Additional apps available in the cloud

The Sitecore AppCenter makes it easy for you to extend the Sitecore Experience Platform with preintegrated experience management apps made just for marketing teams.

AppCenter Overview

app center

Extend your platform in minutes, not days

The Sitecore AppCenter is a portal within your Sitecore implementation that lets you sign up for various apps that deliver specific services. Unlike shared source apps or apps that require heavy integration efforts, apps from the Sitecore AppCenter are fully supported and ready to go with a few clicks.

Sitecore® IP Geolocation Service

Sitecore® IP Geolocation Service automatically populates information such as country, region, and city. It also can occasionally pull company information into the Sitecore Experience Database from a visitor's unique IP when they visit a Sitecore website—helping marketers better segment and target digital assets and campaigns.

Sitecore® Device Detection

Sitecore® Device Detection uses a website visitor's browser agent string to identify the device and extract its properties. This information helps you personalize a customer’s experience and optimize campaigns through segmentation, personalization, and profiling strategies.

Click Tracking

Get insights into how your user interface converts your designed call to actions. Using the Click Tracking app provides you with a fast overview of the top ten clicked areas.

The Sitecore® Experience Platform™

Providing an elegant, integrated digital asset management (DAM) software solution that connects channels, engagement automation, and analytics to deliver a personalized customer experience
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Google AdSense & Analytics

Manage your Google AdSense advertising and Google Analytics tracking on your site.

Email Delivery

Email Delivery offers superior performance and reliability, ensuring your emails are successfully delivered with reputation and bounce management, throttling and intelligent queuing. Optimized for high volume dispatches via the Sitecore Email Experience Manager.

Spam Check

See how your email campaigns are rated in all major SPAM filters like Barracuda, MessageLabs, SpamAssassin, and many more. Run the SPAM check before sending your email campaign, and get information whether your email is likely to be rated as spam or not.

Page Preview

Make sure your landing pages work perfectly in various browser versions. With Page Preview get the flexibility of genuine cross-browser landing page and website testing, without the hassle of having to maintain multiple testing environments.

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