Mobile Experience

Think mobile first

The world has turned. You have to think about mobile as the first experience touchpoint your customers have with you, and for some, it will be the only channel they use. Optimize and act accordingly.

Mobile Experience Overview

mobile experience

Deliver on any device

Know your customers and what device they're using— smartphone, tablet, laptop and then deliver the best possible experience for it. You have limited time and limited real-estate, so earn the right to engage with them a little longer and make every experience count

Smart strategies for multichannel publishing

View the current state of mobile marketing and see how to take advantage of fast-moving opportunities
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Automatic device detection

Sitecore® automatically detects the device being used by your individual customers, then immediately responds and adapts to present the best possible mobile web experience for that screen size. Use device previews to render and test content and site layouts to optimize presentation; Whether you're building a mobile-optimized website or mobile apps, preview the full experience for any device.

Keep the connection

Your customers may have several devices, but they're still individual people. Sitecore lets you carry the conversation over from one device or channel to the next without dropping a line. Deliver a connected experience to make your customers feel like the real people they are.

One connected experience

The mobile experience can be so much more effective for your customers when it is part of a single, connected platform. Mobile websites use the same information as other channels to deliver highly personalized mobile experiences to each and every customer and seamlessly keep the conversation going as users move between devices. Find out more about mastering the mobile experience today.

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