Metamatrix is ​​a web bureau with customers within organizations and the public sector. We offer new concepts and web services based on user-centered methods and standard platforms such as Sitecore. We help our customers become more available, work more efficiently and increase the benefits of their digital presence. We are located in Stockholm and Malmö.

Metamatrix is ​​a web bureau that uses proven methodologies and industry-leading products and Sitecore CMS gives our customers maximum power of their online presence. We do this with dedicated and responsive staff who work in teams with mixed skills in close collaboration with the customer.

To achieve maximum impact on a development project a holistic approach is used, encompassing three distinct competencies:
- Knowledge of business and operational goals
- Knowledge of the user experience
- Knowledge of web standards and CMS platforms

We have offices in Stockholm and Malmö and provides services across the country. Among the current Sitecore's customers include among others Knivsta Kommun, Energigas Sverige and Utrikespolitiska institutet.

Metamatrix is on STIMDIs and HANDISAMs list of recommended providers of accessible and usable websites.

Metamatrix is a member of Almega and have collective bargaining agreements.

Metamatrix founded in 1999.

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