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Site of the Year 2012 - International Category Winners

Best Sports and Entertainment Site - DACH Region: ATOMIC GmbH

Implementation Partner: ecx international AG

ATOMIC has been making skis since 1955. The main factory in Altenmarkt, Austria, is the place of work for 600 experts, who work tirelessly day after day to make ATOMIC skis better and better using new materials and smart innovations. And even though ATOMIC skis have become true high-tech products, one detail has never changed since 1955: every ski is handcrafted with the greatest of care. ATOMIC was looking to redesign and restructure its website to bring the brand and the products closer to the consumer


ATOMIC decided to choose Sitecore’s CMS for their new website as the previous site had several different databases for products. Content editing was quite complicated and performance problems occurred when publishing new content. 2010, the website was transferred to Sitecore. With the re-launch in 2011, the product catalogue was changed to HTML, athletes who had still been in separate databases were all integrated in Sitecore and a publishing workflow was created for country and language specific content. An additional dealer catalog was introduced to show the upcoming collection exclusively to Atomic dealers around the world. Also, a separate Brand Center was introduced, providing extensive material for press, dealers and employees.


ATOMIC chose Sitecore Solution Partner ecx.io, the former ecomplexx, to manage this project. Ecx.io extended the Sitecore solution in many ways:

  • Integration of a PIM (created by ecx.io),
  • Publishing-workflow for specific country/language options, 
  •  Media-player that allows videos as well as pictures, delivers in flash and HTML5 and allows product placement.

There are 14 country websites and seven languages as well as a unique product information management system with more than 900 products, everything based on Sitecore CMS.

Large-scale imagery and video animations awake the pure pleasure on snow and bring together top athletes and fans all over the world. An optimized product search function compared to the previous site helps visitors find the right equipment for their style.

Another focus of the re-launch was on search engine optimization.  Content re-use is ensured through a database for products that is used for dealer catalogue, and afterwards re-used (with additional information) for the public website. Content is published for various countries to be adapted in details. Pictures are stored in the media center for use throughout the sites. A touch optimized Dealer Catalogue and sophisticated search, preview and download functions in the Brand Center are implemented in a way that everything can be administered in one single Sitecore backend.

Featured Functionality:

  • Sitecore CMS
  • Emarsys E-Marketing
  • Social Media: Integration of
  • Facebook and Twitter feeds 
  • Cross-channel actions (Sweepstakes, etc.)
  • YouTube-Channel
  • YouTube Videos and a Video-Portal
  • PIM (Adobe Flex development by ecx.io)
  • Mobile Web
  • Website is completely readable on smartphones. (A mobile Website will be launched in September 2012 – still subject of discussion)
  • Extensive tracking with Adobe Online Marketing Suite (Sitecatalyst)

Key results / benefits:

The new website offers a digital journey through ATOMIC’s winter world for both, retailers and customers.

The new integrated Product Finder provides greater usability and a more compelling website visitor experience. Country-specific product selection and information is managed in Sitecore. Updating products and information is much quicker now and the site is ready for ecommerce. With the integrated Media Player, it`s HTML-5 compatible and iPad compatible.



Best Professional, Business, and Services Site – DACH Region: SGS S.A.

Implementation Partner: Nemetos GmbH Switzerland

SGS needed a new web presence that included the corporate website and 60 country websites in more than 20 languages. The goal of the new web presence was to manage Web content from one CMS for brand consistency while the regional websites add localized content and offers.

SGS provides inspection, testing, certification & verification services to ensure that products, services & systems meet quality, safety & performance standards With the corporate headquarters   based in Switzerland, the SGS network comprises over 1,350 offices and laboratories and more than 70,000 employees around the world.

The original SGS website was based on Livelink WCM from ex-Obtree and consisted of one corporate site and 60 country websites in over 30 languages. In addition, 215 mini-sites in a number of languages existed. From the marketing perspective, the goal for the new website was to ensure that SGS remains competitive by pushing sales, promote the brand globally and facilitate the delivery of high quality services to customers.

Another important goal was to streamline the huge portfolio of services SGS offers. With over 2,500 services described in a variety of languages across the multiple sites, there was a lack of consistency in communication, different quality levels and thus a great deal of work inefficiency. Pulling the services onto one platform would allow a unique corporate language and brand awareness, resulting in in increased upselling and improved customer experiences.

The previous website (corporate and country sites) made it difficult for visitors to find the information they were looking for. Competitors` websites provided information according to the conventional industry / market structure and therefore were more transparent and provided easier access to the required information. Due to the confusing navigation structure and the lack of easy access to the requested content on the previous SGS website, local businesses had started to create their own specific sites.

As a result, SGS`s business and capabilities were fragmented across more than 270 websites on the centralized web platform. The range of services offered by SGS was presented suboptimal as well as the corporate brand. In addition, SGS`s marketing efforts were not really effective as the different business lines were competing for similar key words and content.

Due to the complexity of the structure and functionalities needed by SGS, Livelink WCM, the previous system used by SGS, had reached its limits.

Also, the previous system allowed local country editors to adjust content in many different areas and thus made governance extremely difficult. The quality of content and translation was extremely different. A process to make both unique was absolutely necessary. 

To solve these issues, SGS worked together with Sitecore solution partner Nemetos.

Over a period of 12 months, SGS evaluated all main Content Management Systems and chose Sitecore as the leader for a wide range of reasons including:

  • Sitecore “Twin Peaks” solution allowing multiple content servers
  • localization and translation capabilities
  • integration with third party technology

SGS has customized the Sitecore solution and extended it in many ways. Custom fields were created on a number of templates for SGS specific content and a number of standard fields were adapted.

Also, many Sitecore modules were implemented, like SEO and Web Forms for Marketers (WFFM).

The most important integration was the Languagewire module and its supporting process. This ensures that content in all languages stays up to date. The primary language for the solution is English but as the site serves over 60 countries, the content is delivered in 21 languages. In addition, the company CRM is integrated to ensure efficient lead tracking.

