Guide your customer's experience

Predict what will best meet your customer's needs and respond in real time—while building important customer insights you can use to further optimize digital outcomes.

Personalization Overview


Reacting is good, but guiding is better

Deliver a relevant customer experience right out of the box. Simple tools make it easy to have Sitecore observe your visitors' behavior and gather context to provide them with highly personalized content in real time.


Customize each interaction based on context and what you know about your vistor's profile, interests, and actions. Progressively personalize the experience as you gather more insight about each individual prospect or customer.

The Sitecore® Experience Platform™

Providing an elegant, integrated digital asset management (DAM) software solution that connects channels, engagement automation, and analytics to deliver a personalized customer experience
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Take action in real time

Use implicit behavior and context such as what types of content customers are consuming—or what paths they take across all of your marketing channels—to predict what interests they may have or what phase of the buying cycle they are in. Then show relevant and compelling content in the moment.

Snap customers into preset patterns based on behavior

When Sitecore recognizes a pattern in a visitor's behavior, it can start to personalize the content to that pattern. If a visitor shifts and starts to resemble another pattern, the content shifts also.

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