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What and how to buy

Whether you’re interested in basic web content management or complete customer experience management (including commerce), or want to manage distribution through social channels or email, or all of the above, we can help you navigate to what works best for your needs. 

Sitecore® Web Experience Manager (WXM)

The most powerful, feature-rich, enterprise-class .NET web content management system on the market. Features included are:

  • Content editing with in-session personalisation
  • Experience Explorer to preview your website the way visitors see it
  • Device and geo-IP detection (additional subscription fee)
  • Multisite management
  • Multilingual content
  • Enterprise-class search
  • Multichannel support and the Sitecore® Mobile SDK

Sitecore® Experience Platform™ (XP)

An integrated marketing system that includes Sitecore WXM, as well as a big data repository, so that you can harness contextual customer information to offer a highly personalised experience across multiple channels Features included are:

  • Content editing
  • Experience Explorer
  • Device and geo-IP detection (additional subscription cost)
  • Multisite management
  • Contextual customer intelligence for real-time, in-session and historical personalisation
  • Campaign Creator tool and automation for multichannel marketing
  • Advanced testing and optimisation
  • Federated Experience Manager module
  • Advanced customer analytics (Experience Analytics, Experience Profile, Path Analyser)

Sitecore® Commerce

As add-ons to Sitecore XP or WXM, our Sitecore Commerce products let you market in context of your customers' current and past interactions with your brand before, during and after they make a purchase.

  • Sitecore Commerce, combined with Sitecore XP, delivers a modern commerce system that redefines customer experience for shoppers.
  • Connect Sitecore XP to third-party commerce systems or integrate natively with our own.
  • Personalised shopping experiences
  • Order and product catalogue management
  • Integrates product search, shopping cart interactions and purchasing with Sitecore XP customer data

Currently available only for customers of Sitecore WXM or XP, our Sitecore Commerce, Sitecore Commerce Connect and Sitecore Commerce powered by Microsoft Dynamics products are priced with flat prices, based on the bundle you choose.

Omnichannel marketing options

Add channel modules to ensure that you’re delivering a contextual experience across a multitude of channels.

  • Email Experience Manager (add-on to XP)
  • Print Experience Manager (add-on to WXM or XP)
  • Sitecore Mobile SDK (included with license to either WXM or XP)
  • Sitecore Social Connect (included with license to either WXM or XP)
  • Komfo Connector (purchase from Komfo for either WXM or XP)
  • Federated Experience Manager (included with license to XP)

Forrester quantifies the impact.

Forrester’s Total Economic Impact™ study shows detailed three-year, risk-adjusted results of implementing Sitecore. Get the study and infographic, watch the video, and try out the online calculator to see just what implementing Sitecore can do for your organisation.

Approach to pricing

Sitecore WXM and XP can be purchased via perpetual or consumption-based licensing.

  • Perpetual installation pricing takes into account the number of production vs. non-production installs, concurrent users and add-on modules.
  • Consumption pricing takes into account visits per month, non-production installations, concurrent users and add-on modules, but allows for unlimited production installations. This option is perfect for auto-scaling cloud hosting.

Available add-ons and support

You can add on Sitecore® Print Experience Manager to Sitecore WXM, and that, as well as on our commerce products and/or  Email Experience Manager, to Sitecore XP.

  • The Standard support and maintenance plan is included in the perpetual or consumption license as part of the subscription.
  • The 24x7 Priority Support is priced as an add-on as a percentage of perpetual license or monthly consumption license.
For more details on which model best suits your business, please contact us using this Quick Quote form.
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