How the Sitecore® Experience Database™ manages customer data

Benefits and frequently asked questions about xDB.

xDB benefits

The Sitecore Experience Database (xDB) is a big data marketing repository built on MongoDB that collects and connects all customer interaction data into a single, comprehensive view of each individual customer's experience with your brand. A key feature of our Sitecore® Experience Platform™: it makes customer data available to marketers in real time so they can deliver automated experiences across all channels.

xDB delivers a robust dataset for each customer that reveals that person’s experience, their interactions, who they are and what they need.
  • Accessible in real time and at massive scale, customer data can be used to tailor subsequent brand interactions and experience.
  • Collects and incorporates data from other platforms like ERP, CRM, customer service, and non-Sitecore websites
  • Delivers insight into the customer’s context—what they interacted with yesterday, last week or in the last minute
  • Cloud-friendly, with huge storage capacity

Answers to frequently asked questions about xDB

Is xDB required to use Sitecore?
No—xDB is integrated into the Sitecore Experience Platform (XP), so you can’t use XP without also using xDB. But you can use the Sitecore® Web Experience Manager™ product without xDB. You’ll gain a powerful web content management system that offers in-session (or non-historical) personalisation, but not the advanced personalisation, testing, optimisation or analytics powered by xDB.

Is MongoDB the only choice for xDB? Why?
Yes, xDB software recommendations include the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5Windows Server 2012 R2; MongoDB for the collection database, session storage and tracking databases; and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 SP1 or higher for the reporting database.

With a new generation of experience management requirements, the demands on data storage have changed. Only Mongo and NoSQL database technologies allow customers to collect massive amounts of customer data and act on that data in real time.

What are the deployment options for XDB?
You can install xDB locally or deploy it in the cloud.

Can xDB scale across multiple locations around the world?
Yes, it was architected to support global, multilocation deployments.

Does xDB store passwords or encrypt data?
xDB is not intended to store passwords, and Sitecore supports current releases of MongoDB that incorporate data-at-rest encryption.

xDB in action

Experience Profile
The Sitecore XP Experience Profile®captures all customer interaction data stored in xDB.
Experience Analytics
Powered by xDB, Sitecore XP Experience Analytics deliver a holistic view of individual customer interactions with your marketing.
Path Analyser
The Sitecore Path Analyser exposes the most and least efficient visitor paths through your content toward a particular marketing goal.

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