10th April 2014
Business Design Centre, Islington, London
9:00am - 5:00pm

Sitecore Digital Trendspot - SOLD OUT

In today's digital kingdom, brands need to work ever harder for recognition, loyalty and advocacy, so it’s no myth that customers are demanding more fruitful and meaningful digital experiences.

Sitecore Digital Trendspot 2014 is a one-day event which will transport your brand to a magical place, to get the insight and tools you need to delight, engage and retain your audience, and ensure your customer is always the hero. Join the digital world’s leading thinkers and doers sharing their insights on how you can create experiences that matter to your customers, across all channels, to provide lasting connections and lifetime customer relationships.

You’ll hear case stories from digital marketing winners — innovative companies who take the mystery out of customer engagement and use real-time customer insights to put the magic in; book a one-to-one chat with a digital guru, mingle with your peers at our drinks reception. You can discover how the UK's best digital agencies are taking these digital visions and bringing them to life.

This event will enrich your digital strategy and engage your customers for the years ahead. People have been known to trade their grandmothers to get a place at this legendary event, so register now and get your ticket to guarantee your view of the future…digitally ever after.

Anders Sorman Nilsson talks about his Digital Trendspot keynote


  • Anders Sorman-Nilsson
    Futurist and Innovation Strategist
    Founder and creative director of research company Thinque, Anders is a digital strategist whose unique global perspectives and futurist insights have helped leading organisations to harness disruptive trends in innovations, generations and communications. He is an active member of TEDGlobal.
  • Nathalie Nahai
    The Web Psychologist
    Founder of the Institute of Web Psychology, Nathalie helps brands to achieve better engagement online. She has worked with Fortune 500 companies, design agencies and SMEs, is a resident blogger at Psychology Today, and contributes to national publications and radio on the subject of online behaviour and research.

  • Dietmar Dahmen
    Enricher of People, Brands, User Experiences
    Now Chief Innovation Officer with exc.io, Dietmar’s career includes Creative Director with DDB, Executive Creative Director with Ogilvy, Chief Creative Officer and Managing Director with BBDO. As one of Europe’s top experts on digital branding, marketing and communication, Dietmar is a trainer, coach and consultant for change, future success and digital, visionary marketing.


Sitecore Customer Logos

  • Valuable chance to find out what's happening at the cutting edge of adaptive web technology within real company case-studies.

    Alison Atkinson
    London Philharmonic Orchestra

  • A digital cocktail of insight and social web delights. Sitecore delivered an informative event that I would certainly attend again.

    Roberta Lee

  • Inspirational, forward-thinking and pretty darn cool!

    Ruth Bushi

  • It was a very enjoyable day, I learnt a lot from all of the speakers and it was great to meet you and some of your colleagues.

    Becky Hill

  • An inspiring insight into successful companies digital strategies.

    Sarah Krekorian
    Energy Saving Trust

  • One of the best events I have been to in years – focused, information and very valuable insights and case studies.

    David Gardiner
    UniTech Ltd

  • Subject matter was very current and I was inspired by what other major organisations are doing in this space.

    Faith Evans

  • Concise, compact and real. A good synopsis of various companies' positions with regards to their challenges and objectives.

    Suna Bull
    Sutton Winson Ltd

  • Very inspiring for your company's digital strategy as well as ideas for the daily development and maintenance of the installation.

    Kim Tingager
    Kuwait Petroleum

  • An informative event, showcasing the power of Sitecore, while also demonstrating how to retain serendipity and avoid the dangers of the 'creepy' web experience.

    Joe Downie

  • Great experience to find out how Sitecore has helped people combine their business and users needs to deliver successful digital engagement.

    Andrea Bowes
    Woodland Trust

  • A great insight into how leading brands use adaptive content to serve meaningful web content to give an optimized customer experience.

    Kyle Cassidy

  • Will be an event that will give a plethora of digital marketing ideas, not one to be missed!

    Margaret Manning
    CEO - ReadingRoom

  • Impeccably organised and ran like clockwork. I met some very interesting people, had some useful conversations.

    Front Media
    Stefan Cybichowski

  • It was a very polished event, with some very good presentations. Atmosphere, set-up and delivery all impressed.

    Ruth Bushi

  • The track sessions covered a lot of interesting ground too, I could easily have attended all of them!

    Mike Donegan
    Universal Music Publishing International

  • The keynote speakers were well chosen and I found their opinions both interesting and insightful.

    Mike Donegan
    Universal Music Publishing International

  • A efficient, inspiring and insightful event, giving great insights on how to manage and exploit future online opportunities.

    Michael Harboe

  • It was insightful, really well organised and the speakers were fantastic. It's given us lot's to think about.

    Zoe Hallinan
    King Sturge LLP

  • In an age of digital it was great to have a day of personal connection to a supplier, personal insight and personalities.

    Victoria Stansfield
    Manchester City FC

  • A day for Digital Marketers to wake up and smell web usage.

    Mizan Rahman
    Goldman Sachs

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