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Optimize your customers’ mobile experience across media channels, devices, and apps to tell your story as you intended it.

Mobile Experience Overview

mobile experience

Understand that your customer is mobile

People are on the go. The mobile device revolution has given us more information, more power, wherever we go. Mobile experiences are woven into the fabric of everyday life. Consumers have digital experiences everywhere and interact with several devices constantly. “Mobile” is no longer simply a device or a channel—it’s just where people are when they engage with you. You need to adapt.

Know your customer’s entire mobile journey

Sitecore gathers contextual information about your customers to enable you to understand them: What devices do they use, where in the world are they, and what are they implicitly interested in? All this information is stored, consolidated, and utilized by Sitecore to deliver an optimized mobile experience to each and every one of them.

Personalize the mobile experience

By collecting information from all your digital channels, Sitecore uses all the available knowledge to provide the most personalized content that is most relevant to your customer, in context. Whether they’re shopping for flowers on the go, checking prices in a grocery aisle, or just catching up on sports scores, Sitecore lets you shape their experience, automatically delivering content seamlessly on any mobile device.

Optimize across all devices and channels

Optimize the mobile experience as your customer travels from their laptop to their smartphone, from an email message as part of a nurture campaign, to a social media campaign you’re running. Always-on content testing ensures they receive only the most relevant content, every time.

How mobile leaders connect with customers in context

Seven steps to master the mobile experience


Mobile apps or mobile sites? You need both

Sitecore makes it easy for your mobile app developers to quickly build applications using their existing development skills and produce native mobile applications that use and serve Sitecore content. This cuts down on development time, and gives you the flexibility to update the content in those apps, using Sitecore.

Single content hub

Whether you are delivering content via your mobile website, a mobile app, an email read on a device, or a social media campaign, all of your content is housed in the Sitecore CMS. You maintain it in one place only, to ensure content is consistent across channels, and you’re not wasting time duplicating content across different systems.

Location-based targeting

Deliver tailored content based on where your customers are physically located, highlighting content that relates to their nearest location.

Automatic device detection

Sitecore automatically detects which device your customer is interacting with your content on, and optimizes that content and experience in real time.

Separation of presentation from content

Sitecore uniquely separates presentation from content. Content is produced once, stored centrally, and optimized for all channels and devices.

Preview designs on any device

Preview and test content and layouts for various devices to optimize the presentation, for mobile web or mobile apps.

Mobile e-commerce

Sitecore enables a full end-to-end experience from first discovery, to transaction, to retention and loyalty. Mobile commerce is seamlessly woven into the customer experience. Make sure your checkout processes adapt to the context of your customer, to ensure higher conversion rates, and more sales.

One connected experience

The mobile experience can be so much more effective for your customers when it is part of a single, connected platform. Mobile websites and apps need to use the same customer information as your other channels to deliver highly personalized mobile experiences to each and every customer and seamlessly keep the conversation going as users move between devices. Find out more about mastering the mobile experience today.
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