical office and therefore seldom meet.


Together with Sitecore Solution Partner Oxygen Software, Anti Doping Danmark decided to use Sitecore for their intranet solution. The organization was attracted by the intranet starter kit that Oxygen Software had built on a Sitecore platform.

Anti Doping Danmark and Oxygen Software extended the Sitecore solution in many creative ways to reach all their ambitious goals for the new intranet.

  • Security: The intranet contains a module for the administration of confidential doping controls to make security an important issue. Login is extended to a two-factor authentication using an SMS validation code.
  • Mobile/Tablet Optimized: The site is based on a responsive web design platform, optimized for all devices. The platform also addresses the social media trend, using a social stream to facilitate formal and informal communication similar to the well-known social media platforms.
  • Advanced Search: An intelligent search engine is provided that prioritizes the search results based on content types. A search for colleagues is typically the most used search on the intranet. Hence if any employees match the search term, these employees are listed in a quicklist, making it easy to find the contact details.
  • Interactive Design: The front page contains a social stream to facilitate posting comments or information to departments or to the entire organization. The stream helps transform the intranet from traditional one-way communication to involving the employees on a new level.
  • Collaboration and  Sharing: Project rooms facilitate communication, information and document sharing between groups of employees. These project rooms also offer the possibility to leave comments and updates. Comments are additionally displayed in the front page stream for project members, personalizing the front page and making it easy to keep up with updates in the project room.
  • Streamlined Administration: One of the most important issues for Anti Doping Danmark was to streamline the process of administration of doping controls. This is now structured perfectly and easy to handle: Managers create a new control in a special “Control Module” and offer it to selected controllers. The controllers will be informed of that new control by email and SMS and can either accept or reject to conduct the control. If it is accepted, it will appear automatically in the personal calendar on the intranet front page. As soon as it is performed, results, mileage and time registrations are reported directly into this module. Finally managers are able to draw out results and monthly reports of time registration and mileage for administration of salary.


The new intranet has not only streamlined the administration process of doping controls, it also provides a valuable overview of ongoing controls, time registrations and doping results, helping managers to follow up ongoing cases or routines.

The intranet collects all relevant information and tools and provides the employees with one single information platform.

Due to its social stream, the intranet has also significantly improved communication and knowledge sharing between employees.


Solution Special Ingredients

  • Content re-use
  • Responsive design
  • Optimized for all mobile devices
  • Personalization of Front Page and social stream
Anti Doping Denmark

Best Retail Site: FONA

Sitecore Solution Partner:  webdanmark.com A/S


FONA is a major long-standing cross channel retailer of electronic goods in Denmark. Brand recognition is at 98% within the Danish population.

Customers prefer and expect to be served round the clock on a wide variety of touch points. Consequently, FONA needed a more flexible website, which would integrate customers’ experiences across channels - both online and offline.


FONA wants to operate as a true cross-channel retailer. To fulfill that objective, the new website needed to leverage FONA by keeping and distributing product information and the chain value proposition across channels. Furthermore, to meet customer expectations, FONA was in need of a website that would provide online customers the same high level of customer service characteristic of the offline stores. Online and offline presence, product range and service needed to be synchronized. In addition, user experience, conversion rates and product search navigation had to be improved.


Based on strategic considerations with Sitecore Solution Partner WEBDANMARK.COM and advertising agency, Sunrise, FONA evaluated several major providers and selected Sitecore as their new site platform. The flexibility, features, and ease of integration to warehouse, POS and ERP systems were crucial in order to meet FONA’s requirements. 

Some highlights of the integration include:

  • Dynamic Pages: In order to enhance their customers’ experience, FONA wanted to provide quick access to relevant information on their site, so dynamic landing pages were created to guide customers in the right direction.
  • Fluid Customer Experience: Another important piece of the integration was creating a seamless experience for customers. As customers arbitrarily shift between platforms, seamless cross-channel functions are essential. Therefore, a large amount of rich content -- including texts, headlines, specifications and images -- is shared across platforms. FONA.dk now dictates that all product information is used across channels both online and offline. It is used in the webshop, on the mobile site, and in offline marketing material.
  • QR Codes: All products have been assigned a QR code, which is printed and displayed on in-store price tags that are integrated with the mobile FONA.dk website.
  • Design for Enhanced Customer Experience: The design is also created to align online user experience with offline brand and physical stores. Furthermore, the design incorporates and utilizes all the larger electronic brands: FONA is for example the leading Apple store in DK, and the website supports that.
  • Filter Functionality: To enhance user experience and create maximum customer value, the site has a filter functionality that allows users to narrow down their search by brand, product type etc. and all products are intensively data enriched.
  • Integrated e-commerce: The new e-commerce platform has leveraged FONA.dk within the organization, ensuring a thorough cross-channel structure, which provides personnel and customers a rich centralized information database.


The  new website -- with its dynamic landing pages and ease of online shopping -- improves user experience significantly. This leads to better conversion rates and higher customer satisfaction.

