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Predictive Marketing

Guide your customer’s experience

Predict what will best meet your customer's needs and respond in real time — while building important customer insights you can use to further optimize digital outcomes.

Predictive Marketing Overview

predictive marketing


Instead of using static lists, generate rules to create dynamic segments based on any demographic, behavioral criteria, or cross-channel interaction – such as a customer's profile, behavior, location, when they last interacted, campaigns or goals triggered, and more.

Complex (but no CRM required)

Marketers can independently create segments based on customer experience activity and conduct highly targeted campaigns without the CRM – or incorporate CRM criteria to create segments. Use the hundreds of data points you gather on every customer interaction to automatically provide your customers with the most meaningful experience possible.

The Sitecore® Experience Platform™

Providing an elegant, integrated digital asset management (DAM) software solution that connects channels, engagement automation, and analytics to deliver a personalized customer experience
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Profile and pattern

Leverage Sitecore’s automated customer profiling and pattern segmentation to create segments based on customers who meet specific customer types.


As customers enter a marketing automation plan, segment off those who achieve certain goals or meet conditions for progressing to the next stage in the conversation.

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