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Email Experience

Talk with your customers. Not at them.

Combine email with everything you know about your customer and their experience to tailor every email interaction, helping them along the buying process. Use email with precision for each individual you're talking to.

Email Experience Overview

email experience

Stop spamming your customers

Only send relevant email — and only send it to drive forward the conversation with your customer. Email should be a seamlessly connected part of your customer’s experience: consistent, tailored and personal. The Sitecore Experience Platform™ becomes an email CMS software platform, by using your connected customer information to ensure that you deliver relevant email and harness the results in other cross-channel interactions. By knowing your customers, you only send what they want and need. No more, no less.

Stay in touch

Keep the conversation with your customers moving by staying in touch with pertinent, timely communications that they value. Automate email nurturing campaigns to trigger based on specific events, behavior, or any experience profile information that’s available. 

Connected marketing in the real world: how web-email integration catalyzes conversion

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Get more intimate

Automatically measure every interaction your customers have with each email and learn what makes them tick: What they opened, what they clicked on, and what device they did it from are all parts of the puzzle that help you know your customers better. Then offer them even more relevant content across any channel as you deepen the conversation.

Improve your conversions

Use your emails sparingly and effectively: less is more. Crafting email within the Sitecore Experience Platform drives better conversions and yields real business results, because your emails are completely connected with customer insights, making them relevant, meaningful, and well-timed. Just watch those conversion rates rise.

One connected experience

When you combine email with everything you know about your customer and their experience, and use it carefully to help your customer along the way, email becomes a highly effective channel again. As part of a single, connected email CMS platform, email interactions with your customers use the collective information you have about them to deliver tailored, relevant content at just the right time. Find out how the Sitecore Experience Platform can help you. Contact us today.

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