The use and full integration of the Endeca enterprise search engine gives the site a strong navigational anchor. One of the next steps will be the integration of Sharepoint to share key documentation. To improve website performance from China, Akamai Technology is partly used. Web analytics tools including Google and WebTrends are also integrated into the new website.

The whole architecture of the site is based on delivering localized content. In addition, the visitor`s possibility to select between service and industry information gives implicit personalization. The service area provides three content areas, depending on specific choice of a country. The global description is combined with the local description of the service. If the visitor selects a specific industry, this content will be added to the service description. In addition, the visitor can select specific preferences for creating personalized lists for media, training, events and news. For the US site, GeoIP detection is used to redirect their users from the corporate website to the US website.

The overall usability and site experience have been changed completely compared to the previous website. SGS now offers a user-centric navigation to enable visitors to approach the site from their perspective rather than reflecting the internal structure of SGS as it was before.

Featured functionality:

  • Mobile Web: responsive design that allows varying screen widths and displays correctly in smartphones and iPad
  • SEO Module
  • Web Forms for Marketers
  • CRM integration  (Salespipeline from Oracle)
  • Email marketing platform uses landing pages located in Sitecore
  • Social Media on all relevant pages

Key Results / benefits:

The result of this new web presence is that all services and information are channelized on one platform. Furthermore, a coherent, brand consistent feeling of SGS services is presented. The decision to create a universal service directory that is available for the visitors through a number of navigation entry points is a way of turning the business model away from being service centric to being customer centric. In addition to the fundamental changes with regard to communicating the business SGS offers, there have been massive changes to the internal organization around the website structure. Content editors are very satisfied with the system due to easy maintenance and the ability to create a more compelling, personalized web experience for visitors.     



Best Finance Site – DACH Region: Swiss & Global Asset Management

Implementation Partner: Unic AG

Swiss & Global Asset Management is a leading independent asset manager in Switzerland and worldwide. In October 2009, the company spun off from Julius Baer and today is the exclusive provider of Julius Baer funds.

The wide distribution network is key to the company's success. Worldwide, there are eight onshore locations: Headquartered in Switzerland, Swiss & Global has offices in the core markets Germany and Italy and furthermore in Luxembourg, Great Britain, Spain, Hong Kong, and the Cayman Islands. In addition, the global network is comprised of approximately 1,000 distribution agreements in over 30 countries.

Sitecore Solution Partner Unic has implemented a multi-country and multi-language site based on Sitecore CMS, the content can be created and maintained both centrally and locally.

Previously, there were several issues with the maintenance of online content, including:

  • The prior content management platform was inconvenient and not user friendly
  • There was only one site for all countries and no workflow
  • The individual country organizations could not publish regional information
  • There were also no Analytics data

The goal for the new website was to provide faster and more targeted access to information and contacts. Swiss & Global Asset Management felt that the platform and website should work together seamlessly. In addition, they wanted the content creation to be more user friendly and higher quality.

Swiss & Global Asset Management chose Unic as a new partner through a tendering process. Unic is the leading provider of high quality e-business solutions for communication, sales and collaboration with 250 employees at locations in Amsterdam, Bern, Brussels, Karlsruhe, Vienna, and Zurich.  They are also a Sitecore Solutions Partner, with at least ten certified Sitecore developers.

Unic recommended Sitecore’s content management system to Swiss & Global for the following reasons:

  • Sitecore‘s CMS fits perfectly into the existing system and application environment and supports the maintenance of the websites.
  • With the help of Sitecore’s sophisticated analysis tools, Swiss & Global can customize their content to better match the users' needs and to identify trends.
  • An integrated workflow/approval process ensures compliance with both CI and CD guidelines and regulatory requirements of the financial industry.
  • With the help of Fund Finder, access to information on the Swiss & Global Integrated Products has been improved. Media releases and jobs are centrally managed and automatically integrated in a country-specific way to the individual country sites. The position of the web server at two different locations ensures high reliability and availability of the website.

Sitecore CMS addresses all issues the complex and demanding requirements of Swiss & Global. In addition, Sitecore’s CMS already provides many functionalities and is flexible enough to implement customized solutions.  Some highlights of the integration include:

  • As a basis for the development of applications within the CMS, the UNIC framework was integrated for Sitecore. This allows efficient implementation due to various and often used functions and it ensures a consistent and high quality.
  • Web Forms for Marketers and the Shared Source modules, AutomatedPublisher and Advanced Database Crawler, have been integrated into the solution.
  • The Digital Marketing System (DMS) is used as a central web analytics tool including GeoIP Lookups from Maxmind to locate the visitors.
  • In addition to the measurement of various goals, online and offline campaigns as well as multivariate testing will be used to measure and optimize online communication. In the future, content will be even more personalized through the implementation of profiles.
  • For the Italian Promotori Community a Closed User Group with access to the Siebel CRM and highly personalized content is currently implemented.
  • The project was aimed at implementing four of the country sites and a corporate site with up to five languages. To create and maintain content as efficiently as possible for the country sites, it was created on the international site and then taken over to the country sites by so called “cloning”. As a result, any content changes on the corporate site are automatically recognized by the system and adopted for the content of the country sites. Currently the site is available in German, English, Italian, French, and Spanish.

Featured Functionality:

  • Sitecore CMS
  • Sitecore DMS
  • Maxmind GeoIP Lookup Provider
  • Web Forms for Marketers
  • Lucene.net for search
  • AutomatedPublisher scheduled for publication

Key results / benefits:
Unic has implemented a global web presence for Swiss & Global Asset Management, with Sitecore CMS as the platform.  This five-language multi-site concept enables the efficient reuse of content. The portal impresses with its originality and dynamics, while the web design sets new standards for companies within the financial sector. Now, when a new corporate site is implemented at Swiss & Global, it enables authors in the various countries to maintain their regional websites locally. Content is automatically validated and published globally through workflow with a central approval process. This ensures that regulatory requirements are in compliance with the financial sector, and landing pages are created in a few minutes and can be linked directly to campaigns and web analytics.


