Sitecore® Federated Experience Manager

Serve up tailored, relevant experiences across non-Sitecore sites to deliver a connected customer experience across all your websites.

Capture visitor behaviour.

Federated Experience Manager (FXM) is a module that you use with the Sitecore® Experience Platform™ (XP) to both serve web content as well as capture visitor behaviour on non-Sitecore sites. The customer interaction data is stored in Sitecore XP’s database (called Sitecore® Experience Database™ or xDB). FXM essentially enables you to personalise the information on sites you own but that are not managed entirely by Sitecore.

Federating content management across all your web properties lets you deliver personalisation to your customers across all networked sites. It's especially helpful if your company has grown by acquisition and you now manage a network of different websites on different architectures, as it offers a quick and simple way to deliver consistent, cross-platform content management.

Portland General Electric enhances access to content and services.
Portland General Electric (PGE) partnered with Sitecore Gold Solution Partner Connective DX to not only improve ease of use for customers, but also to establish PGE as a trusted energy partner. In the process of relaunching their website, they used FXM to connect their site with their bill payment system. Learn more on Connective DX’s website, where you’ll also find a webinar giving a behind-the-scenes look at PGE’s successful site launch.
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Key features

  • Unite sites, customers and content for one measurable experience
  • Personalise the experience across disparate web platforms
  • Drive a consistent experience across all your marketing channels
  • Enjoy the benefits of Sitecore, even before your new site is built
  • Add marketing messages in places you never thought possible

How it works

Using Sitecore XP, you register your site in FXM as a source to track visitor information. Then, using the appropriate parameters for personalisation, segmentation, events and goals, the pages on the external system can be used to both track and deliver personalised experiences.

How you buy

FXM is included as a free feature in Sitecore XP, so you simply activate it on XP with a license key.

Federated Experience Manager in action

Easily add a new external site to begin. See a list of sites you are tracking.

Manage FXM functions with a toolbar that configures Sitecore actions from your non-Sitecore managed sites.

Immediately begin tracking visitor behaviour on your non-Sitecore managed sites.

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