Sitecore® Social Experience

Our social solutions give you added functionality to know your customers better, market to them in context of their interactions and target them in paid social campaigns.

A host of options for social functionality

Whether you want to add social information to customer profiles already in Sitecore® Experience Database™, deliver targeted paid social campaigns, add blogging and other social functionality, including user-generated content (UGC), to your Sitecore website, we have a solution for you.


Social Connect is a service layer or API with pre-built connectors for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ that allows you to build connections between your website and other social channels.

  • Enables social sign-on to Sitecore

  • Imports data that customers allow shared from social profiles into the Sitecore® Experience Database™, which gives you a picture into how they are interacting with your brand on social channels

  • As an open API, it lets you connect to any social media channel

  • Lets you publish content to social media channels from within Sitecore

  • Works with Sitecore Web Experience Manager (WXM) also; but no social profile information is stored, so you can only publish content to social channels in-session


Komfo is a full-featured social media marketing suite that lets you listen, understand, respond, amplify and publish content on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Google+. Sitecore’s Komfo Connector lets you create custom audiences within the Sitecore® Experience Platform™ (XP) for connecting Sitecore to Komfo accounts.

  • Paid campaigns are tracked in the Sitecore® Experience Profile® for each customer, and Komfo provides an analytics overview of performance.

  • Optimises your ad spend by using contextual data to target a dynamic segment from Sitecore, in real time

  • Lets you personalise paid content you send based on rich social network profile information that’s shared or campaign goals that have been triggered by social interaction


Sitecore technology grants you the flexibility to fully integrate with third-party systems and repurpose data, beyond website content, via an array of prebuilt connectors and out-of-the-box integrations. Our portfolio provides all the tools you need to leverage trends in user-generated content (UGC).

  • Telligent: Using Telligent’s community software, you can enhance Sitecore with forums, blogs, wikis and other community capabilities to create dynamic and interactive experiences for your customers.

  • Stackla: Stackla's market-leading, user-generated content technology extends the human connection, using real-time customer emotion, ideas and imagery from social media channels.

University of Southern Queensland

We were creating a lot of content ourselves, but we were also seeing large volumes of user-generated content coming from our students. We didn’t have a place to really showcase that and present it back in an effective, accessible way to our students. We’d also seen that social hubs are becoming hugely popular in the US, especially for planning events, and we saw it as a strong way to aggregate our content.

Helen Nolan, executive director of marketing and student attraction,  University of Southern Queensland
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USQ screen grab

How it works

Sitecore Social Connect is included for free with Sitecore XP and WXM, so it’s accessible once you have a licence. The Komfo Connector works with Sitecore XP only (not Sitecore WXM). Telligent, Stackla and Wyng integrate with open-source SDKs.

How you buy

Sitecore Social Connect is free with licences to either Sitecore XP or WXM; licences to Komfo are available directly from Komfo. Connect with your Sitecore representative for details on our other social solutions.

See Sitecore social options in action.

xDB Komfo
Create your custom list in Sitecore using the Experience Database, and with a few clicks you can use it in Komfo.
You can build your own dashboard in Komfo with your most important metrics—both dynamic and responsive.
Sitecore Social Connect enables you to set up workflows so that, for instance, only your social media specialist can approve and publish content to social channels.

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