Social experience

Be part of the social conversation

Your customers are real people; Let them interact with you and each other on your site, extending the conversation to public social networks. Then use what you learn to personalize the conversation even further Sitecore’s social media CMS Integration..

Social Experience Overview

social experience

Built-in branded community tools

Nurture and manage your connected community through blogs, wikis, forums, reviews, and polls right inside Sitecore. Your website’s social capabilities are completely integrated with analytics, personalization, and digital marketing channels.

Plug into popular social networks

Listen and share content on Twitter, Facebook and other popular public social networks from one interface and measure the success of your external social conversations. Let your customers authenticate with their social IDs rather than create yet another account: Connect their preexisting social information to their Sitecore Experience Profile to add to your knowledge of them as customers. 

Promote and amplify your message socially

Sitecore® Social, powered by Komfo, is a complete social media marketing suite that allows you to listen, understand, respond, amplify, and publish content in social channels at scale. Ensure you leverage social media as part of the overall marketing mix by adding Sitecore Social to your toolbox. 

Three reasons to take a look at your social media strategy

You've got the basics, but do you have a cohesive strategy behind your posts?
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Create more tailored customer experiences

Use your customer’s rich social network profile information to personalize conversations with them. For example, tailor your content for them based on their LinkedIn skills, birthday, or Facebook interests. Show your customers that you really know them, and know what they want.

Trigger messages directly to each user’s social networks

Similar to personalized email messages, you can send personalized messages to a user’s social profile or post on their timeline if they have triggered a goal in Sitecore. This extends your reach into social media with high relevance to the friends and family of your users. 

Recommendations: Reap the rewards

Recommendations and reviews from existing customers are extremely valuable content. Nurture your brand advocates to serve as champions and enable them to share their advocacy in your marketing.

Measure social engagement value

Assign engagement values to social goals—such as re-tweeting or responding to a social campaign—that can be added to someone's social media profile.

Encourage social log-in

Let your customers use their public social media credentials on your site. Consumers loathe having to create accounts, and over 60% will abandon your site instead.

Spread the good word

Enable your customers to share, re-tweet, and comment. Capture those interactions in customer profiles for further personalization. Track new visitors who come to your site from another person’s social activity.

One connected experience

Sitecore Social, powered by Komfo, is the connected experience of social media marketing. Marketers and community managers can now listen, respond, and amplify the social experience in a single, connected social media CMS platform. Sitecore Social provides the most cost-effective social media marketing platform that improves the bottom line.

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