Swiss & Global

People’s Choice Site – Australia/New Zealand: Cricket Australia – Big Bash League

Implementation Partner: Reactive

The KFC T20 Big Bash League is the Australian domestic Twenty20 cricket tournament. Cricket Australia wanted to develop an exhilarating online experience across nine new websites– one for the league, and one for each of the eight Big Bash Teams. The key objective of this large-scale project was to increase fan engagement with the Big Bash League, its teams and players and provide a central platform for cricket fans to learn more about the League, pledge allegiance to their favorite teams and engage with live updates. Because the Big Bash League is a new league, the project was focused around the concept of fostering tribalism and growing the fan base in a new audience segment – the creative design of the sites and the structure and branding was built around this idea.

Featured functionality:

  • Partner, Reactive configured Jenkins CI to enable continuous integration of the Sitecore solution making the deployment process an automated build when previously it had been a manual process. This meant that every deployment saved the Reactive team an incredible 5-10 hours, extremely valuable during the season (Dec-Feb) when deploying every week. This resulted in improved productivity and assisted with the primary task of implementing new content and features quickly for the client and eliminating manual mistakes.
  • Reactive built an API using ASP.Net MVC3 that allowed content from the CMS about teams, players and matches to be merged with Cadability data and served as JSON content to web-enabled clients such as mobile apps.
  • Reactive also developed native iPhone and Android applications for the Big Bash League.

Key results/benefits:

  • Sitecore has allowed Reactive and Cricket Australia to rapidly build and launch a digital presence for a new league and team pages inside of 10 months, resulting in over 3 million page views and fan engagement on the site sitting at over 3 ½ minutes.
  • The mobile apps, which pull in news and data from Sitecore, are also recording impressive numbers. The iPhone app has over 84,000 downloads and during the season was 4th in the App Store for free Sports apps. Cricket fans are clamoring to download the Android app as well with over 23,500 new users since launch. The Android version is sitting on 4.7 stars out of 5 on the Android Market and the iPhone version is rated 4 out of 5 stars.
  • Key conversion goals have been achieved and were higher than expected.


Big Bash Australia

Best Federal Government Site - Australia/New Zealand: Australian Army - Department of Defence

Implementation Partner: Deloitte

The website is Army's public face and is the most accurate way to tell Army's story in a modern and professional way. Further to this the Army wanted the website to better inform, educate and engage both its people and the nation.

Featured functionality:

  • Social media - Integration of Twitter, Facebook & You Tube to enhance Army’s social media engagement
  • SEO - Use of Google

Key results/benefits:

  • More visitors: improved usability and content has led to an increase in traffic and will result in a more informed Australian Public
  • Engaged Army families: Families of service men and women are able to use the website to inform their loved ones and to assist them in their daily lives
  • Improved media communications: the website is proving to be a powerful tool in acting as a central, go-to digital point to share stories and press releases with the media
  • A world-class CMS: a modern CMS interface was implemented so that content managers are now able to update, preview and manage content more efficiently while keeping within design guidelines. Sitecore's CMS, with its intuitive user interface, provided the most suitable solution.
  • Centralized content: multiple departments were originally updating content on their own 'micro-sites'. Now the website enables them to aggregate content in one place for easier administration and access.


Australian Army

Best State Government Site - Australia/New Zealand: Tourism Victoria

Implementation Partner: Next Digital

As the Victorian Government’s lead tourism agency, Tourism Victoria provides a foundation for industry growth. With strong research, policy, strategy and aviation platforms, they’re building a framework for greater commercial reach. Tourism Victoria utilizes digital channels to increase awareness which in turn helps to generate demand for tourism products and services.

Featured functionality:

  • Customized Search a Custom Search Field was developed within the solution to support content publishers define Search query requirements and generate dynamic content. This single template is responsible for setting the query criterion, display view, sorting option and placement to give Tourism Victoria the flexibility to create unlimited content modules and feature them on any page within the site.
  • To support this a Custom Query Search Field was developed, enabling content publishers to search through the content tree for specific content .The field also supports storing the query criteria to perform searches in real time on the website which allows using new content in promotional elements without needing to update the query.
  • Module Framework a Module framework was developed to allow content publishers to create a variety of promotional elements to be featured across multiple pages of the website. These Modules can be static and added individually or by using the Search Field can be used to define criteria for a page to place the module on. Product Integration with multiple tourism product and service data feeds to enhance the quality of the data available and eliminate the need for this data to be updated manually.

Key results/benefits:

Whilst Tourism Victoria has not seen a significant increase in unique visitors, there has been increased engagement with existing users as well as new users spending more time on the website. Other benefits identified by content publishers include:

  • Easy to maintain
  • More accessible
  • More flexible
  • Better customer support
  • Better user experience (editorial perspective)
  • Foreign Language capabilities
  • Integration with marketing campaigns
  • Better display of media content i.e. Videos
  • Better user experience
  • More integrated content


Visit Melbourne

Best Financial Services Site - Australia/New Zealand: AustralianSuper

Implementation Partner: Deloitte

AustralianSuper is the nation’s biggest industry super fund. Servicing approximately 1 in 7 Australians across a range of industries, its website attracts approximately 4 million visits each year. Following a review of their online channel, AustralianSuper identified an opportunity to serve its members more effectively through the increased use of digital channels, specifically online and mobile.

The purpose of the website is to promote AustralianSuper and all of its product offerings to members, non-members and employers. The website aims to make finding information quick and easy as well as providing a member portal that will display personalized and targeted information relating to a members superannuation account, their investments, insurances and features like calculators.