Before the official launch, the solution was released to the 1,000 employees, who then participated actively in the testing, improvement and idea generation for a perfect FONA.dk. This was widely acknowledged and gave a sense of ownership among employees that use FONA.dk as the in-store sales tool.

Solution Special Ingredients:

  • ERP Integration
  • PIM
  • CRM
  • Ecommerce platform – Sitecore/Tradelink
  • E-mail marketing system – Apsis/ExactTarget
  • SEO optimized
  • Solar Enterprise Search
  • Rich Content
  • Intelligent Auto digest
  • A/B splittest
  • Product Recommendations

Best Overall Site: Jabra

Sitecore Solution Partner: Valtech

Jabra – Getting, Growing and Keeping Customers with a new web presence based on Sitecore`s Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) at the very core of the entire solution


Jabra is a global producer of innovative headset and speakerphone solutions. The company employs approximately 875 people and has sales offices all over the globe. Jabra enables effortless communication for mobile users, office-based and contact center employees in all parts of the world. Jabra is a division in GN Great Nordic, which was established in 1869 and is headquartered in Denmark.

With the new web presence, Jabra wanted to focus completely on customers. They had two goals:

  1. Dramatically improve the customers` experience when interacting with Jabra online;
  2. Build a stronger online presence and website with a new technical platform.


The goal for the new website was to prioritize and focus on customer needs and adapt to these. This would allow Jabra to become relevant to the customer, fulfill the goal of the customer and add value to customers` visits on Jabra.com.

The Jabra.com project was part of the overall JUICE project program (Jabra Unified Integrated Customer Experience), which is a very ambitious digital business transformation program.

Jabra.com was the first major release on the Sitecore-based platform, followed by the Global rollout of Jabra.com in 18 localized versions worldwide, with more coming.

“The Juice program is a strong and brave vision for meeting the expectations from the rapidly growing group of people, engaging with Jabra through multiple digital channels. A flexible and scalable engagement platform is key to provide the appropriate tools for the organization. Sitecore is a platform that provides strong tools for both the innovative marketer and the responsible and timely IT manager. We often recommend Sitecore to our clients, if the need for working with agile marketing, to benefit from the possibilities provided through the digital ecosystem, is at play.” Jesper Valentin Holm, Valtech

Thus, a flexible Content Management System (CMS) was needed. The major objective was to create a customer centric user experience as well as delivering key business KPIs. Jabra has a high focus on performance and on fulfilling business goals.  Key success points are measured in increased web traffic, more returning visitors, an increase in number of leads and in generated sales, social media engagement and ultimately with a growing market share. The existing CMS was too inflexible and too difficult to manage and maintain from a technical, content editing and information management perspective.

Supporting true business transformation and increasing online business management were crucial for the decision regarding the new CMS.


A cutting-edge customer engagement platform was needed to support Jabra’s very ambitious digital transformation program, which goes far beyond standard core CMS functionalities.

“Sitecore was considered to be the most flexible, scalable and robust CMS to implement an engagement platform. The tools presented and the possibilities to modify features and functions as well as the openness to 3rd party integrations, were key for choosing Sitecore.

The Digital Marketing System (DMS) was another key reason for the choice, since the business case of the new site rests on full-blown use of behavioral targeting.” Michael Harboe, Director, Online Marketing, Jabra

DMS is at the very core of Sitecore’s Customer Engagement Platform. All lead-generating functionality is built around the DMS with tight integration to Engagement Analytics and the company’s CRM system.

The design is highly modular, allowing for adaptive content in specific modules, user profiling and responsiveness on various devices. Both the website background and the top “banner” on the various pages are marketing space. This means that the local marketing and branding departments can use this space for full blown campaign “takeovers”, and thus creating a unique platform for product launches and other high profile communication.

Dynamic Personalization uses behavioral targeting to give Jabra’s customers an ideal customer experience when recognizing them from earlier visits to the site. As a result, Jabra ensures that customers are being presented information that is relevant to them, i.e. in relation to their geographic location, use of search phrases, interests, products previously purchased, etc. The intention is to encourage customers to want to engage more in the Jabra brand and the many great products Jabra is offering.

Jabra also optimized their site for mobile/tablets, with a customer centric, responsive design.


With Sitecore's CMS and DMS, Jabra was able to create not only a new website for its global customers but also, and this is much more important, a full-blown customer engagement platform. The main target of customer centricity and focusing on customers no matter where they are located in a personal way could be achieved.

As a result, the Jabra website was recently awarded a prestigious WebAward for “Best Electronics Website” by WMA.

