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Think mobile first

The world has turned. The era of mobile marketing has arrived. You have to think about mobile touch points as the first experience your prospects have with you – whether browsing your site from their phone, or downloading and installing your app. For many, this may be the only device they use. Optimize your mobile web site and mobile apps to tell your story as you intended it.

Mobile Experience Overview

mobile experience

Make your mobile site and mobile apps work for you

There are 3 billion people online today, using mobile phones, tablets and laptops. The next 1 billion will be mobile-only. Is your CMS ready for mobile? The first experience your prospects have with you is increasingly likely to be on a mobile device – whether browsing your site from their phone, or downloading and installing your app – you need a mobile content management system (CMS) to properly optimize your mobile web site and mobile apps to tell your story as you intended it.

Personal experience on the go

Mobile experience is now woven into the fabric of everyday life. Consumers take digital experiences with them everywhere, and interact with those experiences constantly. No longer simply a device or a channel, the intensely personal nature that mobile enables has caused consumer expectations to skyrocket.

Shape the mobile experience with built-in mobile marketing

Sitecore enables the entire mobile experience, from collecting and understanding everything about your mobile consumers in a single view, to enabling you to deliver content seamlessly on any mobile device, to making it easy to launch mobile applications.

Know your customer’s entire mobile journey

Completely understand your customer’s mobile experience and preferences. Understand exactly how your customer interacts with the mobile content you are delivering on each and every channel and device.

Deliver mobile experience in real time

Whether they are mobile only, mostly mobile, prefer to use mobile for purchases, or engage with social media content entirely on their mobile device. Shape that experience when and where your customer wants it.

Optimize across all devices and channels

Optimize the mobile experience as your customer travels from their laptop to their smartphone, from an email message as part of a nurture campaign, to a social media campaign you’re running. Always-on content testing ensures they receive only the most relevant content, every time.

Easily launch mobile apps

Sitecore Mobile SDK for Xamarin enable your C+ developers to quickly build applications using their existing .NET skills and produce native mobile applications that use and serve Sitecore content.

Location-based targeting

Deliver tailored content based on where your customers are physically located, highlighting content that relates to the nearest location.

Automatic device detection

Sitecore automatically detects which device your customer is interacting with your content on, and optimizes that content and experience in real time.

Separation of presentation from content

Sitecore uniquely separates presentation from content. Content is produced once and optimized for the device. This also ensures you’re ready to interact on whichever new device is coming.

Preview designs on any device

Preview and test content and layouts for various devices to optimize the presentation, for mobile web or mobile apps.

Mobile e-commerce

Sitecore enables a full end-to-end experience from first discovery, to transaction, to retention and loyalty. Mobile commerce is seamlessly woven into the customer experience.

Single content hub

Whether you are delivering mobile content via your mobile website, a mobile app, an email read on a device, or a social media campaign, all of your content is housed in the Sitecore CMS and optimized for mobile.

One connected experience

The mobile experience can be so much more effective for your customers when it is part of a single, connected platform. Mobile websites use the same information as other channels to deliver highly personalized mobile experiences to each and every customer and seamlessly keep the conversation going as users move between devices. Find out more about mastering the mobile experience today.

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