Featured functionality:

  • The AustralianSuper incorporates both implicit and explicit personalization types. Users that click around the site are categorized based on their behavior. Once they log into the portal AustralianSuper is able to target content and features based on their superannuation account.
  • The website is designed for Priority 1/Level AA WCAG 2.0 compliance
  • The AustralianSuper website is available via a dedicated mobile optimized site

Key results/benefits:

Since launch, the website has seen increased general usage plus completion of key functions such as member joins and other superannuation financial transactions.


Australian Super

Best Education Site - Australia/New Zealand: Chisholm Institute

Implementation Partner: Reactive

Since 1998, Chisholm Institute has served one of Australia's fastest growing regions - offering industry-respected courses in spacious, modern locations, online, and in workplaces. Currently, Chisholm offers over 330 certificate, diploma, advanced diploma and graduate certificate courses -- and continues to develop specialist degree programs. Chisholm also conducts over 300 short courses for industry compliance and skills development, as well as self-improvement and recreation.

Chisholm Institute approached Reactive over a year ago to re-envision, re-design and develop the website in order to drive user engagement. The objectives were to:

  • Support current students’ learning and help them achieve their job and career goals; provide career paths that allow students to understand and plan their long-term goals
  • Inspire prospective students to enroll at Chisholm
  • Encourage past/current students to return to Chisholm for additional studies
  • Position Chisholm as a dynamic, reputable and responsive education and training provider

Featured functionality:

  • The Chisholm redevelopment project presented many unique challenges, the largest of which was the need to heavily integrate Sitecore with Chisholm’s Course Information System (CIS). All course-related information is held in this system, and with over 500,000 rows of data being synced on an ongoing basis. As part of the project Reactive deeply integrated the two systems and added a layer of meta data that provided richer experiential information about each course or pathway and provided a keyword-rich set of meta data for on-site search and SEO purposes. The Chisholm solution is currently providing a good deal of meta information, in addition to regular information that Chisholm would have provided in the past – this is allowing Chisholm to create course pathways that did not exist before and that are rich and interesting sources of content for the site users. For example, each Course shows Related Courses and Related Career Fields based on this meta-data.
  • Industry standards and compliance - The site is WCAG2.0 AA compliant.

Key results/benefits:

  • The site’s traffic has increased significantly over the period since it went live and there has been an average of more than 15% growth in unique traffic since launch.
  • Key conversion KPI’s have been achieved and have been increased twice (since the site went live) as conversions have been much higher than expected.



Best Entertainment Site - Australia/New Zealand: Village Roadshow Limited – MovieWorld

Implementation Partner: BlueArc

MyFun is owned by Village Roadshow Limited, and brings Australia’s favorite theme parks and attractions, including MovieWorld, together under one banner. The new Movie World site aims to improve the brand message, create a more engaging site experience, and generate awareness and hype about the park and new rides / attractions. Sitecore was chosen for its ability to create an effective solution for multiple sites, as Village Roadshow will use MovieWorld to develop Sea World and Wet ‘n’Wild websites using the same templates.

Featured functionality:

Village Roadshow created a Sitecore module called HotSpots Editor for this project; it is being used by multiple VRL websites. The module allows content authors to add hotspots to any image within the media library and then add extra information for hotspot. This functionality is being used on the map pages on MovieWorld and VIP Pass websites (myfun.com.au/big3).

Key results/benefits:

Nearly 50% of theme park sales are via the web so it is a critical channel, with many visitors. This solution aims to create more engagement, build the excitement and of course, get sales. With only being live for 3-4 weeks, it’s early days, but Village Roadshow anticipates that it will see ongoing improvements in its brand engagement and ticket sales.


Movie World

Best Azure Site - Australia/New Zealand: Australian National Maritime Museum – AQUA

Implementation Partner: Reactive

The Australian National Maritime Museum (ANMM) was looking to create a striking and effective microsite for their summer exhibition, AQUA. The microsite needed to engage potential visitors in a bid to inform and educate them about the exhibition, as well as drive visitors to the Museum and AQUA exhibition over the busy summer months.

Featured functionality:

  • The AQUA microsite is the first Australasian Sitecore site to use the cloud computing platform Windows Azure. This gives the Australian National Maritime Museum a fast and efficient way of managing and distributing Web content. Additionally, ANMM chose to customize the rich Text Editor and Error Page configuration so that they can be configured individually for each site.
  • Dynamic personalization - The data templates and front end design have been customized so that they can be reused for future exhibition microsites.

Key results/benefits:

  • Industry feedback on the AQUA micro site has been extremely complimentary.
  • The site was built in a short timeframe, saving both time and money and the fact that it is a reusable solution means that it has a solid code base to extend upon and build more sites in.


Australian Maritime Museum

Best Social/Community Site - Australia/New Zealand: Defense Alumni Network

Implementation Partner: Visual Jazz

The main objective of the website is to provide Defense with a more effective way to re-recruit former permanent Australian Defense Force (ADF) members. To achieve this Sitecore’s CMS was implemented to allow ex-ADF members to join a social community where they could find and get in touch with former colleagues, create content such as groups, events and picture galleries and message/interact with the friends they had made. Through ex-members joining the community Defense were then able to reengage former members in a new and creative way increasing the opportunities to re-enlist former members and provide them with a platform to develop a truly social community of active and ex-serving men and women in the Australian armed forces.

Featured functionality:

  • Online Marketing Suite, used for basic reporting
  • Index Viewer, for reviewing and analyzing Lucene engine
  • Reporter, to report on users, groups and events

Key results/benefits:

  • Had achieved close to 3,000 members sign up in the first month.
  • Utilizing Sitecore’s extended capabilities, particularly via the OMS features; Defense has been able to engage a whole new audience of prospective recruits at approximately one-quarter of the cost of Defense’s more traditional recruitment channels. Further, the DAN has allowed literally 1,000s of currently serving and alumni members to reconnect with one another, communicate around a common experience, and to provide them with additional valued-added content that they cannot experience anywhere else in or outside of the Australian Defense Force. This experience would not be possible without the power of Sitecore.


