The Sitecore® Experience Platform™

With a leading web content management system at its core, our platform empowers you to market in context.

The three ingredients for context marketing

The Sitecore Experience Platform

The Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) empowers you to market in the context of current and past customer interaction with your brand, across any channel and in real time. You end up managing a more relevant, meaningful experience, from the initial visit to the post-purchase engagement and nurturing.

XP Platform Intro

The power of marketing in context

Marketing in the context of the customer's current and past history of interaction with your brand is the only way to deliver a personalised, relevant customer experience. But it requires technology that delivers on three key capabilities.


Manage digital content at scale, in multiple languages and across multiple sites. Because our web content management system decouples content from its presentation, you can focus on compelling web experiences instead of worrying about how content will display.

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Our backend database lets you gather, combine and analyse information about how each individual customer has interacted with your brand—both in real time and historically. You gain a single marketing repository of prospect and customer interaction data, all from one platform.

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Our platform gives you the ability to deliver your content to any device, any channel, automatically, right when your customer data indicates readiness. When web content and customer intelligence is combined with omnichannel delivery, you can manage a completely contextual, entirely relevant customer experience.

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Sitecore XP in action

Danone Nutricia drove an incredible eight-fold growth in month-over-month revenues since launching its 'Mother’s Journey' program. Built with the Sitecore Experience Platform, the site has sustained average sales growth of 75% each month, and average monthly rebuy growth of 140%—simply amazing business results.

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Our flexible packaging options mean you can buy only what you need now, or future-proof yourself with a lot more. And you have a choice of licensing and deployment options.

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