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Build customers for life

Sitecore helps sales and marketing build trusted relationships with prospects by listening to their needs and providing highly personalized and relevant content in real time.

Lead Nurture Overview

Drive the conversation

Sitecore's powerful marketing automation continuously listens to how prospects engage with your brand and automatically engages with them in real time based on their specific interests.

Nurture cross-channel

Because your lead generation efforts go well beyond just email, you can react to prospects based on all their touchpoints, their interests, where they are in the sales cycle, and the context surrounding their interactions—all on the communication channels that matter to them.

Lead scoring

By profiling the content that a customer experiences, Sitecore can build a highly detailed lead score based on all of that prospect's touchpoints across web, email, mobile, apps, and social interactions.

Connecting integrated multichannel marketing with business growth

See which companies are engaging with customers on every level and driving measurable results
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Two-way CRM integration

CRM systems play a critical role in the sales conversation and are one part of a wider experience ecosystem. Sitecore easily integrates with all leading CRM systems to leverage sales insight in highly personalized marketing, and also to share experience insight with the sales function. 

Web forms made easy

Now you can quickly create web forms without needing IT assistance. Sitecore will prepopulate forms with existing information or personalize questions based on past experience data. Any leads captured are automatically routed to your CRM system.

Deep, rich prospect profiles

Provide your sales team with deep insight into the interests of your prospects and contextual details on their behavior, preferences, trends, purchases, and more across any channel or device they've used.

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