Defence Alumni

Best e-commerce Site - Australia/New Zealand: Tyreright

Implementation Partner: Switch I.T.

Tyreright is a national network of independent tire stores in Australia that strives to empower its customers to make the right choice when buying tires, by providing them with the right advice and the right service. The Tyreright website aims to provide a simple portal for users to research, select and purchase tires online and then book a fitting. Working on the Sitecore platform helped Switch I.T. to complete the project within time and budget requirements and on a stable system on which Tyreright can continue to build and grow.

Featured functionality:

  • Tyreright has added custom searches for tire and vehicle selection.
  • A really nice mega-dropdown style navigation menu that includes promotional modules related to each section of the site.
  • A coordinated checkout process that handles the e-commerce sale and the booking process to allow the user to select a location and date/time for fitting their tires.

Key results/benefits:

  • Email marketing – Tyreright is still in database acquisition mode, running a promotion to encourage users to sign-up. Registrations are currently at nearly 500 users, with steady growth.
  • Online traffic doubled almost instantly and Tyreright has seen a steady growth in online purchases, even through the traditionally quiet period between Christmas and New Year.
  • The new site has also been a great help to Tyreright’s offline business, with stores reporting an increase in walk-in sales and phone enquiries that are generated from the website.
  • The first full month of the website going live (January), Tyreright had a record month of transactions and units sold. In addition, the national contact center has recorded a 500% increase in call volume since the new site was launched. Mobile phone traffic has also jumped from low single figures to 20% in the first month.
  • The site is trending beautifully and there is a business-wide excitement about the continued evolution of the site and the journey Tyreright is on with Sitecore and its users.



Best Education Site – The Netherlands: Windesheim

Implementation Partner: IQuality

Windesheim is an educational institution at the Higher Professional Education level, which, in addition to students, also has companies as its target group. Its activities are even broader: it aspires to function as an (international) knowledge center and facilitates the formation and implementation of different research projects. In this respect it also has a “community” function.

Previously, the Windesheim website was primarily an IT-driven site, it did not have multilingual content and had no marketing tools. SEO was underutilized, there were no campaigns or web analytics. The content renewal was a lengthy process. The choice of Sitecore was especially based on the fact that the direction of the site could be more marketing oriented, that it is MS based, and it has a very user-friendly interface. The new, bilingual website is an online representation of Windesheim as an educational institution, as an innovative knowledge center and as a community in which professionals meet each other. The relationships with the many target groups of Windesheim can be developed and maintained for students and professionals who are considering studying at Windesheim. Web-based forms have been included for requesting brochures, announcing information evenings and personal call to action consultations. The relationship with the current students are also developed and maintained within the notion of “Life-long Learning.” For this, personalization and OMS are used. In addition to a training institute, Windesheim is also an international and national knowledge institute. In this regard, the relationships with (the search for new) teachers and other employees, as well as clients and collaborating partners for research projects and knowledge development are of great importance. Social media are fed through the site and the site obtained a top-3 position in the Higher Professional Education benchmark.



Best Sports and Entertainment Site – The Netherlands: Willem II

Implementation Partner: Estate Internet

Willem II: First soccer club in the Netherlands using Sitecore

Willem II, also known as Willem II Tilburg, is a football club based in Tilburg, North Brabant, Netherlands. The team was founded on 12 August 1896 as Tilburgia. On 12 January 1898, the club was renamed Willem II, after Dutch king William II of the Netherlands (reign from 1840 until 1849), who, as Prince of Orange and commander of the Dutch army, had his military headquarters in Tilburg during the Belgian uprising of 1830.

The previous site was based on a custom Content Management System (CMS) that was outdated.  The club needed a website suitable for high volume traffic that provides dynamic content on the latest news and matches while increasing ticket sales.

The new website design plan is based on an annual survey of the national football organisation (KNVB). The conclusion of this survey was that fans are mostly searching for news about their favourite football club, with its main source being the football team's website. This kind of usage of the website and the rise of mobile devices (tables, smartphones) convinced Esate and Willem II that the new website should be approached in the form of an online magazine. More images/impressions, readability and navigation are key factors. At the same time, the corporate branding changed and the site needed to be changed to the new branding as well.

Featured functionality:

  • DMS and ECM is integrated
  • Ecommerce
  • The site is completely tablet ready
  • SEO for search
  • Socila media: integrated into the website in the form of link sharing (addthis), follow links for Facebook & Twitter and a Twitter feed on various pages

Key results / benefits:

Due to Sitecore CMS, the new site supports an increase in site visitors and serves up dynamic content.


Willem II

Best Tourism Site – The Netherlands: Nu.Hier.Noord Holland

Implementation Partner: Maxd'Oro B.V.

Noord-Holland is a province in the Netherlands.

The Nu.Hier.Noord-Holland website is the portal of Province Noord-Holland, and provides visitors with everything they need to know to visitand take in a wide variety of cultural and entertaining activities in Province Noord-Holland.

Province Noord-Holland wanted a new website as the previous site was missing some key feautures including social media integration,  visitor analytics,  tablet readiness and a user friendly Web content management system (CMS).

Featured functionality:

  • Sitecore CMS 6.5
  • WeBlog, blog module
  • Connection to NDTRC, the National Tourism Database, Leisure and Culture courtesy of Netherlands Tourist Office. This connection provides the Sitecore solution with thousands of touristic location-based content items that are imported on a daily base
  • Social Media options for integration of Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and Twitter
  • Geo Location tool for POI location selection based on Google Maps
  • Site is available in Dutch and German
  • Ambassador section with the possibility to write blog posts. The Social Media mash up with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr that belong to the ambassadors are all shown on one page.

