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Experiences significant increase in conversions using Sitecore to personalize its home page.

easyJet is Europe’s leading airline – and likes the color orange. It has over 600 routes in 30 countries, over 200 aircraft, and served over 55 million passengers with revenues of £3.5 billion in 2011. On the web, easyJet is the number one travel search term in the UK; the web site supports 14 languages and attracts visitors from 221 countries. It is passionate about helping its customers – to make travel easy and affordable. As a business, it has been relentless in making its website simple and straightforward, developing and refining its booking journey to help customers make a flight booking within 30 seconds, or even less on a mobile.

easyJet began to realize that although they had made booking quick and simple, they were not able to personalize and help its customers with relevant content, being either too generic or simply irrelevant – ignoring that the user lives in Liverpool and promoting flights from Edinburgh, letting the visitor do all the searching.

Sitecore together with partner True Clarity, implemented Sitecore CMS and OMS – now part of Sitecore’s Customer Engagement Platform, to deliver a personalized home page for every easyJet web site visitor. Using search or GeoIP data, Sitecore now dynamically personalizes the easyJet home page for each visitor – showing flights from their nearest airport, plus imagery and content that appeals to their previous behaviors. The home page shows live pricing for relevant flights from a local airport – showing easyJet’s low-cost credentials, and with a click – the visitor can add those flights to their basket.

Sitecore CMS is proving robust, delivering personalized home pages to 2.5 million users at peak during easyJet’s best-ever January Sale in 2012 and improved conversion throughout. Home page personalization has now been rolled out to all 19 regional easyJet websites. easyJet recognizes that personalizing their home page is just the start of exploiting the potential of Sitecore, and the airline is now looking to explore the benefits of Sitecore’s CEP to develop deeper engagement on a one-to-one basis with its tens of millions of customers.


One of easyJet’s three key business tenets is passion, and as a brand it is passionate about making travel easy and affordable for its customers. Its website, easyjet. com, attracted 364 million visits in 2011 and uses an in-house content management system (CMS), which is also pivotal in managing its flight booking engine. easyJet wanted to help customers straight from their website home page, to instantly provide relevant content for each visitor. Their existing CMS could not offer meaningful personalization, delivering either very generic content, or content that was just too niche – showing obscure airports and destinations that ignored the user’s locality or preference.

easyJet had used its in-house CMS to make its booking process exceptionally efficient, with many refinements over the last three years, allowing customers to book quickly; which helped the 50% of visitors who knew where and when they wanted to go. Now it wanted to personalize the home page for every visitor, to display relevant flights and content for all, including the 50% who did not have definite flight plans – to make travel planning easier and to convert home page visits into engaged customers.


easyJet selected Sitecore partner True Clarity to implement Sitecore CMS and Sitecore Online Marketing Suite (OMS) – now part of Sitecore’s Customer Engagement Platform (CEP). True Clarity implemented Sitecore CMS within five months, focusing on personalizing the easyJet home page.

Several key changes were implemented for the easyJet home page. Sitecore CMS uses search or GeoIP data to establish the closest airports for the visitor to show relevant local flights.

A ‘hero’ picture splashed across the middle of the home page now reflects, where possible, the persona of the visitor and includes the destinations from flight search activity. For the first time, easyJet shows live pricing on its home page, highlighting its low-cost prices, with flights reflecting the preferences of the visitor – and allowing users to click on the price and secure the flight.

easyJet and True Clarity introduced the new, personalized home page initially to just 1% of UK web traffic, testing traffic against the new and previous home pages. Both parties incrementally increased traffic until it was ramped up to include all UK and Netherlands web site traffic by December 2011. In March 2012, all 19 regional easyJet web sites used personalized home pages.


An early test for the Sitecore CMS was easyJet’s January Sale 2012, which at its peak hit 2.5 million users online, with Sitecore ensuring each visitor benefited from a personalized home page. easyJet claims the sale was their best ever, with five sales per second, or the equivalent of filling two planes per minute. Overall, easyJet has enjoyed a significant increase in conversions from its home page to booking engine as a result of website changes and its successful ‘Europe by easyJet’ marketing campaign.

Technical Description

Solution Special Ingredients:

  • Sitecore Content Management System 6.4
  • Sitecore Online Marketing System

For a start, the sheer power of the tool out of the box has transformed the way we can change the site to react quickly to external factors. For example, during the recent wet spell we had a series of ad banners encouraging users to escape the rain – such a simple premise but very difficult to achieve quickly before we implemented Sitecore. This power, coupled to the dynamic pricing and the increasing levels of personalization the site is beginning to offer, means we are able to offer ever-more relevant content to our visitors which help us drive our brand values –easyJet is passionate about making travel easy and affordable!

James Millett, Head of Digital, easyJet
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