Jabra is excited about what the future holds: to see the first business KPIs and to implement the next steps which will be

  • Extranet solution for partners and retailers
  • Servicenet solution for partners and retailers
  • B2P E-commerce solution
  • B2C E-commerce solution

Solution Special Ingredients

  • Sitecore 6.5
  • Sitecore’s DMS is at the very core of the entire solution. All lead generating functionality is built around the DMS with tight integration to Engagement Analytics and CRM
  • Adaptation of design and styling to local needs and very long languages like Chinese and Japanese
  • Setup of cultural packages
  • Localized tracking
  • Massive server scaling and technical tweaks
  • Maxmind Sitecore integrated service
  • Webforms for Marketeers (WFFM)
  • Hedgehog Team Development for Sitecore
  • Integration with external translation provider, which delivers translated content for the many translated websites
  • Localized integration to Jabra CRM
  • Axapta PIM / ERP
  • Sharepoint for delivery of specifc content types
  • Google Analytics
  • Etracker
  • Navision ERP to provide eCommerce order management
  • Integration of social features in various ways:
  1. Twitter
  2. Linkedin
  3. Google+
  4. Facebook

Best Customer Experience Site: Normann Copenhagen

Sitecore Solution Partner: Valtech

Normann Copenhagen – Creating a Personalized Customer Experience with Sitecore`s Customer Engagement Platform, ecommerce solution and social media integration 


The Normann Copenhagen brand was created in 1999 with a vision to make a difference in the design industry. Co-operations with established design names and new talents from around the world were extended throughout the years. Today Normann Copenhagen continues to introduce exciting and bold design products.

Normann Copenhagen has its Flagship Store in Copenhagen, and products are also sold through retailers all over the world. Together with Sitecore Solution Partner, Valtech, Normann Copenhagen wanted to bring the unique shopping experience from their Flagship Store into a digital environment. With normann-copenhagen.com, a customer-centric web shop was created.


Before implementing Sitecore, Normann Copenhagen`s brand site was separate from its ecommerce site. To increase the number of visitors and to have one unique web presence, Normann Copenhagen wanted to combine these two channels into one. In addition to achieving higher conversion rates, these measures would also make content editing and maintenance much easier.

Also, Normann Copenhagen wanted to create the same personalized experience online that customers experience in the store. In order to do this, it was crucial to measure which information is relevant to the customer so they could create a personalized browsing and shopping experience targeted to each individual customer.


Sitecore was chosen as the best platform to build and maintain the new personalized ecommerce site. Sitecore`s Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) together with the integration of Sitecore`s Ecommerce Solution (SES) met Normann Copenhagen`s requirements exactly to combine their brand site and ecommerce site.

Some highlights of the integration include:

  • Personalized Customer Experience: With the integration of Sitecore`s Digital Marketing Solution, Normann Copenhagen gains valuable information about which items are of interest for its customers. The system utilizes behavioral targeting tools, enabling the site to dynamically adjust content based on user behavior. The shop provides prices in multiple currencies, including Euros, US Dollars, Danish Crowns, British Pounds.  The relevant currency is automatically shown to the site visitor.
  • The DMS is also used for free shipping rules which can be seen before in session. As a result, only relevant content is shown to the visitor. The DMS rules are integrated to the Sitecore Email Campaign Manager (ECM), so leads only get relevant content.
  • Taxonomy: This allows the editors huge flexibility when setting up product lists. . Taxonomy search is done using Forward Search engine, which allows the site to find over 100 pages of related content within milliseconds.
  • Design: Another very important point for Normann Copenhagen was the look and feel of the new web presence. As a design company, the esthetic experience was crucial. Therefore, a solution was built to edit and upload new products and new trends easily to fulfill Normann Copenhagen `s requirements to constantly shape the online shop according to trends, preferences etc. This allows the site to easily match the current look and feel of the flagship store in Copenhagen. Customers can expect visual storytelling with beautiful product and environment images, product videos and stories from other social media in the “buzz” section.


Only a few months after the new website was launched, Normann Copenhagen recognized 2.5 times more visitors along with increasing revenue.

The website has been awarded a number of prestigious international awards and recognitions, among others:

  • WMA 2012: Best Design Website for Normann Copenhagen
  • Awwwards.com: Site of the day for Normann Copenhagen
  • Bestwebdesignaward for Normann Copenhagen
  • Communication Arts: Webpick of the week for Normann Copenhagen

“The vision for the award winning normann-copenhagen.com has been to create a personalized consumer experience and for the visitor to explore and fall in love with Normann`s unique product portfolio. Through a combination of multi-channel consumer journeys, advanced taxonomy functionalities and Sitecore DMS personalization tools, Normann Copenhagen and Valtech have realized the vision and prove the potential for next-gen E-commerce sites.”,  Jesper Valentin Holm, Valtech

Solution Special Ingredients:

  • Sitecore Ecommerce Solution (SES)
  • Sitecore Digital Marketing System (DMS)
  • Sitecore Email Campaign Manager (ECM)
  • Sitecore Webforms for Marketers (WFFM)
  • Taxonomy Taxonomy/Forward Search and DMS to generate content
  • Product data from C5 ERP
  • Running on Mobile Devices
  • SEO