Key results / benefits:

Sitecore partner, Maxd`Oro, and Province Noord-Holland created a very interactive and content rich website based on Sitecore CMS. Visitors get a great overview about the province and its leisure and lodging possibilities. Content editing and maintenance of the new website is easy and due to the social media integration, the site is dynamic and engaging.



Best Healthcare Site – The Netherlands: TRM Oncology

Implementation Partner: Remotion Group

TRM Oncology, established in 2004, is a medical communication and information agency with broad expertise and experience in medical oncology, hematology and cancer supportive care. The mission is to facilitate the transfer of knowledge between all relevant stakeholders and to be the partner agency of choice for strategic marketing and medical education in oncology, hematology and cancer supportive care.

With offices in The Hague – The Netherlands, USA and Russia, TRM Oncology leverages global capacity and local knowledge with extensive international oncology expertise.

A new website was needed to inform clients and prospects about TRM's commercial, scientific and technological services. The website had to get rid of all the clutter and focus on the core competences TRM offers and the idea behind. Furthermore, TRM saw the unique opportunity to be the first within this branch that shows a global overview of oncology events.

An online community should be built and third parties like mobile devices should be integrated to reach the overall aim: strengthen brand loyalty. Sitecore was considered to fulfill all this needs best.

Featured functionality:

  • Connection to TRM iPad app
  • Integration of an event calendar which content is managed in Sitecore and also used for the app
  • Content reuse on multi devices
  • Use of marketing engagement analytics
  • Social Media integration
  • SEO

Key results / benefits:

Together with Sitecore solution partner Remote, TRM created a new web presence that gives them a unique position: collecting and showing all the upcoming oncology events on a global basis on both the website and on mobile devices. The new website has achieved increased traffic, lead generation and a starting point towards Social CRM.



Best Insurance/Financial Site – The Netherlands: DELA

Implementation Partner: eFocus

DELA is a funeral insurance and the market leader in a mature market. Their target group consists of people who want to have their funeral taken care of. DELA functions as advisor, who also inspires and makes the arrangements. The DELA website was in need of renovation as its online landscape lacked integration. Since the site was less than optimal, different initiatives were set in motion outside the central domain.

eFocus developed a new online strategy, which focused on expanding the lead generation, direct sales and increasing the degree of (self-)service.  Dela.nl has become the online service store of DELA with an effective online strategy.  The entire website is designed around the user process and constructed as an optimal funnel toward closing DELA product sales. In the personalized website section myDELA.nl the end user can carry out the most common policy changes by himself via conversion-oriented forms. Additionally, the users themselves can change and manage the savings products. Bereavement wishes are recorded in the "Guestbook" and stored in Sitecore’s database. Data entered into the site is recorded and used to refine and implement campaigns. Also in the area of SEO, the site is technically tweaked in an optimal manner and the content is developed so that both the user and the search engine can easily find their way around.



Best Technology Site - The Netherlands: Ortec

Implementation Partner: Colours

ORTEC is one of the largest providers of advanced planning and optimization software solutions and consulting services. Its solutions result in optimized fleet routing and dispatch, vehicle and pallet loading, workforce scheduling, delivery forecasting and network planning. ORTEC provides best-of-breed, custom made and SAP® certified and embedded solutions, supported by strategic partnerships. In the area of Advanced Planning Solutions, ORTEC has over 1,650 customers worldwide, over 650 employees and offices in Europe, North America, Asia and the Pacific Region.

To improve lead generation and branding, Ortec wanted to create a new web presence. The former site was based on a custom made MySQL Content Management System (CMS) that did not have an intuitive user friendly editing environment and made it difficult to manage and add content.  Due to its high flexibility and recommendation from implementation partner Colours, Sitecore was chosen as the new CMS.

Featured functionality:

  • Web Forms for Marketers
  • Sitecore ECM
  • Advanced Publish Dialog 
  • Redirect Manager
  • Sitecore social media module
  • SitemapXML
  • Advanced System Reporter
  • ByLectric Dynamic Tab Control Module (with full support of PageEditor)
  • Calendar 2.4
  • 301 Redirect
  • DMS Poll  
  • Google Maps
  • SEO 
  • WeBlog
  • Profile selector
  • Heat map
  • The site is available in English, German, French and Dutch

Key results / benefits:

The new website enables a better integration of all our marketing efforts, excellent reporting capabilities  and thus provides more valuable leads. According to Jeroen Huizinga from Ortec,  "I believe that together with Colours we are one of the most active Sitecore users. It's not very hard to build a website from scratch, but to iterate on an existing platform to keep it relevant is a lot harder."



Best Business Services Site – The Netherlands: SRA

Implementation Partner: Evident Interactive B.V.

SRA is a network of 370 independent accounting firms with 900 offices in the Netherlands. ISRA is continuously growing and offers the 370 member firms a wide range of services, tailored to the needs of large companies as well as small offices.

The aim of the new website was to make SRA easy to find via search engines, offer members and non-member easy to navigate content, and content should be easier available for both members and nonmembers. Training programs should be easily found and displayed conveniently and user friendly. Taking an option on a training is for example one of the new features.

Previously, SRA made use of an extranet, which was for members only. It was user unfriendly and only a few members made use of the information.

Sitecore`s marketing possibilities were one of the reasons SRA chose Sitecore as new CMS. Its usability and connecting possibilities to thirs party integration were also important factors.

