Print Publishing

Dynamic, personalized print

Print is relevant, but it's static. Now you can bring the power of contextual intelligence and omnichannel automation at scale to dynamically target and deliver highly personalized content in print.

One connected experience

Print is a powerful offline channel that becomes even more effective when combined with other digital channels to complete the experience. Use your contextual intelligence to bring the power of the web to print with a single, connected platform: target and deliver highly personalized printed material—dynamically. Contact us today to find out how the Sitecore® Experience Platform™ can help your organization.
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Print Experience Overview

print experience

Unleash sophisticated digital personalization in print

Use connected customer experience data to create highly targeted print content based on context. Tight integration between the Sitecore Print Experience Manager and Adobe® InDesign™ ensures personalized publishing from dynamic data is simple and automated.

Centrally manage print assets

The Sitecore Experience Platform serves as a central hub for storing and managing all print assets, enabling reuse and repurposing of content and generating new collateral easily. 

Print is still powerful

Sitecore's Print Experience Manager delivers personalized print experiences while decreasing cost and inefficiency.
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Designers and writers work in sync

Collaboration happens in real time as designers work within familiar tools like Adobe® InDesign™ to create print layouts, while writers simultaneously create and modify copy and other assets in the Sitecore content tree. Changes made in one asset are carried to the other automatically.

No need to learn new tools

If your designers know Adobe® design tools—such as Adobe® InDesign®, Adobe® InCopy®, or Adobe® Creative Suite®—they can use Sitecore Print Experience Manager. Seamless integration between Sitecore Adaptive Print Studio  and Adobe InDesign ensures changes made in one system automatically appear in the other.

Include non-designers, too

Non-designers can edit collateral content via Sitecore’s easy user interface, repurposing assets created by your professional designers. They are no longer limited by content frozen in PDFs. 

Flexibility now available in print

Sitecore brings multilanguage, workflows, security control and version management to the print world.

Multilingual management

Use Sitecore’s translation features just as you do for digital content, to dynamically create personalized print content in any language.

Personalized content

Create highly customized PDF catalogs with content from the e-commerce product catalog.

Workflow and version control

Ensure content consistency and quality control throughout your workflow.

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