Put powerful testing right in the hands of marketers

Sitecore understands the content, the visitor, and the context of all their interactions with you, giving you the deepest insight into experiences and campaigns—on the page and beyond. Run robust website A/B and multivariate testing on all aspects of the customer experience, in an easy-to-use interface that requires no coding, tagging, or development work. Never worry about inserting tracking tags again.

AB/MV Testing Overview

ab mv testing

Optimization at your fingertips

Set up CMS-based testing quickly and easily to pinpoint which content works best in which context and which content is under-performing. Continually refine and improve conversion rates and build engagement value.

Set up and run tests right on the page or email

Website A/B and multivariate testing is already built into Sitecore’s award-winning Experience Editor for business users. No need to log in to yet another disconnected third-party system, learn a new process, or ask IT for help. You don't need a Ph.D.—just start testing.

Get more actionable results

Rather than only counting clicks, Sitecore also measures how engaged your visitors are. Understand which components best drive visitors toward goals and lead to higher experience analytics, rather than just measuring click-throughs. Use a consistent metric across all CMS tests that brings together the quality of engagement with how many people engaged.

Are you focused on the customer experience?

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No coding, tagging, or IT work needed

Optimization testing capabilities are native to Sitecore, automatically included in each page, email, image, and component you create. Designed so that you can get on with the business of A/B testing, not testing your patience.

Flexibility to test anything, everywhere

Test individual page components, entire site items, or the entire experience across all your channels and customer touchpoints—even external ones. Sitecore's A/B and multivariate testing capabilities are highly flexible and simple to use, and there are no limits to the number of tests you can run concurrently.

Get clear results and take action

Optimization A/B multivariate testing results are clearly presented so that you can easily make decisions on what to improve, retire, or create new. With immediate actioning, you can put your insights to work right away.

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