Featured functionality:

  • By working with tagging , the customer can make linkages between the enormous number of documents.    This allows both the content-related articles on detail pages are shown,  as well that the relevance of search results can be influenced. Within the extranet section of the site, large quantities of articles are imported. Some of those articles (the public part) are visible to everyone, the rest of the articles are only visible to (logged) members.    In selecting the tags, the editorial hierarchy is visible for the content-editor. To realize this functionality, a standard Tree List field is adjusted.
  • Webforms for Marketers
  • Index viewer for Lucene
  • By working with tagging, the editorial hierarchy is visible for the content-editor. To realize this, the standard Tree List field is adjusted.
  • For the extranet users we built their own user manager, based on the standard user manager
  • An import functionality is implemented including buttons in the content editor ribbon to index and search for PDF and MS Word documents
  • Very flexible Design: customers can actually build up their pages by using a set of pre-defined building blocks. These building blocks can be configured with regards to color, functionality and content
  • Content reuse due to an implemented import format. Based on this format, content from various (4) sources is imported into the website. At present, it’s about 20,000 imported items
  • Integration with the course calendar application
  • Integration of LinkedIn and Twitter
  • SEO

Key results / benefits:

The new site just went live a couple of weeks ago and feedback from SRA members is already overwhelming. The love the new online presence as it is a cool website with a lot of technological intelligence in the background.



Best Energy Site – The Netherlands: Eneco BV

Implementation Partner: Colours

Eneco is one of the three leading energy supply companies in the Netherlands. The company is focused on growing its international presence. The company specializes in production, trade, transfer and supply of gas, electricity and heat and related services. With 3,500 employees, they have more than 2 million private and business customers.

As self-service becomes more and more important for Eneco`s customers, Eneco needed a new website that gives customers insight into their energy consumption, payment options and   an overview of the different products offered.

Eneco used SharePoint previously and moved over to Sitecore’s Web Content Management (WCM) platform due to its greater flexibility and customized features.

Featured functionality:

  • Dynamic Personalization: The website displays personal data of the visitor, supplied by a third party webservice; based on that information, the front-end is personalized.
  • Use of marketing engagement analytics in terms of Unica, Google Analytics, OMS, Clicktale
  • The website reuses content from thuis.eneco.nl, the corporate website of Eneco; both sides reside in the same Sitecore installation and are able to share all textual content
  • Integration of the Shared Source Modules SSL  and Friendly URLs (link provider)
  • Integration of TIbco business networks, Clang, Ideal, Anachron
  • The site has sharing options to Facebook, Twitter and other social media
  • SEO

Key results / benefits:

Sitecore solution partner Colours built and launched together with Eneco a new web presence that offers customers great possibilities to optimize products and make use of self-service tools for payments and preferences,. The new website has led to more efficient customer service and increase website traffic.



Best Real Estate Site – The Netherlands: Destil

Implementation Partner: Estate Internet

Destil is a supplier of hardware, construction materials, tools, fasteners, personal protection equipment and work clothes. Destil has 30 stores and supplies the building trades, wood working industry, interior design and the industry.

The Destil website desired to become the Number 1 web shop in their market segment. The sales department needed to save time and were aiming for greater efficiency. Sitecore solution partner Estate Internet advised and implemented the web shop. Destil was already working satisfactorily with Sitecore for its corporate site, and therefore also selected Sitecore for developing its e-commerce solution. The website offers a multi-site solution, for B2B and B2C, and includes various functionalities, e.g.: automatic ordering, order tracking & tracing, delivery to or picking up from a store of choice and different discount possibilities. Everything is based on extensive research, with personas, wireframes and prototyping.  Content management was enormously simplified and connections with other platforms were made for e-commerce, CRM and online payments. The site is also SEO optimized and includes the website landing pages to the most relevant products. With this web shop, Destil is one of the first in the Netherlands with the e-commerce module of Sitecore.



Best User Experience Site - International: Shurgard Europe

Implementation Partner: LBi Belgium

Shurgard Self-Storage is market leader in self-storage solutions for private and commercial customers. Established in 1994, Shurgard has over 188 stores in 7 European countries with over 550 employees and 100,000 customers.

In 2006, Shurgard became a subsidiary of Public Storage, the world's largest owner and operator of self-storage facilities with over one million customers and more than 2,100 stores in 38 states and 7 European countries.

To keep up with the ever-changing online environment and the ever-present competition,

Shurgard was looking for a website solution capable of adding new features easily and making content available to different markets. In addition, Shurgard needed a powerful way to manage campaigns and to address multiple channels including smartphones and tablet PCs, etc..

Search Engine Marketing is a major driver of traffic and online reservations. The solution needed to support the agility required to address changes in seasonality, customer demand and competitors’ search engine strategies.
Shurgard is also committed to the continuous improvement of the user experience and conversion funnel. Therefore Shurgard needed a system that would support A/B testing, user behavior research and the creation and improvement of landing pages.

Integration with the Shurgard ERP&CRM system was another important requirement. This seamless integration enables end-to-end reporting and feeds continuous improvement cycles.

Personalization and customer engagement were also high priorities for the new website.

Sitecore was chosen as the best solution to meet all requirements, specifically Sitecore`s Digital Marketing System (DMS) and its possibilities of engaging the consumer were important factors in the decision making. Working with Sitecore, Shurgard launched a reservation process with real time prices published, which is the first in the industry in Europe.

Currently, the website is available in UK, France, The Netherlands and Sweden, in a desktop and a mobile version.

Featured functionality:

  • Integration with Shurgard ERP&CRM system, allowing real-time transactions
  • SEM support: SEO and SEA
  • Online and offline marketing campaign support
  • Mobile Web
  • E-commerce
  • Integration with Shurgard back office
  • A/B testing

Key results / benefits:

Together with Sitecore solution partner LBi, Shurgard created a flexible platform which enabled them to manage and add content to the website in several languages and localized for various countries. Since the launch of the website major improvements were made in Search Engine rankings (SEO) and conversion ratios.



Best Education Site – International: Van In

Implementation Partner: Cegeka

Van In, headquartered in Belgium, develops and publishes learning materials for children, adolescents and adults to use at home or at school. They are focused on innovative learning tools guided by feedback from users, commitment and expertise of authors and the enthusiasm of experienced staff. Van In works together with strong European partners within the group Sanoma Learning to achieve its goals for higher quality education.

Van In needed a new web presence with e-commerce, personalization and a 360° view of customer activities. They chose Sitecore as the best solution to fulfill all their Web content management needs and for its email campaign solution and Web analytics. Sitecore`s marketing capabilities, its market share and customer / partner network were also crucial for the decision as well as the user friendliness of the platform for content editing and maintenance.

