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The path to personalization

We know that Personalization is a tool that most marketers aspire to deliver, but research shows that very few actually do.  With 38% more companies planning to increase investments in personalization in the next 12-18 months. This session will provide an overview of how to embark on the path to personalization by looking at the following:

  • How personalization works and why go to the effort. How to create the personalization strategy by identifying goals and measurement
  • Digital optimization through A/B testing, segmentation, multi-variant testing and geo-targeting
  • How to create a seamless experience across all digital touch-points
  • How to optimize your personalization strategy

About the presenter

Ruth Irvine

Ruth Irvine

Account Manger, Sagittarius | Ruth Irvine
Ruth is experienced account manager and personalisation consultant who specialises in Sitecore implementation and consultancy at Sagittarius. Ruth's key digital skills include digital strategy, personalisation consultancy and implementation, conversion rate optimization (CRO), user experience review and improvement implementation.

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