Marketing Automation

Authentic conversations at scale

Sitecore's integrated marketing automation software give marketers control over the fragmented conversations that technology has created. With a single point of control, marketers can automate both the frequency and personalization of interactions over any channel at any time.

Marketing Automation Overview

marketing automation

Cross-channel automation

Customers no longer rely on a single channel to learn about products and services. With cross-channel marketing automation, you can orchestrate interactions, automating responses and content based on context like how, when, where, and why customers are interacting with your brand.

Easy drag-and-drop interface

Design and manage cross-channel experience plans with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to quickly and easily set up automated marketing campaigns and programs.

Four reasons to use automation to drive deeper customer engagement

Deliver a seamless customer experience across multiple channels through engagement automation
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Always listening, always on

Sitecore marketing automation software remembers the last interaction you had with a customer and enables you to pick up that conversation right where it left off, no matter which channel or device your customer switches to next—letting you keep continuity across multiple channels.

Optimize lead nurturing

Keep your sales pipeline healthy by driving experiences where conversations move forward, closer to conversion.

No lead left behind

Optimize your nurturing with a connected and systematic approach to triggering email campaigns, website personalization, and other interactions in ways that deepen the customer experience.

Progressive profiling

Learn more about your customers and prospects through each and every interaction so that you can dynamically personalize the very next one, in the moment. You can build on the profile information to make each step of the conversation increasingly relevant.

Identify anonymous prospects

Automatically connect previous interactions with anonymous prospects as soon as they make themselves known. Once prospects provide their contact details, e.g.  through completing an online form, Sitecore unifies their information into a single Sitecore Experience Profile.

Automate email campaigns

Systematically automate your email and other digital campaigns to place customers into new segments based on their interactions with your campaigns. Set up appropriate nurturing programs for these segments to continue the customer conversation.

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