Van In ecommerce solution is built on the Sitecore e-commerce foundation module extended with personalization rules. Initially, SAP feeds the e-commerce module with target group and corresponding e-commerce rules data. Based on this data, users get a very personalized e-shop experience. Van In has the opportunity to export all orders to the SAP backend.

Featured functionality:

  • E-commerce
  • Dynamic personalization
  • Webforms for marketers
  • Email campaign manager
  • Social media integration of “Share it” function
  • SEO
  • SAP integration
  • 100+ product sites running on Sitecore and integrated into one corporate website

Key results / benefits:

Van In and Sitecore partner, Cegeka, created a web presence with 100+ product sites put into one corporate website, with integrated search, e-commerce on several levels (within product pages and general web shop) and the business logic for different types of customers. The result is  a coherent website which echoes the corporate branding strategy and informs and invites its customers to interact with Van In.


Van In

Best Media Site – International: Primedia Broadcasting (PTY) LTD / Eye Witness News

Implementation Partner: New Media Labs

Eye Witness News (EWN) is one of the premier news portals in South Africa and serves as the news hub for all Primedia Broadcasting`s 28 radio-broadcasting channels. As media space is sold on the site, it is important that the site is engaging, easy to use and facilitates a two-way web-based conversation with music and news stations. EWN produces 15,000 articles a year. Therefore, they needed a new Web Content Management System to manage the vast amount of articles.

Sharepoint was already chosen as the Digital Asset Management (DAM) and thus a two-way seamless integration with Sharepoint was required.

Working with Sitecore partner, New Media Labs, a custom taxonomy was created to ensure that the articles are listed on the public website via a specific URL format according to the date published rather than created.

The long‐term strategy is to use Sitecore not only for the Eyewitness News site but also for their 28 radio-broadcasting channels. Sitecore has integrated into SharePoint and is far more flexible than SharePoint in terms of the design capability and the ability to adapt design by moving custom user controls within the existing two and three‐column design. This is important as the music sites will all reuse and re-skin a standard set of Sitecore user controls. These user controls will facilitate social engagement with the radio channel’s stream-of -consciousness that is synced with the DJs show. Thus the ability to separate presentation layer and data layer is very important.

Through Sitecore analytics, EWN presents users with a tailored experience, registering their browsing habits and presenting the user with an educated experience.

Featured functionality:

  • All media assets are stored in SharePoint as a DAM and seamlessly linked to Sitecore
  • Integration with the podcast and videocast server which is integrated into traffic and news bulletins that are presented on air
  • Seamless social login process for twitter, Facebook, google+, yahoo
  • Janrain Social Platform
  • Lucene search
  • Sitecore SEO module
  • Integrated into a custom built mobile CMS, specially built for the African mobile and bandwidth market
  • Integration with Primedia`s VIP database and campaign management solution which has over a million registered users
  • Integration into Prezence Digital`s mobile platform for all mobile rendering --‐ Mobile rendering for Africa where the smart phone is not ubiquitous as there are still 1800 different feature phone devices in use
  • Use of OpenCalais to generate an automatic list of keyswords, synced with the news articles, features and media items

Key results / benefits:

Together with Sitecore solution partner New Media Labs, EWN has created a far more robust, easy to use and flexible web presence for the EWN writers and editors with enhanced workflow model and publishing tool. Content editing is now much easier than before and there is just one solution for multiple websites with a large user base.


Eye Witness News

Best retail/e-commerce site: MakroShop

Implementation Partner: The Reference

MakroShop’s website represents the full end-to-end e-commerce branch of one of Belgium’s largest “Cash and Carry” resellers. The target audience includes both private as professional users, and each have their own specific product catalogues.

MakroShop wanted their site was to stand out – and not be “just another e-commerce website.” Makro (part of the Metro Group), has six physical mega stores in Belgium. They wanted their e-commerce platform to represent an online retail view that encompassed their physical mega stores. There were three main challenges:

  1. Product offering should be a data flow that is continuously injected in the e-commerce platform.
  2. Pricing and stock information should be available as in the actual stores. The total of these 12 data flows should also be continuously injected in the e-commerce platform.
  3. The available cash register systems have to be used to generate the invoices of the online sales. All procedures and databases at Makro are based on Oracle 9.

In addition, the company wanted to launch a brand new and successful medium to generate sales, with an optimal use of all the backend systems in place.

Working with Sitecore partner, The Reference, MakroShop chose Sitecore as the platform for their new site, based on the following reasons:

  • An open system was a must because many connections with the backend systems needed being created: going from over 10,000 product synchronizations to generating the online invoice.
  • Given the challenges of a high traffic site, a load balanced solution was required. The final implementation has four servers: two load balanced frontend delivery servers, one authoring server and one database server.

The Reference customized Sitecore:

  • A vast amount of caching was implemented in this 4-server setup. In order to realize this, the Sitecore caching mechanisms have been extended.
  • In order to have correct real time information, the Sitecore publishing queue was extended to destroy and create a new version of product information, but without destroying and having to rebuild the whole cache.
  • For product management, where all products originate from the Makro back office systems, the Sitecore UI was extended to create a custom tabbed view, with pricing, stock and other information that is stored in an external SQL Server database. This UI extension made it possible to generate a single Sitecore CMS look and feel, where the content is partially stored in Sitecore and partially externally.

Built in only four months, the new Makro webshop offers an easy and fast way to make a purchase in one flow. Considering the Makro culture, which lives and breathes “cash and carry”, the experience for both the end user as Makro as a company is a strong evolution.  In just three weeks after the launch the targets defined by clients for the first phase of the project were achieved. An increase in sales is definitely noticeable. The results have helped Makro in defining the next steps of their sales strategy. The website is supported in both Dutch and French.