Additional apps available in the cloud

The Sitecore AppCenter makes it easy for you to extend the Sitecore Experience Platform with preintegrated experience management apps made just for marketing teams.

AppCenter Overview

app center

Preintegrated apps ready to go

Sitecore Experience apps in combination with the Sitecore Experience Platform are available right from the Sitecore menu. Log in, select your app, and go.

Extend your platform in minutes, not days

You can sign up for an app from the Sitecore AppCenter in minutes, and it’s immediately available. No development is needed whatsoever.

The apps you need

The Sitecore AppCenter is constantly growing. From email delivery to translation services, to SMS and digital advertising, instantly access critical third-party services and integrate them into the platform.

The Sitecore® Experience Platform™

Providing an elegant, integrated digital asset management (DAM) software solution that connects channels, engagement automation, and analytics to deliver a personalized customer experience
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Manage usage

Monitor and manage usage or billing, add services or capacity, and give permission to other users at any time, from an easy-to-use dashboard.

Fully supported

Unlike shared source apps or those that require development integration, Sitecore apps are fully supported by us so that you can focus on the art of marketing instead.

Flexible pricing

Pricing is flexible based on your business needs. From CPM to flat rates, to consumption pricing, choose the model that works best for you.  

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