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Your site is at the heart of the customer experience

Deliver a unique web experience for every customer.

Web Experience Overview

web experience

Make every second count

Humans are great at filtering out what's irrelevant; if your customers don't see relevant information in the first 10 seconds of arriving at your site, they'll move on. You have a limited amount of time with that customer and you have to earn every second of it, so you need to figure out who they are, what they care about, and deliver the best response you can — and fast.

Five best practices with Sitecore® Experience Marketing

Personalize the email experience with powerful rules-based technology
Launch the webinar

Put your best foot forward

It’s about real-estate: You have a page with fixed amount of space (due to thewidth of their devices), so you can either squander that real-estate with generic fluff that no-one cares about and won’t read, or you can quickly adapt to what would be meaningful and relevant to that customer in the moment. Earn the right for every 30 seconds you spend with your customer.

Capture every interaction, everywhere

Sitecore captures and remembers every single interaction your customers and prospects have in any part of the system, allowing you to build comprehensive, ever-learning profiles of each individual. From email marketing, to social media, to online shopping, Sitecore remembers where each interaction left off so you can automatically continue the conversation.

One connected experience

When the customer experience uses one set of digital assets across every touchpoint, your customers see a brand identity reflected consistently throughout their journey. To learn more about how the Sitecore Experience Platform™ can help you, contact us today.

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